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    The Rob Black Show

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    The Rob Black Show

    in Politics Progressive

    The Rob Black Show features political commentary, pop culture news and colorful thoughts and opinions from Rob Black and his lovely co-host Katie Summers.   You may be outraged, you may be amused, but you will always be entertained!

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    Is the Workplace 'Black America' Friendly?

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    June : Employment and Blacks in the Workplace

    According to the Washington Post since the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) started reporting unemployment by race over 42 years ago, blacks have always been unemployed at a higher rate than whites.  According to the August 2014 BLS unemployment number, blacks had an unemployment rate of 11.4% which is twice that of whites (5.3%).

    According to Diversity Inc. There are six Black CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, accounting for 1.2% of all Fortune 500 CEOs.

    June is focused on employment as well as diversity in the workplace. It is well known that diversity is lacking at the top of many of the companies we support. We are not asking for positions, we are saying where are the mentors who are already there and how can we craft more leaders? Many of us have experienced working twice as hard to still be in the same position and know the feeling of training folks who then become our boss. It is not okay that a company has 30% of its employees who are minorities and less than 10% in upper management. We have to call diversity in the workplace to carpet and challenge companies to do better.   Employment also means lowering the unemployment rate, by ensuring that individuals in our neighborhoods know how to fill out an application, have interview skills, and know the simple basics of searching for a job. These are simple steps we all can take.

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    The Genesis Awakening

    in Social Networking

    For those seeking Answers and desiring an outlet to freely share,express or to ask the 'Hard Questions'. No depths are too deep. No heights are too high. But respect, decency and a moral compass will be adhered to here so please, try to keep your Passions worded without cursing.


    Awakening across the Globe to the tyranny encompassing it, trouble laden People are more becoming tired of the restricting, suffocating Oppression inflicted upon them on a daily basis. With each passing day, more and more are coming to the Realization, having Epiphanies even, about the fact that what We call 'Life' is profoundly, almost inexpressibly FANTASTIC beyond Our scope to fully Understand. Yet, We have been sytematically decieved for thousands of years by those who have kept the rungs of power tightly clenched in their greedy fists. Textbook, school History' has been shown many times to be nothing more than a Fabrication. Outright LIES. 

    "As in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man" Matthew 24:37

    The controlled 'Media', with it's 'Programming', is spewing out it's own version of 'Truth'. Renaming those subjects of Age Old Repute with a wide spectrum of new Titles:'Arms Control','Ghosts','Hauntings','Aliens','UFO's','Terrorism','Science',Technology,Hybridization,Evolution,Sexuality,Global Government,New World Order-You name it, if it has anything to do with Truth, the 'Media Conglomerate' has turned it all into 'Pretty Little Lies'.

    Tyranny threatens to Enslave Us ALL once again. The Age of the Preflood Era has been adorning itself with new masks to arise again.

    Extend Your Hands to Rip Them OFF! Let your Eyes be Opened.Become FREE of 'Fear'.Wake Up to the Age Old Plan: LOVE

    The Genesis Awakening


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    The Awakening

    in Lifestyle

    The Awakening" - a ministry facilitated by Prophetess Marion Warner with a focus on Awakening the Body of Christ to GOD through aiding, assisting and supporting the people of GOD on how to get into Kingdom position for the MOVE of COMPLETE RESTORATION here on planet earth. GET READY to be "Awakened" in your spirit man and woman.

    Save the dates of the 1st & 3rd Wednesday's for 5:30am (MST), 5:30am (PST), 7:30am (CST) and 8:30am (EST).

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    Awakening to Spirit

    in Spirituality

    TPN Radio Presents the Awakening to Spirit Show with Rev. Sinlou Ingraffia.

    Rev. Sinlou is the Owner and CEO of True Psychics Network LLC, an International Psychic Medium, an ordained Metaphysical Minister, Spiritual Teacher, and Reiki Master Teacher.

    She is of Cherokee Heritage and was born Indigo (empathetic and intuitive with special gifts). With over 25 years of experience, she utilizes her gifts as a psychic medium by channeling, clairvoyance, clairaudience, working with Angels and tarot cards. Sinlou is a Reiki and Shamanic Healing Practitioner, and also an ordained Metaphysical Minister from Rev. Michael Carbone, Founder and Sr. Pastor of Be The Light Metaphysical Center.

