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    Voices of South Africa with ED Begley

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    ...Tattoo Billy has been around since 1992 formed by Hurstel Begley my father and me Ed Begley.  We became activist when my friend Frans Maritz a Disc Jockey from Southern Africa started playing us on his Radio station Wild Horse radio ...I became an activist for him.  After Children of ham ...I decided to return to the ring I trained 8 months lost 30 pounds ...but during training just 2 weeks before the fight ...my wife died before a week later my father had a stroke later found out to be cancer ....I was told by the promoter I did not have too fight...but I promised this fight and followed through...I did not make a dime the promoter was supposed to donate to Sunette bridges foundation so I donated 150 myself....I won a state title beating the MMA heavyweight champion of Indiana he out weighed me by 70 pounds and was 24 me 42 ...

    My fight was to show you must fight despite the odds are against you ...stand speak out


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    in Religion

    Tonight's show with special guest Pastor Paul Begley will focus on the influence of Islam, occultism, antisemitism, Christian persecution, and New World Order belief systems that have been present in the American military, and growing at alarming rates. The Army's top leadership is being intentionally removed by the current administration, and being replaced with leadership who's core values are not in line with traditional American core values and beliefs. The stage is being set by the power elite to change and subvert the American military into a United Nations style military or worse. Please join us as with special guest Pastor Paul Begley as we discuss these important issues that face us all.

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    Talking about NY Heroes with Robert Begley

    in Culture

    Robert Begley, founder of the NY Heroes Society and writer for The Objective Standard joins to discuss his forthcoming book on the life and achievement of NY heroes. Robert will be giving a lecture on the topic in NY on June 5th.

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    Exclusive Interview with Actor, Environmentalist Ed Begley Jr

    in Environment


    ~ On-Line TV Network First To Dedicate Entire Day To Green Coverage With Nonstop Live Stream Of Celebrities, Environmental Leaders And Their Causes ~

    Hollywood, CA— April 9, 2014—BiteSizeTV, with live studios on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, will be the first all on-line entertainment network to devote an entire day of coverage to Earth Day 2014 on Tuesday, April 22. This Earth Day marathon, ‘HOLLYWOOD GOES GREEN,’ will be hosted by noted actor and environmental activists, Ed Begley and his wife Rachelle Carson, and will feature twelve hours of live streaming, celebrity-studded coverage that will be seen at www.BiteSize TV.com/live, with On Demand viewable segments appearing on BiteSizeTV.com.

    The all-day coverage on BiteSizeTV will bring together actors, authors, scientists, business innovators and other celebrities who are out front in the green movement, along with the leading experts on a wide range of environmental issues—from climate change and protecting our oceans to green fashion and sustainable farming. Leading green lifestyle experts will share their practical tips throughout the day on how viewers can live a lifestyle that is better for them and the planet. The pace will be upbeat and entertainment driven, a celebration of the growing green movement.

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    Ian Begley and Chris Herring Talking NBA Basketball

    in Basketball

    On The HITS Radio Show, host Randy Cruz chats with ESPN New York writer Ian Begley and Wall Street Journal writer Chris Herring about the current Knicks and NBA season.

    CALL: 646 716 7474

    LISTEN: hitsradioshow.com

    FOLLOW: @cruzr83 @ianbegley @herringwsj

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    Prime Time Live/ With Paul Begley and Steven DeNoon

    in Radio

    Live World Updates, Special Guest Paul Begley and Steven DeNoon, What is going on with the Mid East Peace Treaty? Live Calls.

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    Pastor Paul Begley on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

    in News

    *Special Program Information* - Doug & Joe will be live on Pastor Pauls show from 1-3pm EST on Wednesday October 8th.

    Join Pastor Paul Begley as he provides the Biblical template for the various events we are seeing take place in the world today. Pastor Begley has conducted extensive research into the news headlines of today to explain to his vast audience of listeners to his radio show, as well as the reader of his books, how current events fit precisely into the prophecies we unfolding before our very eyes. Visit his website here

    Pastor Paul Begley has done an incredible amount of research to match prophecy with current events.A prolific talk show host, researcher, author, and pastor, he speaks his mind and from his heart to bring you the truth from a Biblical perspective. This will be a dynamic program for anyone interested in all of the prophetic signs and wonders being presented to those who wish to discern the times in which we live.

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    Palestinian Jihadist stabs an Israeli bus driver and 12 other people in the streets of Jerusalem before being shot and arrested. Also Yemen's President has been taken hostage by radical Islamic rebels in a coup in Yemen, as America has sent USS Iwa Jima, USS Ft. McHenry, and the USS San Diego to the coast of Yemen. Also the US Embassy has not been evacutated yet. Also Russia signed a deal with Iran on military cooperation. Also 40 heads of State and leaders from 140 countries including Bill Gates, George Soros, and Al Gore and leading bankers, and world religious leaders are meeting in Davo's Switzerland for the World Economic Summit. Also much more current events and bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    Bomb Threats in JFK International Airport grounds Delta Flight 468 from New York to Tel-Aviv, Israel.  Also Sunday Night Harvest Army Church International prophesied that bridges would collapse in America and last night a bridge collapsed in Cincinnati, Ohio killing 1 and injuring 1. Also a massive explosion of a 16,000 sq. Ft. Mansion of Don Pyle a COO IT Execitive of Sciencelogic an "Internet Cloud Technology Monitoring Company" for Public, Private, and the Government. Yemen Government has fallen to Radical Islamic Militants of Al-Qeada as also the US Embassy officials have been shot at as well.  Also ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) says in 72 hours will execute 2 Japan citizens in Syria unless they receive $ 200 Million Dollars. Also French Police have just arrested 5 terrorist of Russian Chechen dessent. These amd much more current news events and bible prophecy along with the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indaina. 

  • Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana reports on current news events and how it relates to Bible Prophecy and the powerful Word of the Lord. 

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Yellowstone National Park Geologist Hank Heasler says "Yellowstone Super Volcano could erupt in a 2 week time table"? Also the New Saudi King Salman announces major government shake-up. Also Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu says "Iran won't be able to uproot Us from Here." Also a 15 foot "Megamouth Shark" washed ashore dead in the Philippines as only the 70th since mankind to be seen. Also a Blast at a Shiite Mosque in southern Pakistan leaves 49 dead over 100 injured. Also 72 Churches are burned down in Niger after Charlie Hebdo terror attacks. Also In Egypt in the Sinai 26 people killed as militants pummel Sinai with rockets and bombs. Also another Snow Blizzard is headed for New England again this weekend. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the Powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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