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    The Chat Room Morning Show... Haunted Bathrooms

    in Paranormal

    Funny but there are many stories of the paranormal linked to bathrooms, from ghostly apparitions to poltergeist activity... you have the famous mirror that always seams to capture the shadow figure.

    What makes the bathroom the center of these events? this show has the ingredient for a good joke, but its true. Celebrating 31 days of Halloween, let us share your haunting experience.

    Thank you for making The Chat Room one of your favorite shows on Blogtalkradio... you will always be welcome.

    Tony Wolf Paw

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    Organize Your Kitchen & Bathrooms

    in Self Help

    Your kitchen and your bathroom(s) are probably the most frequently used rooms in your home. Unfortunately this may also mean they are some of the most cluttered rooms in your home.

    In this episode, Master Organizer Janice Russell, will share some of the tips and tricks to getting these spaces organized. She will also discuss how to keep them organized.

    One problem with the kitchen and bathroom is that they are "transition rooms" because you are often in there to complete one or more tasks and then you go somewhere else. As a result, it's easy to "fling" items in them and say that you'll come back later to clean them up.

    Learn how to make these spaces more functional to make your day less stressful.

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    PIJN News: Co-ed Bathrooms Coming to Your Schools?

    in Current Events

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    - Californians gather 623,000 signatures against co-ed bathrooms
    - Colorado schoolgirls victims of co-ed bathroom laws
    - The ENDA bill is forcing the gay agenda upon your public schools

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    TD&KS Episode 172: Bathrooms are Gross, Jiggley Jones and BTR Trolls

    in Comedy

    All the normal weird news and hot topics you love, plus musical guest Jiggley Jones makes a second appearance on the show. It's going to be a good time.

    The disgustingness of public bathrooms is discussed and Jiggley Jones joins us to tell us about his new album! Then we dive into the Weird News AND laugh at the BTR Trolling Raids of 2011.


    The Allsronians - Mariachi Go Ska

    Break 1:
    Jiggley Jones - Ain't That Alright
    Jiggley Jones - Modern Day

    Break 2:
    Jiggley Jones - Walk On Me
    LiteSound - We Are the Heroes

    Break 3:
    Red Carpet - Traitor on the Inside
    unreal_dm - Too Depressed for the Ukulele (ft. Kara Square)

    Break 4:
    Robbero - monochromosom (robbero remix) 
    Alex - I Got The Swag (ft. Covert & Chris C.)

    Jeris - Start Each day with Love-Instrumental Mix 
    (ft. Mind Map That! (mindmapthat), Admiral Bob (admiralbob77))

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    Call in and talk to us about bathrooms.

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    Time to Take Back the Toilet

    in Business

    Public bathrooms are noisy, poorly designed, and often nonexistent. What to do?

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    The Opinion - by Peter & Precious Patterson

    in School

    Topic: The Ridiculous Costs of Transgender Bathrooms In The Public School System part two join us for the 454th episode of BevNat

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    in Motivation

     Notions of race are created to justify slavery because once you point out differences in people, it is easier to start judging and ranking them; positioning some races as more superior than others.  One way this has been demonstrated in America is during the time of Jim Crow Laws. By this time slavery had been abolished but this was a new type of slavery. These laws limited certain freedoms and separated and ranked citizens solely based on race. Some of these limited freedoms included separate eating areas, separate drinking fountains, and separate bathrooms. Jim Crow laws were eventually abolished but this slavery idea still exists today but more through socially constructed laws versus U.S. laws. Examples of this include the war on drugs and the multiple cases of cops treating people unfairly based on the color of their skin.
    Several racial bribes representative of Jim Crow Laws that exist in America today include the mass imprisonment of more people of color than white people, the war on drugs, and discrimination. As Alexander points out in her book, The New Jim Crow, mass imprisonment started back during the Civil Rights Movement when people of color would do legal acts, such as protesting, they would be viewed and handled as criminal acts. The rise in crime rates was also linked not to any other social and economic factor but only to the African American unemployment rates and the Civil Rights Movement. This type of thinking was lead by the conservatives to secretly find ways to maintain white supremacy in America. This crime was also what sparked the war on drugs, which increased the surveillance and severity of punishment for possession or the selling of drugs. Drugs and crime in areas of poverty where there was a great African American population and by cracking down on drugs they could arrest and charge more people of color. Lastly, discrimination is still seen today in jobs, income, living situations, care, and education.

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    The Gettysburg Undress, Undressed: Brendan Constantine interviews Rick Lupert

    in Poetry

    Listen to Los Angeles poet Brendan Constantine's conversation with Poetry Super Highway proprieter Rick Lupert about his new collection "The Gettysburg Undress" – Poems written in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, Richmond and Fredericksburg, Virginia, Baltimore Maryland, and, of course, Allentown, Pennsylvania. "The Gettysburg Undress" is newly out as the first title in Rothco Press' Caffeine Poetry Series. Poetry from the collection was read out-loud and questions were asked and answered and the concept of writing poems in the bathrooms of famous buildings was delved into as these two old friends chatted about craft, the experience of writing the book and more.  Learn more about the book here: http://poetrysuperhighway.com/rick/about/gettysburg-undress/

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    The Opinion - by Peter & Precious Patterson

    in Current Events

    The Ridiculous costs of Transgender Bathrooms In The Public School System join us for our 447th episode of BevNat


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