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    Will Biden Run? Nuclear War 1945 Remembered & Benghazi Film Should Worry Hillary

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    Gretchen Hamel-The Founder and President of Highline Strategies and a contributor to Townhall.com asks whether Joe Biden will run against Hillary and if POTUS will back him?

    Susan Southard- In her new book NAGASAKI, narrative journalist Susan Southard shares the dramatic eyewitness accounts of five survivors—all of whom were teenagers at the time of the bombing.  This is the first book since 1945 to chronicle the enduring impact of nuclear war. 

    James Hirsen-Michael Bay’s Benghazi Film May Shake Up The Presidential Primaries.  The New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor explains.  

    Liz Peek-With 17 you get scrambled eggs, at least that what it feels like when you add yet another GOP candidiate to the presidential nomination. Liz breaks it all down for us.

    Tom Hopkins- National Bestselling Author of "How To Master the Art of Selling," Hopkins is back with yet another sales gem titled, "When Buyers Say No."

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    Risk of Benghazi

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    "If we're playing politics with Benghazi, we'll get burned,When asked if the issue has become more about politics than substance,  Anyone who believes this is just about politics, go tell that to the family members ... Anyone who plays politics with Benghazi will get burned."  Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina on CBS's Face the Nation

    President Barack Obama said in a statement he had authorized the operation in Libya on Sunday, in which U.S. special operations forces captured Ahmed Abu Khatallah. “Since the deadly attacks on our facilities in Benghazi, I have made it a priority to find and bring to justice those responsible for the deaths of four brave Americans,” he said in a statement. He said Khatallah would “face the full weight of the American justice system.”


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    D4T • Is it True About Benghazi?

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    Whose job is it, in US society at least, to spin a set of facts into something greatly different from what the Truth might be?  Lawyers = spin doctors.  What percentage of our political leaders are lawyers.

    Whose job is it, in US society at least, to spin a set of facts into something greatly different from what the Truth might be?  Media Moguls who have a political agenda = spin doctors.

    How in our society can we tell Spin from Truth; fact from fiction; fantasy from reality?

    Join us as we BioAcoustically unfold one of the biggest quests for Truth in US history:  The Real Story behind Benghazi - who planned it, who knew about it, who tried to cover it up.

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    Hill Buzz on Benghazi with Stand Deyo as guest

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    The chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, Trey Gowdy, instructed his staff to review secretly recorded tapes and intelligence reports that detail Hillary Rodham Clinton’s role in advocating and executing the war in Libya.Despite this tactic, rumor on the Hill, from sources close to us, suggest that there will be no movement to seek any wider probe that would expose the larger matter of weapons running and narco trafficking.

    During the second hour, Stan Deyo joins us to discuss a variety of issues, including the movie American Sniper.

    News, analysis of current events and your calls during the third hour.


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    B&R Radio Remembers Benghazi

    in Politics Conservative

    Join a12iggymom, GulfDogs and SmokieTX tongiht as we honor the men lost in the Benghazi attacks in 2012. After watching 13 Hours At Benghazi there is a lot of new information and furor over the lack of response of this regime. Tonight we talk about the new information and try to tell the story of the brave men that took up defensive positions in the consulate and annex. 

    Amb. Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glenn Doherty  and Sean Smith deserve to be remembered and honored and also that their deaths be revenged. It is time for Trey Gowdy and his investigation to destroy the myth of the video causing this attack. 

    All calls are welcome tonight. This show is for us to get together and remember the actions of these brave men and demand action by this president. 

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    The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine takes a comprehensive look at 13 HOURS, THE INSIDE ACCOUNT OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN BENGHAZI. Joining Halli at her table is journalist and author of the book of the same title, Mitchell Zuckoff.

    In 13 HOURS: THE INSIDE ACCOUNT OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN BENGHAZI, co-written with the surviving American security operators who fought that fateful night in the 2012 attack by Islamic militants on the US State Department Special Mission Compound and a nearby CIA station called the Annex in Benghazi, Libya, Zuckoff presents for the first time ever, the true account of the events and offers a step by step look at how they unfolded. The account in 13 HOURS “is not about what officials in the U.S. government knew, said, or did before or after the attack”, but is instead about the 13-hour Benghazi incident from the perspective of the surviving members of the security team who were involved in the fighting.

