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  • Horse, Sheep and a Coffee Episode

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    Another unique show coming up on December 18th at 8:30 PM Eastern SHEEP Time that includes Coffee, Sleigh Bells, Copper and a stray Horse or two. Listen to how small business owners can be your bread and butter.

    If you look at those most successful in Network Marketing typically you'll find small business owners. Do you want to know how to attract them? How to get them as your customers? And how to share with them in such a way they'll be asking you to join. Imagine that....no begging.

    Get your entire team on and make sure you saddle up and get your coffee mug ready for this show. It'll be much better than hanging out at Starbucks and will pay for years to come.


    Two Black Sheep Radio

    PS: Last weeks show and all previous shows are now avaiable at www.TwoBlackSheepRadio.com

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    Blk Sheep Radio....Extra with LT and The Gang!!!!!!

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    This is a show about nothing spectacular, just the gang from Blk Sheep coming together and talking about nothing...Having fun and maybe telling a joke or two..So basically it is a Seinfeld episode but better....Bazinga! So call us up at 805 830 8338 and like our facebook page at www.facebook.com/blksheepradio....Don't forget to tip your waiters and waitresses on the way out tonight. Show starts at 9pm est/8pm cst/7pm squatch time/6pm on the west coast

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    Launch of Two Black Sheep Radio

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    When my good friend Bob Granger and I talk on the phone it's a comical mix of fun and business so we thought (after a few Scotch's) wouldn't it be a blast if others could hear what we say? So here we are and one thing I can promise you is that you may listen and scratch your head alot but you'll also learn and have fun at the same time!

    Both of us are successful business owners and also quite sucessfull in the world of Network Marketing (Don't tell my mother) so you will learn and maybe leave with a different mindset on how you too can be successful without taking that success to seriously.

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    Negative and Racist Black Stereotypes

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    Please join us Sunday 10AM CST/11AM EST as we discuss negative, racist black stereotypes and the people who perpetuate them.

    We will discuss the brilliant article written by Raina in depth.

    Why is it acceptable in the secular community when negative stereotypes and caricatures of the black community (religious and otherwise) are presented to them?
    Is it acceptable if black atheists perpetuate the stereotypes while attempting to pathologize the community that they claim that they want to help?
    Is speaking at all white conferences considered activism nowadays?
    Are black atheists silence on issues of racism, social justice, sexism, etc. being purchased with the promises of speaking engagements, etc.?
    This and more on Sunday.

    Dial into the show 310-982-4273 and press 1 to speak with the hosts.  You can also Skype into the show.

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    The Grand Re-Launch Show for The New Blk Sheep Radio

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    We want to give everyone an overview to the same great station just a new look, new people and some great new ideas coming on Blk Sheep Radio....So tune in at 9pm est/8pm cst/7pm mst/6pm cst and call up with questions, comments, or concerns at 805 830 8338 to talk to LT, B.I.G.G. Joe, The Squatch and Our newest member of the team...What's her name..We can't remember..So come join the action and all the fun..This is 4 months in the making...Don't  forget we will be live on our twitter, and facebook during the show go to our twitter @BlkSheep_radio and Facebook at www.facebook.com/blksheepradio 

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    Black Women, Gay Black Men Are NOT Your Friend!

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    Tonight @ 8pm 'The Rundown with Renee' on Yo Momma Black Radio will discuss homosexual Black men & their ironic "relationship" with the Black woman. Renee will break it down in detail, & speak directly to the Black woman & the Black community, on why gay Black men & Black women can't be friends. As ALWAYS Renee & co-host Brotha Dahwah will be DIRECT & NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT!!! If you are sensitive, & easily offended, you may wantto skip the show!! This will be a HOTT one, & if you'd like to get in on the topic, Listen/Comment/Question @ (929) 477-3763.. or click the link!

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    Solutions to Black Economic Problems

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    We have all heard the bad news about Black economics.  From high unemployment rates to low income rates it seems like there is no end to problems, but there are very little solutions.  That is what we are going to talk about tonight.  How do we put this ship back on course?  How do we turn around our communities to make them places where we want to live?

    Tonight's show is sponsored by WWW.SEXYBIGLASHES.COM

    Join me, Shawn Hill and my new co-host Louiseza Sanderson as we tackle this tough subject.  I am an author, speaker and talk show host.  I am also the founder of BlackWealthCreation.com.  My wife and I work to help others achieve financial freedom.  We work primarily with women to show them how to create an income from home so that they can spend more time with their families.  Contact me on Facebook at my fan page BlackWealthCreation.

    Louiseza Sanderson is a business consultant, writer, and founder of MindYourBlackBusiness.com.  As a consultant and a small business owner herself, Louiseza came to realize that while there were many small business resources there were few that provided a platform for micro and small Black owned businesses.  The vision of Mind Your Black Business is to help businesses grow and prosper. Follow her on Twitter.

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    Black Friday Special

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    How to have Black Friday every day of the year! 

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    Should Blacks Boycott Black Friday?

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    On the heels of the Ferguson verdict this is the hot debate in the Black Community.  Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and can make or break many retailers.  In protest many Black consumers have decided to boycott Black Friday to show the power of the Black Dollar.  I have expressed my opinion here Why I do NOT think Blacks should boycott Black Friday, but I want to hear from you.  Let's talk about it.

    This show is sponsored by Sexybiglashes.com.  Make sure your lashes are as professional as your are.

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    #ICANTBREATHE - Protests and Shutdowns To Show Black Lives Matter

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    Queen MoJo and King Peter bring the B,L.A.S.T. Black Life and Survival Training show to Proud Black Me Radio Sunday Nights at 8PM.  As protests and demonstrations continue in the aftermath of the grand jury decisions regarding the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, the community gives their views about the movement and how we grow and move forward with change.  Celbrities and athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Lebron James have shown their support, but what does it all mean?.   Log on or Call in to listen or discuss with us!

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