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    Over The Top Radio - Boo Bicycles

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    Nick Frey of Boo Bicycles - yes "Boo" - as in bamboo.  Nick is the builder of some of the most beautiful, functional and comfortable custom bicycles on the market.  Long time racer and Boo rider Shawn Heidgen of Training Peaks joins us as well.  Live From Retul.

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    Over The Top Radio - Alchemy Bicycles

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    Matt (President and Partner) and Johs (new National Sales Manager) join us to discuss Alchemy Bicycles, introduce Johs, discuss what it takes to defend Alchemy's Handmade Bicycle award of "Best Carbon Bicycle" as well as other topics.  Alchemy recently moved from Austin, TX to Denver, CO and we are happy to have the opportunity for a face to face interview.

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    The Price of Bicycles Skyrockets

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    WSJ's Mike Weinstein on the rising cost of a bicycle and why taking better care of yourself could improve your finances.

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    The Talking Heads Show #6 "Body Count Strip Clubs And Bicycles" 8/10/2014

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    Tonight I discuss The new Body Count album, play some music and talk about strippers and my love of the man powered machine known as the bicycle.Of course I steal away precious time you could of spent doing something better. :) I also address the possibility of doing a show to give Vonhelton's critics AKA Trolls and Hater's the opportunity to voice their side of the story. 

    Topics- Bicycles, Strippers and Strip Clubs.

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    Over The Top Radio - Live From NAHBS btyb Alchemy Bicycles

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    Join us for a COOL show - your questions are welcome for our Q&A session with some of the top frame builders in the world.  The event is brought to you by Alchemy Bicycles and we're podcasting live from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, Denver, CO.  7PM MST  email your questions to us at ottpradio@gmail.com.  You may also send your questions to the Over The Top Radio Facebook page.

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    Gillian Howe, TumbleDown House

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    Our guest this morning is Gillian Howe, lead vocalist of Tumbledown House.

    Gambling. Murder. Booze. Bicycles. 

    The music of Tumbledown House has been described as "gritty saloon jazz", "modern speakeasy music", and "Tom Waits in a cocktail dress". Consisting primarily of sultry vocalist Gillian Howe and the eclectic indie-jazz guitar work of Tyler Ryan Miller, Tumbledown House provides the soundtrack for raucous, prohibition-themed parties and has “quickly ascended as one of the new, promising acts of the Rocky Mountain region” according to  the(Pop Rocket Press.

     Tumbledown House has a brand new release called “Fables and Falsehoods”.  It enlists the talents of ten other musicians (including three horn players from New Orleans’ Dirty Dozen Brass Band) for an upbeat, 1920’s big band romp. The new album explores diverse subject matter (one song is based on the original story of Pinocchio written by Carlo Collodi in 1883, another describes the only consecrated shrine dedicated to unrepentant sinners, which still stands in Tucson, Arizona) and showcases the duo’s talent for creating something vintage and familiar, yet refreshing, distinct, and exciting.

    Tumbledown House will be playing for two shows only on Friday, October 10 and Saturday, October 11 at the Nakano Theatre in the Torrance Cultural Arts Complex. If you haven’t bought tickets yet, you better get on that now!


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    Over the Top Radio - Leadville 100 Pre-race with Nick Frey

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    Nick Frey, owner of Boo Bicycles, joins us this morning for a discussion about the upcoming Leadville 100 mountain bike race. One hundred miles across the high-altitude, extreme terrain of the Colorado Rockies, this event was created for only the most determined athletes. Starting at 10,152 feet and climbing to 12,424 feet, you’ll be challenged to catch your breath — while the views try to take it away.

    Boo Bicycles builds racing level bamboo-carbon bike frames by hand. Every frame is custom made to order and all types of bikes are created, from road to ‘cross to mountain to touring to townie. And everything in-between.  The goal of Boo Bicycles has been to create high performance bicycles that are also supple, smooth, and comfortable. These traits had previously been mutually exclusive: you could not have your cake and eat it, too. However, Boo has successfully married two composite materials, one natural, one synthetic, to create the optimum blend of performance and comfort

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    Over the Top Radio - Silver State 508 with David Haase

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    David Haase is a long time endurance bicycle racer and one of the favorites for the solo title at this year's Silver State 508.  He's having a heck of a season this year with a course record at the Almanzo Alexander (385 mile Gravel Race in 32 hours, Dirty Kanza 20th place, Race Across Oregon  winner, Dairyland Dare win a win at the Hoodoo 500.  Dave will be the first in our Silver State 508 'Meet the Racers' series.  A big thank you to the good folks at Cardo Systems, creators of the Cardo BK-1 communication system.

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    Over the Top Radio - Leadville Post=race with Nick Frey

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    Boo Bicycles' Nick Frey joins us to discuss the 2014 Leadville 100.  It was Nick's best showing ever placing in the top 25.  During our pre-race show Nick stated he hoped he didn't have many stories to tell as that could mean overcoming difficulties while racing.  For Nick's sake this will hopefully be a boring interview!  However, I have a feeling this will be quite interesting.

    Boo Bicycles builds racing level bamboo-carbon bike frames by hand. Every frame is custom made to order and all types of bikes are created, from road to ‘cross to mountain to touring to townie. And everything in-between 


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    The Conservative Refuge

    in Politics Conservative

    On tonight's show:

    I announce some changes at Red Maryland to both our network and our blog.  I will also announce a new strategic alliance Red Maryland has made to expand its reach!

    As the race for Governor heats up, campaign spending rises to new levels.  Larry Hogan again is proving just how competitive a candidate he is while the media continues to cover for Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown's flaws.

    The state's medical marijuana panel is continuing to receive criticism.  We'll discuss.

    Voter fraud in Maryland? Shocking, I know. A new report details recently uncovered instances of voter fraud the state's democrats deny exists.

    I invite Anita Heygster of the Capital Editorial Board to "Get of My Lawn" for her asinine and predictably big government solution to "bike-car accidents" none of which actually deal with the core of the problem that cars and bicycles are incompatible on busy highways.

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    Over the Top Radio - US Pro Challenge Stage 2 with United Health Care's Ben Day

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    Benjamin Day of the United Health Care Cycling Team joins us for an insider view of US Pro Cycling Challenge Stage 2.  United Health Care is having a great race with Kiel Riejnen now wearing the Sprint Jersey.  Stage 2 opens fast by ripping down the Aspen Valley through the sprint cities of Basalt and Carbondale before tackling the 8,700 ft. McClure Pass. A short descent brings the race to Gunnison County road 12, which is a 20-mile rollercoaster that constantly changes from pavement to dirt and back again, while topping out at 9,900 ft. over Kebler Pass. A technical descent into Crested Butte brings the race back to familiar terrain. As in 2011 and 2012, the race will finish up with a sprint through downtown Crested Butte and the steep finish climb up to Mt. Crested Butte.

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