    Special Guest: Sarajane, Owner of Divine Readings

    Sarajane (Divine Readings); has been providing Sessions, including Shamanic Healing Sessions since age 15 and then as a Master Yeshua Shaman at age 18. Divine Readings was born online in early 2000. Sarajane has been blessed and thankful to deliver Prophecies, Specific Messages as Angels & Saints reveal them only by the love and divinity of Lord Jesus Christ; WITHOUT harsh preaching and without passing judgement. Anointed with the FIRES and Living Waters of Shekinah Holy Spirit; Sarajane first recognized these gifts of receiving scriptures, visions, understanding dreams, and traveling in the spiritual realms between life and death, Heaven and Hell; protected by the love and power of Our Heavenly Father; as early as age 6.


    Sarajane also creates real Organic Bath, Body, Spa and Skin Care, Natural Essential Fragrance blends.


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    Stop Being Brainwashed/Spiritual Awakening& Psychic Questions

    in Spirituality

    As you are spiritually awakening you are changing in so many ways.  During the process, however, you might still be being brainwashed.  It might be from family and friends or it might be what you see in advertisements and television. 

    You might be told who to love and these people get into youre relationship.  They may look at only money and materialistic things.  You might not want to continue working at your career and want a career change which would mean a pay loss. You might want to downsize your house.  Material things aren't going to matter. Also, you might not want to engge in the same activities as you did before. 

    I will expain in greater detail and also answer your psychic questions. For a private reading by phone or email please contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com.

    Love and Light, 



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    Spiritual Awakening Series - Part 2

    in Spirituality

    Are you on a Spiritual Path of Awakening and Developing Your Life?

    Nanice has been teaching Real-Life Spirituality and Successful Living for over 20 years, and now is your opportunity to learn directly from Nanice. Twice a month Nanice will share her deep wisdom and profound guidance.

    What is your life asking from you?
    What areas of your life require further awakening?
    Where are you still asleep in your life?

    This is a powerful opportunity for personal transformation.
    Are you ready to live your life in a whole new awakened way?

    How might your life change once you...

    Embrace Unconditional love and acceptance
    Heal Emotional Issues
    Raise your Vibration
    Learn to attract more of what you desire in life
    Release negative energetic patterns
    Re-train your thinking
    Understand Manifestation on a whole new level
    Empower yourself and others
    Develop deeper Communication skills
    Embrace Forgiveness
    Increase Confidence
    Discover your Purpose
    Learn how to help others grow - even if they "don't get it"
    Discover your intrinsic Worthiness
    Attract Abundance
    and so much more...

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    Rachel and Umar: The Black Consciousness Fake Out

    in Women

    The recent uproar within the black community around these two characters has got to be put into proper perspective. Please join me as I give a real analysis to these two situations and bring clarity and focus without the misogynistic rhetoric. Call in with comments. 347.215.8933

  • Awakening the Chaotic Mind

    in Spirituality

    The chaos of the mind cannot constitute a reply to the providence of the universe. All it can be is an awakening in the night, where all that can be heard is anguished poetry let loose. Georges Bataille

    There are many becoming aware of who they are in this paradigm.  Amidst everything occurring from a visual standpoint, it is easy to become confused and be discouraged... Awakening the Chaotic Mind will be a moment to express any frustration one may be having in the information overload we are bombarded with on a daily basis..*** I will also give complementary readings for those that need more***

    Love and Light

    Mira Morena

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    The Hushmo Black Forum

    in Current Events

    The Hushmo Black Forum follows current events and news relevant to the African American community. The moderator initiates thought-provoking discussions and conversation for the listing audience throughout cyberspace . Members and guests of Hushmo’s online public forum are diverse individuals who have passionate insights and perspectives on African American issues that range from day-to-day life, politics, media, history, books, sports, entertainment, style, beauty and more.

    The forum features a blog for members to post comments and interact. Writers highlight everything from movies and celebrity fashion to local human interest stories and lifestyle advice.

    The Hushmo Black Forum airs online on Blog Talk Radio every Saturday at 7pm. On Blog Talk Radio, Hushmo Black has taken  an in-depth look at the prolific African American activist W.E.B Du Bois. Hushmo Black has also reviewed and discussed Jimmy C. Cameron's newly released book “RACISM and HATE: an AMERICAN REALITY” and his first book "The Water Boy: The Life and Trials of Jimmy C. Cameron," which documents the life of Jimmy C Cameron and the Cameron family  history in the state of Georgia covering some 230 years and windup centering on an epiphany he had  when wounded in the Vietnam War in 1966."

    Visit The Hushmo Black Forum and stay up-to-date on the latest in African American culture. When you become a member, you're embracing new friendships and a community to share stories and opinions.

    "Like" The Hushmo Black Forum on Facebook and join "The Watering Hole," the place to quench your knowledge thirst!

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