    Bestselling author Mitchell Zuckoff is a professor of journalism at Boston University. His books include FROZEN IN TIME: AN EPIC STORY OF SURVIVAL about a US military airplane that crashed on the Greenland glacier during WWII, the subsequent hunt for the plane and Zuckoff's own role in helping to find the plane buried in the ice decades later and LOST IN SHANGRI-LA. Zuckoff received a master’s degree from the University of Missouri and was a Batten Fellow at the Darden School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia. Zuckoff's magazine work has appeared in The New Yorker, Fortune and elsewhere. 

    The harrowing, true account from the brave men on the ground who fought back during the Battle of Benghazi with bestselling author of 13 HOURS, Mitchell Zuckoff. For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.


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    Benghazi, Declassified!

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    Welcome to another episode of the Sack Heads Radio Show, where common sense and witty banter abound!  This week the Sack Heads discuss newly declassified testimony from top officials on Benghazi.  Apparently, it was not the video.  Who knew?  Or was it a different video that gave the Prez an idea for a cover up?  Busty Benghazi Babes 47?  We explore the possibilities.  Also, when is enough, enough?  Seriously, Is there enough evidence of wrong doing for impeachment?  We also explore government over-reach at its finest when we opine about the DOJ/DOE letter to public schools as well as the EPA (whew, all these acronyms) redrawing state lines.  All this and more excitement than your pants can hold on this weeks Sack Heads Radio Show!

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    Well conservatives and their media have not stopped talking about Benghazi for the past 20 months.   Who's to Blame? Is there "news" about Benghazi?  Are there valid concerns about the handling of Benghazi?  Or is it an intentional distraction from the real issues?  

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    Benghazi: The Next Chapter

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    Let me reveal some bias here.  Even though I am doing this piece on Benghazi, because I feel I have something logical and common sense to say about it, I am also doing this because I will get a ton of response.

    My vocal right-wing friends will call me an Obama shill.  My left-wing friends will call me weak for caving into loud mouths.  And unfortunately, both sides will shade or distort so-called facts.

    That’s why I am in favor of the new special House investigation into Benghazi. It needs to be done.  But it needs to be done correctly.

    Here’s what we’ve seen so far.  It’s been all about the money.  Political money. Special interests wanting to put their person in the White House. From both sides.  Again we see -- there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats.  Let me explain.

    I think there IS -- or could be -- something there -- in the horrible episode in Benghazi. And yes there needs to be an investigation.  First, four people died in service to our country.  Second, there are good indications that the Obama White House did change the talking points for political expediency – before the 2012 campaign. Sure, playing politics isn’t a shock.  But playing politics around the deaths of Americans is something we need to ask questions about.  And we also need to be suspicious of a White House that won’t work with the committee.

    From my research – through the maze of political bias – I am currently seeing this:  If there is a crime it is more a crime of incompetence and omission -- not corruption. 

    If there was gross and willful mismanagement that led to these deaths, then let the trials begin.

    But we should be just as suspicious of the Republicans as we are the Obama White House.

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    2012 Benghazi Attack

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    On the night of September 11, 2012, a heavily armed group of between 125 and 150 gunmen attacked the American diplomatic mission at Benghazi, in Libya, killing U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and another diplomat. Several hours later in the early morning of the next day, a second assault targeted a nearby CIA annex in a different compound about one mile away, killing two embassy security personnel. Ten others were injured in the attacks which were strongly condemned by the governments of Libya, the United States, and many other countries throughout the world.

    Many Libyans praised the late ambassador and staged public demonstrations against the militias that had formed during the civil war to oppose leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. The Libyan government also began attempts to disband many of the groups. The United States increased security worldwide at various diplomatic and military facilities and began investigating the attack

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    Benghazi Betrayal

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    You wanted to know the TRUTH about Benghazi because you can’t quite believe that our government officials would lie to the public.   We are scouring the internet for people who have been discussing Benghazi  in hopes of bringing you credible information.  We will be sharing what we find through Vocal Profiling of those who were in charge.  Please join us…


    Thank you for turning to The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology for answers.  We believe You have a right to Know.