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    Barstool Rundown July 13

    in Football

    50 Cent Files For Bankruptcy, guy bartenders stop wearing kilts because girls grabbing their dicks, Mia Khalifia leaks DMS, mexican drug kingpin escapes prison again, Deandre Jordan/ Doc Rivers daughter, Bills O-line coach punches kid.

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    John Rubino--When Is A Housing Recovery Not A Housing Recovery? #2698

    in Finance

    Mortgage rates are going up. Could this be spurring sales? Buyers could be buying now to avoid higher rates, it's happened before. But the rest of the economy doesn't look so great does it? Hiring and wages are trending higher, but can you believe the numbers? Perhaps it's time to go back to bartender school, but they're automating bartenders and truckdrivers out of business. So what's no-skilled/low-skilled worker to do? And what's with that Chinese goldminer buying shares around the globe?

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    John Rubino--Mediocre Is The New Perfect #2636

    in Finance

    John writes, "Three things happened this morning: The Labor Department reported a big jump in employment; the financial markets responded like kids on Christmas morning; and — with a few hours lag — level-headed analysts deconstructed the jobs report and found it to be mediocre at best. 

    To take just a few of the high (or low) points:

    • Americans are still leaving the labor force
    • Most of the new jobs created are part-time
    • The vast majority of those are in services, which is to say waiters and bartenders and such
    • Most new hires are over 55"

    So don't fret or get upset, remember that mediocre is the new perfect!

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    Fantasy Dating Radio: Dating Advice From a Bartender

    in Self Help

    On Wednesday, April 15, at 9:00 PM Eastern / 6:00 Pacific, tune into Fantasy Dating Radio to get dating advice from the person who sees everything. That's right, you'll hear the good, the bad, and the ugly from one of LA's finest bartenders.

    This bartender has witnessed cocktail pre-dates, blind dates, first dates, last dates and some of the classiest and trashiest pickup lines the City of Angels has to offer. And he's ready to share them with you. He'll tell both cringeworthy and applause worthy stories, plus provide flirting and dating do's and don'ts to help you get your Fantasy Dating game on.

    And if you were so brave as to complete last week's dare and tell someone you're dating (or would like to do date) what you're really feeling (rather than bottling it up and flipping the crazy switch later) call us at 323-870-3965 and tell us how it went. As always, we want to hear from you! So, if you have a question about Fantasy Dating or a daring tale of your own to tell, call us at 323-870-3965 during show time!

    Until then, we dare you to play to win.

    About Fantasy Dating: Fantasy Dating provides singles with an alternative to scrolling endless online dating profiles by challenging them to dare to date in real life. Like in other Fantasy Sports, players form leagues, set stakes and compete against each other to earn points. But when they Fantasy Date, they earn points by dating.

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    Blizzard 2015 and Celebrity Apprentice Wrap Up

    in Moms and Family

    We are broadcasting live to bring you updates on the impending blizzard.  NYC Public Schools are closed. Non emergency vehicles are expected to be off the streets by 11:00pm. As the blizzard progresses, we will keep you updated.

    Since we are on the air. We can discuss tonight's episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Tonight, in the first episode,  Sig Hansen went home and deservedly so. I have been watching Celebrity Apprentice from the beginning and never have I seen a Project Manager have such an outburst. His behavior toward the bartenders was completely unprofessional and inexcusable.  Had that been Vivica or Kenya, they would have been sent home.

    And speaking of being sent home, Kenya talks about knowing so much about luxury, yet she was rolling around on the ground in front of children. She was representing Donald Trump. 

    During the second episode, the teams had the rask of recreating Trump Doral Miami. Kate was the Project Manager for Team Vortex with of course Geraldo as her co Project Manager.  Ian Ziering a true class act was the Project Manager for Team Inifnity.  I think Kate Gosselin had no intention of respecting Vivica and Kenya. Dare I say, Kenya was partially right.  Kate only used them as gophers rather than getting solid input.  She saw herself and Geraldo as the brains behind the operation and the other ladies were treated like Interns. I never saw Kate ask their opinion. If she asked Kenya for advice on how to make it more luxurious, she may have won. But since Kate lost, we were treated to boardroom battle between Kenya and Vivica. Why do all reality shows have to have African Americans at each other's throats. The scene was uncomfortable and unncessary. In the end, Kenya "twirled" her way out of being fired by kissing the butts of the Trump Family. Kate Gosselin was fired.

