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    Thirsty Thursdays

    in Entertainment

    Snoodlovah A.K.A LOVAH LOVAH, is an upcoming female Hip Hop artist. She was born in Brooklyn, New York and has have lived in PA for 10 years. Her mother is hispanic, and her father is french and African American. As the only child from her parents growing up she had a lot of alone time, which gave her space to find out who she was at a pretty young age. She can say that she had a pretty fair childhood, it was only when she turned 14 that life began to show its true colors. In learning so, she had to toughen up and roll with the punches. Composing music has been her life since the age of ten. She started off battling her younger family members and ever since then it became her passion to speak through instruments. As she grew with her love for music, she found a hidden talent that she never knew. She was blessed remembering her mother cleaning her home from top to bottom every Saturday morning while playing her R&B music loudly.  Snoodlovah  would stand in the middle of the living room performing all her favorites songs. When her mother wasn’t cleaning she would play the R&B songs at a low volume and sing over the artist.  It was then, Snoodylovah knew from that point, she wanted to sing, 


    Eager to start her singing career, unfortunately at the age of 11, while visiting her grandmother in PA one summer, Snoodlovah had a life threatening accident in the local amusement park (Dorney Park). She drowned in the wave pool and damaged her voice box.  During recovery, she became discourage to even think about music, however after a couple months she realized this wasn’t the end and had to find a way to express herself and music was the only way.   In addition to Snoodlovah’s singing career, she has engaged in many theater, screen plays and improv.   


  • Al Diaz, Angela Gower Johnson, Brian Howard What About Minerals?

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz, Angela Gower Johnson, Brian Howard share their insights on What About Minerals? 

    Wednesday, October 6th  10am PST

    Host Al Diaz: An acclaimed and internationally recognized Visionary, Transformational Guide, and Change Agent as an International Keynote Speaker, Author, Film Producer, and online Radio Host. 

    Co-host Angela Gower Johnson provides coaching and consulting services to entrepreneurs, coaches and artists who are eager to embark on their own quest for their ultimate dream. 

    Special guest Brian Howard from the Isle of Wight in the UK.

    Brian has recently retired as an Osteopath after 20yrs practise in the UK, during this time he has completed post graduate training in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Herbal Medicine and Neuro-Developmental Programmes incorporating Sound Therapy and gentle enhancement with groups such as Samonas, H.A.N.D.L.E.  I.N.P.P. working mainly with children who have special needs. 

    mineralsforbetterhealth.com  or  mineralstosupportyou.com

  • Season 1 Madden 16 Week 4 "Tough Battles Are Needed In The Trenches"

    in Sports

    As we approach week 4 some games have already been played and after 1 week at being #1, the Vikings fell victim to the curse by losing a close one 35-28 to the #2 ranked Broncos and a much anticipated game. The Rams showed why he;s still the top dog by showing division rival Arizona what this league is all about, but even in defeat the Cards is eager to bounce back and show he's truly a threat. The Bengals face a tough Chiefs team and the Bucs showed why he's still the top dog in the south after losing to the Texans he put on an air show vs the undefeated Panthers. The Giants remain low key as they rely on defense to get them through, while the Bills and Falcons, and Patriots look to keep winning, The Titans look to gain momentum after beating the Colts in week 4, and so many other teams look to get on track. Many great battles this week, so look out for great competition, you don't want to miss anything. 

  • Guest: Photographer Hannah O'Brien.

    in Entertainment

    In her own words: "I'm somewhat restricted with being wheelchair / bed bound, but I don't want to let that prevent me from pursuing my passion.

    I adore all aspects of photography and look forward to continuing to delve deeper as time goes on.

    Film, portraits, food, landscape and live music photography are all aspects I'm eager to delve further into."


    Hannah O'Brien Photography


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    Rutanya Alda: The Mommie Dearest Diary

    in Entertainment

    Rutanya Alda, actress and author of the new best seller: "The Mommie Dearest Diary: Carol Ann Tells All" joins the show tonight!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask a question and join the fun!

    Get Rutanya's book and check out other Rated G Radio Superstar's Swag on Amazon by clicking here!

    In this very private diary, Rutanya Alda ("Carol Ann") delves into the art, the business, and the wild milieu of American cinema by taking you behind the scenes of Mommie Dearest to tell her story of drama and disarray on and off the set. Rutanya frames her diary with anecdotes of Robert Altman, Joan Crawford, Brian De Palma, Bob Dylan, Elia Kazan, Sam Peckinpah, Roman Polanski, Lee Strasberg, Barbra Streisand, and John Wayne, among others—a rich cast of her life's characters, who in turn entertain, illuminate, and ultimately weave Rutanya's life into Carol Ann's, setting the stage for you to vicariously live through the making of this cult classic, from her audition in the living room of director Frank Perry to the wrap party on the last day of shooting.

