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    Your Promise Is Not Dead Pt.5

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    Don't let a counterfeit process cause you to produce an illegitimate promise.
    Many are delivering fraudulent births in the spirit realm. These births look like the promise, echo the promise, are shaped like the promise, but they don't carry the DNA nor the SOUND of GOD. 
    They look alive but they're impotent of producing life!
    We must not allow the weight of a wait season cause us to present a surrogate womb to conceive what we were created to carry and deliver. 
    Abram and Sari, (Abraham and Sarah) had a prophetic promise and they found themselves in a "weight wait" season. Though they had a problem, the promise yet remained. Sarah's womb was barren, but the prophetic word was alive. So many times we want to deliver "by products" of the flesh and want God to forge His signature on the birth certificate. It's time out for substitutes! The authentic birthings of anointings, mandates and mantels must come forth!
    This is the time, the hour, that you must stay in your place of obedience and your posture of prayer and faith. Others may laugh at you, talk about you, and speak all manners of evil against you, but you hold fast to the promise. Even when your womb becomes a tomb and it looks like nothing shall come forth, you must know that GOD is able to cause a dead tomb to become a living womb to produce life! 
    Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 90 when they produced the promise. What looks late to man is right on time with God, when it's ordained and orchestrated by Him. Don't doubt God, trust Him. Your promise is not dead.
    And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sarah's womb: He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God. He who promised is faithful.


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    POLITICAL ANIMAL George Christopher--How Mayor-Ambassador George Christopher handled Khruschev  Disneyland Incident--audio

    Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a) 12-15-

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    Dec 8 ~ Charlotte View: Autism, Blue Angels on Earth by Mariame Boujlil ~ WAFAC

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    It is estimated that 1 in 68 births is diagnosed with autism. (CDC, 2014). Autism is a life long developmental disorder, and as yet there is no cure. Raise awareness with Charlotte View, listen and share. In 2006, Mariame Boujlil, a mother of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, founded the 501(c)(3), non profit organization, "World Alliance for Families & Children" WAFAC, Inc. With over 100 members it holds the mission to support individuals with Autism and their families, by expanding and enhancing opportunities to improve quality of life. On October 25 of 2014, WAFAC obtained from the Mayor of Charlotte, Daniel G. Clodfelter, a Proclamation of "Blue Angels Day".
    Autism is used to describe someone who lives in a world of his/her own. In medical terms, autism is a brain-based developmental disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate, be with other people, and engage in developmentally appropriate behaviours. Children do not “outgrow” autism but symptoms may lessen or change as the child develops and receives educational interventions.

    WAFAC has developed several programs that will be explained during our interview, including: Social Skill Education; Life Skill Education; 
    Recreational Programs; Connections Parent Support Groups; Special Interest Program expansions Family Gatherings; Autism Awareness presentations in the community. Mariame will talk about their After_School/Respite program as well the construction of the "Multi-sensory Room"

    Join us to break the myths and learn the truth about autism! 

    For more information contact Mariame Boujlil: 704-618-1489     /   Email: mariame2001us@yahoo.com


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    Your Promise Is Not Dead Pt 4

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    Abraham and Sarah had a prophetic promise  but because the weight of their wait season looked "barren" they decided to counterfeit the process. A counterfeit process will produce an illegitimate promise. How many of us are delivering fraudulent births and get upset because God doesn't forge His signature on it? Don't allow the weight of the process to induce you out of our wait season, the promise is not dead! This is not the time to self induce or produce a surrogate womb to reproduce what you were created to carry. Substituting products for promises isn't what we were created to produce. We must wait on God. The prophetic promise is for set time and season and we must birth in the rhythm and timing of grace. Birthing out of the flesh produces fraudulent births. It's illegitimate, it bastardrizes the promise because it corrupts the process. Now is the time we must wait in the midst of the weightGod is expanding you! The uncomfortableness, the pain, feeling as though nothing fits, God is stretching you. What you're carrying in your spiritual womb has outgrown your last level of familiarity. You can't birth a new thing in an outdated mindset/system. Your delivery room has changed and your delivery table has turned in a new dimension. Go through the process of expansion!Everyone can't walk with you in your season of birthing/delivery. A woman giving birth may have hundreds of family and friends, but not everyone can go into the delivery room with her. She selects only a few because hospital protocol and procedures are in place. She chooses those she knows will be a help and not a hindrance to her birthing. It's imperative in this hour to stay with the plans, protocol and procedures GOD has ordained for your promise. Know those who labor among you and who is in your circle. Choose wisely! Your promise is not dead.

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    After Thanksgiving-What Are We Thankful For?

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    Thanksgiving is the time of the year when the harvests have been brought in, the year is drawing to a close for outside work, people would be putting away foods to take them through the winter, and folks would gather together and celebrate another year. Duing these gatherings, folks would discuss the things that had happened to them during the year, new births, deaths, special events of their lives and give thanks for being around to see it another year.

