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    in Spirituality

    My name is Meilin. I am here to guide you to live an adventurous life. As a medium and healer, I am interconnected. Together, we will bloom and grow, gaining awareness of our potential. I speak or act with guidance to help you remember what you do. I assist you in acknowledging your true self so you can own your own wisdom.

    When the flower is ready to bloom, she blooms so beautifully and everyone can see her beauty, Schönheit. There is nothing to study, you are learning to understand who you are so your strengths and gifts can be reclaimed; this is how we flourish. Our teachers, friends and families members have crossed our paths to nudge us along our journey to see our magnificence and connect us with the ancestral energy of light beings and starnations.

    Life always presents experiences to grow and blossom anew. When you become calm enough feel free to expand into lightness, that’s when you know that you have foundGeborgenheit, the feeling of peace and security. And once we begin to live in light, our petals of perception open and welcome a deeper awareness of interconnectedness,Verbundenheit. Our awareness helps us rely on our experiences to give us insight into our consciousness and materialize beauty.

    Once you begin to rely on insights from your experiences, you can begin to see how everything materialized from the heart, the source, it is beautiful. You have come to me because your own gifts and your intuition have brought you here so an exchange can take place.

    My expertise has evolved through remembering and reclaiming who I am and what I can do. Through all my experiences, far beyond my expectations, it has become natural for me to say there is no “I”, but a “We” in my body at all times. The connectedness to everything and everybody is so clear. 


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    Rev. Wayne Anders An Unending Bountiful Harvest

    in Spirituality

    As John 3:16 So Beautifully Describes, He Loved You And Me So Much That He GAVE His Only Son!

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    Neil Haley Interviews Author Kathleen M. Rodgers

    in Education

    These words indicate the type of praise heaped upon Kathleen M. Rodgers:  “A rich new voice has exploded in the South. Kathleen M. Rodgers creates beautifully flawed characters that remain with the reader for long after the novel is finished.” —Ann Hite, 2012 Georgia Author of the Year for Ghost on Black Mountain

    Kathleen is an award winning author who has been featured in Southern Writers magazine.  Take a look at her books Johnny Come Lately and The Final Salute at her website, 


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    Get better than an A in COUNTRY: Curtis Clinton best Presidential Candidate

    in Elections

    read the headlines on the Washington Post ON-LINE and see how right i am on things affecting our Nation and the World. What's keeping you from putting me on the Presidential ballot npw.   Or, are you waiting to surprise the World on Election Day with 120,000,000 Presidential Write-In Ballots for me. If you wait too long, thousands of Americans and businessess will be wasrting millions of $'s on Imperfect Presidential Candidates. i am the realone.   Why is it left to me to say these things. Please, someone, get this going now.   bwell    c2it 2 being well. c2 

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    Real talk from the word of God. Topic, Joseph.

    in Youth

    Joseph. Like most of us came from some jacked up circumstances due to imperfect decisions made by imperfect people born into sin just like him.

    Joseph was born destined for greatness but a road of jealousy, slavery and captivity met him before the promise did....

    Join us especially if you are experiencing being misunderstood, discoursged or broken. This broadcast is where your help is. There is a God bigger then your circumstances waiting to encourage you.....

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    His Wrath is Upon Us, and the Church is Asleep, call in with Michael-Jay

    in Current Events

    Because your taxes are used to promote wickedness the LORD will hold this nation for ransom and He will destroy the wealth of this nation. Because the wicked have worshiped their idols and their riches, and they sacrifice, in their gathering, their lives, their families and their children, they will pay the price of idolatry. Your false teachers have taught you to prosper in idolatry. Your false prophets have said that God is with this nation. But the murder in the twin towers of Babylon was only the first-fruit of judgment and God will take a tithe in His wrath, because this nation refuses to hear His law. In lawlessness many will fall into hell-fire, in raging against the God they denied and in cursing the day they were born many will slip quickly into eternal horror. To the wicked in America the LORD says, because you refused to hear a call to repentance and your enmity with God has hid from you the eternal mercies of His Christ, you still stand on the edge of the precipice, where, in falling, there is eternal loss. Call-in at 347-826-9733