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    Friday Night Conspiracy Circus w/ Contrarious ...Call in # is----->347-826-9733

    in Higher Education

    09-25-2015  …...
    Tonight at 10:00Pm. Eastern Standard Time..................................... FreeForAll - Call In Line, as usual is 347-826-9733 ... I don't think you wanna miss this, (episode) today because - its gonna be cool @ The FULL FLEDGE Show ...                                                    (The the only - - - Anti Huh? Zone on the web.)  Wow ! Where do you fit in the New World Order? <-----Seriously...!!!         Are you a quiet cog or an aggressive realist rebel ? Why does it matter? Hmm...? Mabye because The New World Order is after your SOUL!  Actually.. There is no mabye about it - it's the truth. Are we going to do Something about it ?                       Or are we just content or are some people just not sure what to do?   Has...anyone ever thought of a way to be victorious in this grand delusional, American Dream  Oligarchy La'La'La'La'La invisible CircusShow.

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    @CarissaRosario with @VickensMoscova Sponsorsed by @FordFusion @DrivingOnEnergi

    in Entertainment

    Carissa Rosario is determined to make a difference!An international model, actress, spokesmodel for Monster Energy, businesswoman, nutritionist, and philanthropist, Carissa is clearly one of the hardest working models in the industry.Currently ranked #1 on Google as the most searched professional Maxim model in the world, the brunette beauty has graced the cover of more than fifteen international and national magazines.Carissa can be found on the Style Network’s “Model Genius.” She also finished first out of 600 contestants on ABC’s “The Big Time,” and hosted the show “Como TV” for Telemundo. Carissa has appeared in numerous commercials for industry leading brands including Budweiser and KSwiss and has had roles in feature films, including the lead role in “Ride Sweet, Die Slow.Carissa seems to be everywhere, her entrepreneurial drive has led her to collaborate on her very own handbag and jewelry line. Most re- buy a fragrance or attend an event, you are likely to encounter the Latin American and Greek beauty. In the world of cently she launched her perfume line, “Young and Fresh” by Christopher Joseph. Discovered at a young age in her home state of Massachusetts, Carissa began modeling professionally at the age of 10. Since that time she has won five beauty pageants and finished as the second runner-up to Miss Latina USA pageant.Even as she continued her busy modeling career, Carissa managed to graduate from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and exercise science. Recently, she put this background to use by making a workout DVD with New York Giants Super Bowl Champion Antrel Rolle. Eager to make the world a better place, Carissa devotes a great deal of time to the fight against pediatric brain cancer.When asked about her work with children Carissa stated, “We all can’t save the world, but we can all do something to help make a difference.”

  • Accepted As I Am

    in Spirituality

    Accepted As I Am. Each Accepted As I Am show invites you into deeper intimacy with life, your body and your unique gifts.  Through intuitive guidance, life changing teachings, inspirational self-acceptance processes, and guided healing meditations, Barbra White Crow reminds you of your true innate brilliance. www.bodymindspiritradio.com

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    Indian Kitchen Recipes with Richa Hingle

    in Food

    Today award-winning television host, popular plant-based cookbook author and vegan chef Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian welcomes Richa Hingle, author of Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen. Richa is the award-winning recipe developer, blog­ger, and photographer behind VeganRicha.com. We’ll talk about flavorful and fabulous tips and recipes! Then the Rock Star Vegan, Laura Cheadle joins us to share her favorite foods for fall!

    Richa Hingle is author of Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen. She is an award winning recipe developer, blog­ger, and photographer behind VeganRicha.com. She has a growing community of ardent followers who love making her recipes and shar­ing them with family and friends. She loves to show people how easy it is to cook vegan Indian or other cuisines. Richa has been featured on Oprah.com, Huffington Post, Glamour, Babble, VegNews.com, Rediff.com (top 30 Indian food blogs), TheKitchn, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, and many more.

    Laura Cheadle, the Rockstar Vegan, lives the hectic, busy life of a popular musician, and is not able to spend much time in her kitchen, but she finds ways to maintain her vegan diet, and is eager to share her ideas with us, along with songs and clips from her award-winning, rockin’ recordings. Laura has five successful albums out and she has opened for The Jonas Brothers, Spin Doctors, Garland Jeffreys, John Oates/Hall and Oates, and Average White Band among others.

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    SOS Strategy of Success with Shahid Abdullah /Jibari Daniels of JDaniels Designs

    in Islam

    “The Strategy of Success” radio program discusses many topics and give the listener a great deal of information on current issues, a plan of action and other activities that will focus on the most excellent and proven methods for the African American, in particular, to achieve success; However, the solutions offered will be appropriate for all ages, genders, political affiliations or religious beliefs.

     In these two power-packed hours, in addition to sure-fired solutions, there will be invited guest authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and other professional who will assist the listeners on path to success. They will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from these professionals who will be ready to explain “how" the audience of eager listeners can achieve their goals and material objects.

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    Al Diaz tells all with Angela Gower-Johnson about the minerals in his Life

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz tells all with Angela Gower-Johnson about the minerals in his Life.

    Tuesday, September 22nd  10am PST

    Host Al Diaz: An acclaimed and internationally recognized Visionary, Transformational Guide, and Change Agent as an International Keynote Speaker, Author, Film Producer, and online Radio Host. 

    Co-host Angela Gower Johnson provides coaching and consulting services to entrepreneurs, coaches and artists who are eager to embark on their own quest for their ultimate dream. 

     Also check out these sights: