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    Bartertown Radio- Special Guest

    in Business

    Harold Rice - American Exchange Network -
    Kansas City, Mo.

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    Reparations, Mr. Charlie, Social Services vs Alternative Currencies

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss what is better when it comes to daily and money.  Shall we depend on "Social Services", "Mr. Charlie", or shall we shall wait on the government to pay us "Reparations".  Are those options better than Social Capital and Alternative Currencies ?

    From a "It's My House" point of view one should take study up on Alternative Currencies for they along with Social Capital and Time are the ORGINIAL CURRENCIES.

    FYI.....Reparations, Mr. Charlie, and Social Services are all tools of ENSLAVEMENT.

    You might have to replay this podcast over many times to grasp the information.


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    in Politics Conservative

    Join me tonight as I continue our ongoing discussion of The Rifleman as a self reliant family and community leader.
    Tonight we will talk about gardening, seeds, hugelculture and a lot more. We will also cover some of the items you can begin putting away now as barter goods.
    And, we will talk about Appleseed promotions a little more as we ran out of time last week.
    Call in number is 347-308-8790
    Hope to see you all here!

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    Sunday Aug 3 2014 8:00 PM EDT Agnut Bartering And Horse Trading

    in Finance

    Join BB and I as we welcome back Agnut to talk bartering and horse trading. I have know this guy for years, and he walks the walk. He lives bartering for goods. He is always full of interesting stories and helpful information. He is an inspiration to anyone seeking ways of acquiring necessities with little of no money.

    Join us as we investigated this fascinating skill of bartering and horse trading.

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    The Morning News with Danan -5/31/13 Bartering & Acupuncture

    in News

    The Morning News with Danan is starting! On Today’s Show: 10 tips to Start Bartering, 5 Reasons to Try Acupuncture, Open the Door to Who You Really Are. 
    Thanks for listening and sharing the show with others!

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    Business Strategies Bartering

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    Hi, I am your host Urika Ramseur, Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur."Girl-from-detroit ", is talking to Aker El Bey about a business to business bartering and trade organization. This is a viable business solutions and success strategies for small business and entrepreneurs. Business Talk Radio spotlights fellow entrepreneurs and business owners that will share their personal success techniques.  Listeners of the Business Talk Radio Show will benefit greatly from our mastermind guests. We have partnerships with highly successful movers and shakers that make successful businesses time and time again. These entrepreneurs will be sharing some of their secrets with the business talk radio listeners. We'll be talking to venture capitalist, success coaches, angel investors and more! So make sure you tune in to the show, you don't want to miss anything. 
    Today's show :
    Mind Techniques - for success
    Success Strategies - for success
    Successful Entrepreneurs' personal wealth strategies and techniques.
    Proven Steps to Success
    Successful Business Trend: Programs with No credit check financing for businesses.

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    I Am Liberty on Prepper Broadcasting

    in Education

    Prepper Broadcasting!
    I Am Liberty!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    What is the next step for preparedness and self reliance? Once your cupboards are stocked and needs are met for whatever the future holds, what is the next step? I Am Liberty is about prepping on a community scale. We are stepping away from the freeze dried foods and the ammunition to cement relationships and structure within our communities. Through efforts like community gardening, Co Op business and farming as well as bartering and time banking. You will hear from relevant guests as well as success stories from those who are in action as we speak! I myself included.

    Read More HERE!

    Tags: American Preppers Radio, Prepper Broadcasting, I Am Liberty

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    Self Reliant-Now Bartering Your True Value Lies Within Replay

    in Entrepreneur

    Self Reliant-Now is dedicated to empowerment through self-reliance and entrepreneurism. Your true value lies within, the abilty to produce through skills and knowledge is a gift from God. In a country praticing capitalism currancy is the medium to receive goods and services. What happens when your typical income runs out, you have to find alternative methods to not just survive but to thrive. An awsome source to continue producing a living is through Batering. Trading skill for skill to recieve products and services without currancy. We have an expert in the field to speak to us today:

    For over 30 years, Tom McDowell has been educating business-owners worldwide on one of the key fundamentals of business the value of barter trading what you have to get what you need. McDowell has taught entrepreneurs worldwide how to start local B2B barter networks, which help businesses stimulate incremental sales and acquire what they need or want –using the barter system.

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    The New Bartering Network!

    in Education

    Galt Strike! Thursdays *7:00pm/Est *6:00pm/Ct *5:00pm/Mt *4:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/ Tom and Catman discuss last weekend's Midwest Self Reliance festival and highlights of the events.  Plus, APN's new bartering network gets a great kick start.  Tom explains how this works and how anyone can participate for free in the new bartering network. Inspired by Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged and the Character John Galt. Our goal is to teach and share every possible “Legal” method of reducing and eliminating our tax footprints thereby starving the banker oligarchies of the world. Mission: To share every idea possible to cut our production, expenses, and taxes to starve the banker oligarchy. Description: We will accomplish our goals by learning how to reduce our labor and expenses within the “looters and moochers” economy, and redirecting our efforts more towards our own “personal” economies (our own Galt’s Gultch). Tags: Galt Strike, Prepare, Self Reliance, Rights, Freedoms, Prepper Broadcasting Network

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    Cancer, A Heavy Taskmaster & Bartering for Preps

    in Self Help

    Todd Walker is married to the lovely Dirt Road Girl and on this show, Todd talks about what his wife’s cancer taught them about prepping. We also try to figure out what’s most important: knowledge, skills or stuff, and, how bartering and relationships can save you in difficult times.

    His website, Survival Sherpa, provides information about doing the stuff’ for self-reliance, preparedness, natural health, and functional fitness.

    Visit Joyce’s website PreparedInEveryWay.com/blog

    Visit PreparednessRadioNetwork.com

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    "Globe Trotting with Jon Haggins" on "The Power of Persuasion"

    in Travel

    Join host Apostle Natalie Young on RHL's weekly broadcast " The Power of Persuasion " as we Trot the Globe with Jon Haggins."   Sir Jon Haggins is a motivational speaker who inspires people to get up and go, that anything is possible including travel, fashion, interior and food as your guide. The producer and host of a national travel show, GlobeTrotter Jon Haggins TV  is viewd in 2 million homes in New York City and it's also streamed over the Internet. GlobeTrotter  TV is a fun, informative and entertaining program that features destinations, foodies and guests from around the world. The main goal is to expand our audience horizon beyond their couch and allow them to discover many dreamy far away places where they can reach for the stars. Jon has also contributed travel segments to NPR Radio. NPR has a listening audience of 25 million. As a writter Jon has "The African American Travel Guide, which is an informative book, that offers advise on your travel from where to get a passport, where to exchange money, security precautions, bartering in the markets and what to pack etc. Contributing short stories to Eric Copage's -Soul Food Book and featured in and written for numerous publications. Sir Haggins a spokesperson for Procter and Gamble's Ultra Detergents and the Museum of the City of New York is presently exhibiting a retrospective of my fashion designs. And the Schomburg Library has acquired my fashion archive of photographs, video, films and editorials he is your rounded Global Guide 

    For more info Google: Jon Haggins
    www.youtube.com, then go to search and type in globetrottertv3
    Email: JonHaggins@aol.com