    What are the things you are happy and thankful for this year?

    Call in at 347-308-8790

    See you there!




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    Happy Birthday Mr. C. Chris Banks Nov 29th MIRACLE WHEN DRs SAID HE WAS dead....

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    RAW ....................  talking about Sex and Babies ..........  OVER 17YRS ......... advised!

    MIRACLE November 29th BIRTH! ................  3 drs. had said this BABY INSIDE ME WAS dead...............  but the LORD ...........

    Evangelist Charlette wrote a song about the MIRACLE BIRTH ........ TRUE STORY -  They told this Emmett Till relative that the baby inside her

    was dead..................  WAS IT TRUE? ............... were they just trying to

    KILL THE BABY?  ................. either way, it is confirmed and documented at a hospital.  IT WILL BE PART OF A MOVIE - about


    Emmett Till the Aftermath .......... Story of CHARLETTE


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARENCE CHRIS BANKS (we called him LIL C) ........... he was usually very skinny - smile


    alrighty MR. CHRIS - PRAISE THE LORD - hear this story - I PUT MY HAND ON THE BIBLE .................... it is all TRUE!





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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Andrew jackson--General George mc Clellan

    December 3rd Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(A)

    Peoples Temple now A US Post Office

    Publc Policy Question;  Should domestic terroists--Occupy/Ferguso-when tried and convicted--be required to pay for the damage they do to businesses?

    Consumer Tip--one San francisco major store is extending its black friday bargains for consumers who couldn't or wouldn't go downtown because of safety and riots--"ASK & EXPECT TO RECEIVE!"

    THE NEW SHADOW' & AMICUSVERITAS'S Moto--San Francisco-California & America is  Ready for Renaissance-Renewal & Reform

    Special Broadcast Sunday Dec 7th

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--San Francisco politician Harvey Milk yearly memorial canceled by same radicals involved in the Ferguson Vandalism aftermath of the Michael Brown death

    PUBLIC POLICY QUESTION:  " Should sports whether the Olympics, professional sports or school sports be politicized?"

    From Hitler politicizing the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin-1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City-1980 President Carter ordered a US Boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow to the 2014 Los Angeles Rams black players  politicization of the Ferguson Missouri Michael Brown controversy

    PEOPLE'S TEMPLE JIM JONES ANNIVERSARY also scrapped.  PEOPLE'S TEMPLE in San Francisco now converted into a US Post Office

    Major Merchant extends  shopping bargain sale for customers who avoided the vadalism and chaos aftermath in downtown San Francisco.  

    POLITICAL FICTION --Marijuana not harmless---involvement in recent homicides, vehicle collisions,pedestrian and biker injuries

    December 1st Births -Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)

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    Survival Tips for Migrants escaping the Back east blizzards, who want  to come or relocate to San Francisco and California

    " If you're coming to San Francisco, Don't Wear flowers in your hair--WEAR A CRASH HELMET!

    Historical audio--Eric Hoffer---Eric Severaid

    RAPE ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES!--THE REST OF THE STORY--Why females get rape--What College Administrators should do to instruct young women and young men to protect themselves from these predators

    Political Fiction--Only females get rape!--Young Males get raped too!  RAPE IS RAPE

    YOUTUBE  VIDEOS--AMICUSVERITAS--UPCOMING--over 250 videos produced to date

    Noember 28th Births-Deaths & Events Relevant to US(a)



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    Giving Thanks

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    We are quickly approaching the close of 2014 and it has not come without obstacles. Many have had loses of loved ones, financial increase and decreases, illnesses, births & more. Through it all we need to  give thanks that we are still standing and still in the land of freedom

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    Heart & Soul Messages: Clearing the Female Womb for Health

    in Spirituality

    Join Dr Pam Denton on her show Heart and Soul Messages as she talks about the concept of female empowerment through womb space health. You will learn important concepts for soul love, find hope, repair your female body and strengthen your soul. And most importantly you will be guided to find peace in your soul’s quest to be in relationship with your sacred womb space.

    In this weeks show we will be focusing on the sacred womb and powerful visualization for clearing the womb.

    Join Dr Pam as she interviews female empowerment specialist Chelle Goodfriend:

    Chelle Goodfriend has a background as a perinatal specialist working with women over the last 26 years at local hospitals throughout fertility issues, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding and parenting. She has also attended over 500 births as a labor doula. Chelle is an energy medicine practitioner, trained in Peru, as well as an herbalist and clinical aromatherapist.

    During a Womb Clearing we connect by phone or Skype in a quiet place where you can lay down with the phone on speaker. Chelle energetically removes dense energy from your womb from past traumas, relationships, abortions, miscarriages, cesarean or traumatic births with energy and visualization. She then fils your womb with radiant light. The process is powerful and deep and immediate changes are felt on physical and emotional levels.

    Find out how this is possible and build the connection to female spirituality.

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