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    2015 CHAMPIONSHIP – How is that Not A Catch

    in Comedy

    This week Juskow discusses why he is so angry about Dez Bryant and his “phantom” catch (spoiler alert – because he lost money). We also discuss why Juskow is nervous about evil bartenders and asks the question on everyone’s mind, why does Matthew Perry keep getting offered sitcoms? We obviously cover the AFC/NFC Championship games but the rant continues of why Dave Attell would want to have a birthday party on that Sunday and couldn’t he have rested on that day (Spinal Tap reference?). Special guest comedian Debbie Shea keeps things moving and tries to calm Dave down on this all new brilliant episode.

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    Friday Traffic Jams *HALLOWEEN PARTY* @5pm PST

    in Entertainment

    It's Halloween Party, best costume, gets to come on air for 2 mins.  BYOB, (Bring Your Own Business).  Bartenders will be on duty.  Make sure you have a ride home, I'm not paying for nothing.  Ok, let's get this party starter, keep all hands above keyboard, and we won't have no problems, ya hurd! lol lol 

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    The Event Jeannie has Bombay Sapphire's Gary Hayward LIVE in C&G's office 10/10!

    in Lifestyle

    This week we will not only be infused with imagination, but also with alcohol! We will be continuing our Fall “Wet Your Whistle” series on Wednesday, December 10th at noon LIVE from our offices with Colin Asare-Appiah.  The Bacardi Portfolio Master Mixologist will be whipping us up some innovative new cocktails, perhaps even some of the final contenders of Bombay’s “The World’s Most Imaginative Bartender” competition.

    It should come as no surprise that the company whose namesake is a 182 carat sapphire entitled the Star of Bombay enjoys crowning the best bartenders in the world.  The real gem of the company, however, is their brand new distillery, Laverstoke.  Designed by multiple award winning designer, Thomas Heatherwick, the distillery boasts a BREEAM award for sustainability and two stunning, intertwining botanical glasshouses.  These glasshouses are meant to maintain two separate climates, one tropical and one temperate to foster the ten botanicals from around the world infused into every bottle of Bombay.  If we are lucky, maybe Gary will reveal if the rumor about these gin botanicals making people angry is true, or a complete hoax.

    So get your shakers ready.  If we can have martinis on a Wednesday afternoon then so can you!








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    Episode 39 Recap

    in Atheism

    Had a great time with two awesome guest bartenders.  There was much rejoicing.

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    A Conversation with Cold Cash

    in Radio

    Rapper Cold Cash also known as The Poster Boy for Swagg began rapping and producing seriously at the age of 15. Now years later Cold Cash is a very popular rapper and has built a fan base throughout the eastern and southern regions. His lyrical content is so potent and his lyrics put you in a place that allows you to see the actions he speaks. His lyrics alone flow like a movie script. His talent and drive allows his creativity to take him to another level where he creates music tracks for the ladies, gutta tracks for the hood and music that can draw you to the dance floor as well.

    Cold Cash has opened for some of the industry’s hottest stars such as Soulja Boy, Juelz Santana, Lil Mama, Pop It Off Boyz, V.I.C, Nicki Minaj, and Donnie Klang. He has been interviewed by one of Atlanta’s top magazines “Be Entertained” as well as an up and coming magazine out of Canada “Vibe88”. When asked about why he chose to start rapping and why he still works hard every day to pursue his dreams and make a career out of rapping. He answered with this “Seeing and hearing other artists that don’t have half the talent I have making garbage music and making it so I figured why can’t I?” Cold Cash wears many hats and has a business sense like no other as he is a musician, graphic designer as well as the Ceo of of his own clothing line, "Bear Down Xclusives" and acting in movies such as the hood thriller written and directed by, Ak. Reed, "Bartenders".