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    The Trinitarian Gospel (part 4)

    in Christianity

    Shallow theological preaching and teaching influences much of Christendom today.  Did you know that the gospel beautifully displays the perfect work of the Triune Godhead?  The well-known baptist preacher, Charles Spurgeon, said that "Nowadays there appears to be in some minds a forgetfulness of the Father.  Christ is loved, for he died, but many seem to look upon the Father as having no share in the wondrous work of redemption."  Join us as we discuss the Trinitarian Gospel.  

    Hosted by: Jacob Knight

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    Computer America - The Cynja; David Noyes; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: The Cynja.  Chase Cunningham - CTO, Heather C. Dahl - CEO

    The Cynja is a fast-moving, engaging, beautifully illustrated graphic novel about a boy who battles the villains who lurk within our computers. It cleverly sneaks in real computer terminology so kids will learn how computers and viruses actually work but the plot is so captivating kids will never realize it's actually educational.


    Hour two: David Noyes, Photographer and Travel Writer

    David Noyes appeared on Computer America back in June and now he's back with news of his travels and insights that you won't wnat to miss!


    Hour two: News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities!

    Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!

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    Fun Ideas For Creating Holiday Coastal Crafts And Adornments

    in Design

    Hello Folks and welcome back this week for our exciting segment of Coastal Holiday Decorations as we're in holiday swing and what a great time to prepare for it festively! 

    Ok we can do that by starting in with our beautifully decorated wreaths and garland just to kind of bring our spirits out alittle more, and then the closer it becomes we can add those gorgeous adornments we've been saving all year to add sparkle and help spruce up our holiday season. And, what better way of giving and sharing with our loved ones, family and friends than celebrating!  Perfecto for the season, so come join us tonight as we share and brainstorm ideas with holiday decoration..

    See Ya There!

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    B.Fly Welcomes Author of Hope Exposed Jay Doubleu

    in Books

    Author Jay Doubleu discovered her writing gift in her teen years.  Angrily, writing about her frustration about about life, confusion and her sister’s annoying obsession with vacuum lines in the carpet. As Jay Doubleu began to furiously pen stories about her frustration with her sister's obsession, she realized the stories began to take a life of their own.  The characters began to develop personality and the writing became therapeutic.  The writing became a way to express that which was not easy to speak or understand. 

    That's the key to Author Jay Doubleu and her writing, she has a unique calling to write things that people struggle with verbalizing, sharing or expressing to each other.  So, what was the writer in her supposed to do?  Suddenly it became clear, Author Jay was to be the hand that God could use to speak what He wants to say about every area of our lives, while testifying to others about her imperfect journey to understand Him, and her struggle with forgiveness towards God.  She had been so hurt. How would she trust God again? Her audience will undoubtedly learn from her journey, one that has led her to the door of her purpose: to love everyone, equip others and to inspire God's people by any writer's means necessary. But, it goes even deeper.

    Everything she writes speaks to her very authentic and sincere relationship with God. That relationship is responsible for every word she pens to be genuine, while shedding light on the sea floor of each listener’s heart, mind and spirit. That divine light will expose what attempts to steal one's vitality and hope.  In her upcoming book being released this year "HOPE Exposed”, it will reveal the essence of hope itself.  

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    Are you a Perfectionist? Being Perfectly Imperfect!

    in Self Help

    Perfectionism is the curse of dysfunctional society.  As humans we are far from this thing we call perfection.  We may bake the perfect cake, write the perfect letter, make perfect grades in school, achieve perfection in some kind of performance, but as human beings we are flawed and imperfect.  We are by design creatures who learn by making mistakes. 

    In this episode of Pandora's Box, Kaleah talks about how to confront your own need to be seen as perfect and accept yourself as you are.