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    Hiway is dropping his next mixtape project "WeezleJewce" on Halloween


    We all identify with fictional characters, and Hiway has always held highly the character Beetlejuice. Hiway had for a long time envisioned making a project based on the movie, and when he decided to tackle writing to the entire opening theme music, the idea was once again refueled. Building a collection of songs using industry beats, Hiway (and Wayhi) were back on their RTI-type antics. WeezleJewce was created; the pesky, obnoxious "musical bio-excorcist" who emerges from the underground when summoned. With features only from Hiway's teammates The Gas Station, we give you this glorious undead gem...for FREE. Are we crazy yet?


    "WeezleJewce" drops 10/31/14 Halloween day for free on

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    G-4, Beetlejuice and Hobbits Oh My!

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    Donald and Sean will be discussing upcomming projects from 
    indie and mainstream Sci Fi Fantasy and Horror.

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    Wrath of The Kidd #32

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    Episode 32 of Wrath of The Kidd rolls around at a time when news is being made out of the tiniest things that aren't exactly newsworthy. A GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY trailer is set to arrive, but not until next week. There's an out-of-focus image of the Millennium Falcon in the background of a photo taken at a Lucasfilm meeting - What could it possibly mean? The Kidd and Mascott look at some of these instances and others and wonder why film journalism can't do better. We'll also talk some interesting developments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as some news on BEETLEJUICE 2, SHARKNADO 2 and even FIREFLY. We'll take your calls all throughout the show, so arm yourself with a question or opinion and join in the fray, as the mics go live at 10:00 p.m. EST Sunday night. 

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    That's What He Said S03E32

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    This week at a special time! Join us at 6pm for the release of the Xbone, Beetlejuice 2 news, and an update on SNL, Preacher, It, and Thor. Plus we've got the "It's A Wonderful Life" sequel, WWE's anniversary and plenty more. Call in at 323-693-3811 during the show and let us know your thoughts!

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    That's What He Said S03E28

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    It's a spooky That's What He Said as Lou, Freddy and Matt bring you tons of Halloweenie news! What's the status of Beetlejuice 2? Hellraiser gets rebooted again! Bruce Campbell updates us on Army of Darkness 2! What's the deal with the X-files/TMNT/Ghostbusters/The Crow/Transformers crossover? With a new Constantine TV series coming will we still get that Justice League Dark movie? All than and a whole lot more on this week's epsiode! Join us live during the show by calling 323-693-3811!

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    Creep Show Radio News 11/07/13

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    On tonight's show, we'll be discussing the latest developments in the supposed ARMY OF DARKNESS and BEETLEJUICE sequels, along with the latest controversy with cult label Code Red, and in our Upgrade Or Not segment we'll be throwing down on Blue Underground's release of SNUFF! 

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    General Hospital Recap Halloween Edition

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    Trick or Treat, this weeks General Hospital were filled w/ Tricks & Treats. Come on in & lets talk about all of the tricks & all of the treats this week in Port Charles! Just whatever you do, do NOT say Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice or Faison may appear at your door & make YOU pass out like he did to Lesley Webber this week!

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    Special Guest: Co Host, Monica Rosales of DocMiami.org
    Derek Garcia and his twin brother Eric grew up loving Halloween and as kids they were influenced by their father and his stories of how he would make his own Halloween costumes. Also Their first trip to Universal Studios  Orlando was a major influence and seeing the live "Horror Makeup Show"  which explained a lot on the Special FX makeup industry. The show had a big impact on them and help them further grow their interest in movie FX makeup. From then on they  grew up making monster makeup creations every Halloween. 
    With expertise in airbrushing, painting, sculpting and concept design, Derek and Eric have worked alongside each other on numerous projects, including seasonal work at Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights, Grinchmas and Beetlejuice Graveyard Review, a live stage show in Orlando Florida.
    Derek went on to also work at Horror Nights at Europa Park in Germany, and working on Commercials and TV shows filmed in Miami like "Burn Notice", "The Glades", and "Graceland". Eric has also worked 3 years as a seasonal makeup artist at Halloween Bash at Ocean Park in Hong Kong.
    Derek And Eric Garcia were also contestants in the SyFy channel's hit reality Makeup FX competition series "Face Off" season 3.

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    Maree Cheatham was an original cast member of the daytime serial Days of our Lives, where she played the role of Marie Horton, and a regular cast member of General Hospital, where she played Lucy Coe's wacky and fun-loving Aunt Charlene Simpson. She was also in the soap opera Search for Tomorrow, where she originated the role of the sarcastic and very vampy Stephanie Wilkins, who was Joanne Gardner's arch-enemy. She was replaced on that soap opera by actress/writer Louise Shaffer. She has also made many guest appearances in TV series such as Gunsmoke, Cagney and Lacey, Quantum Leap, Knots Landing, The Nanny, Dharma and Greg, Profiler, Judging Amy, Scrubs, The West Wing, Monk, Cold Case and Desperate Housewives. She has also appeared in movies, such as Beetlejuice (1988) (where she developed a cult following), Rumor Has It…, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, America's Sweethearts, and a notable cameo in The Wedding Singer, in which she innocently asked Billy Idol what the "mile high club" was. Maree is currently on Nickelodeon's new series Sam and Cat as Nona.

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    That's What He Said S02E49

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    It's a That's What He Said Jail Break Special!!!!  Celebrating St. Patrick's Day a little early, Logan and Freddy got nicked by the cops and are currently planning their escape. Will they make it to the show on time? Will Lou have to break them out?  We have No Theme For Gandalf's Lou Sr. helping us out tonight in case Red and Andy can't make it to Zihuatanejo. So, join us, won't you, for "Lou and Lou's That's What He Said" where we'll bring you news on Roger Rabbit's Return, the end of The Clone Wars, Beetlejuice's reappearance, God of War's achievement woes, Veronica Mars' film, and much much more. Call us at 323-693-3811 if you want to join in the fun!

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    Creep Show Radio Reviews 3/19/13

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    Creep Show Radio Reviews with Daniel Schein and Melissa Walsh is live Tuesday March 19th at 7:00 PM Eastern or anytime shortly after we wrap in the archives at your convenience.
    On this show we will have reviews for the first entry in Fangoria films new DVD line, with the British daddy from hell shocker Axed. Also Halle Berry returns to the genre with the brand new big screen Thriller The Call from WWE Studios.....but is it worth paying to see it on the big screen??????.
    Plus reviews for The Frankenstein Theory, The Giant Spiders run amok creature feature appropriately titles Spiders 3D, and Wrestling legend Jerry The King Lawler and Howard Stern regular Beetlejuice join an army of Spring Break babes to take on a deranged killer in Girls Gone Dead.
    All that plus TV Terror Talk with The Debut of Bates Motel, and the latest episodes of Walking Dead, and The Following.

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