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    Obama and Hillary Versus God

    in Religion

    The voters of Houston soundly defeated a LGBT bill that could have led to grown men in the bathrooms with little children of the opposite sex! The federal government ruled against a school that would not allow a boy who they call transgender to shower with girls. Daycare workers fired because they would not call a little girl a boy! Obama and Hillary are leading the LGBT revolt against God thusly making themelves the chief enemies of God. Join us as we defend the faith once delivered.

  • Barack Obama: Millennium Man

    in Politics Progressive

    American Vernacular highlights the accomplishments of President Barack Obama and discusses what lies ahead for the nation when he leaves office. Tune in and join the conversation for 30 minutes of real talk. 

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Barack Obama Always Gets What He Wants

    in Politics Conservative

    Just for the record, Barack Obama has clinched his Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement; Desperation or stupidity? Jeb Bush is about to send Dubya out to campaign for him; Baltimore still drowning in its own self-shed blood; Barack Obama is preparing to terminate the Second Amendment by Executive Decree; Russia is pouring troops and equipment into Syria; "In Defense of Looting" at Yale University; Donald Trump childishly lashes out at Marco Rubio; The Muslim invasion of Europe is reviving Danish nationalism; and is Hillary Clinton giving up on Iowa and New Hampshire?

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    Barack Obama vs. The American Sense of Life

    in Politics

    Show discussing news, politics and culture from the perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism. Hosted by Amy Peikoff.

    In this show, Amy focuses on the ways in which Obama's policies undermine the basic pillars of the American Sense of Life, with the Iran "Deal" being just the latest example.

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    C.D. - The Criminal Justice System "Reforms" by Barack Obama

    in Islam


    At this writing, I've not gone into great detail on Barack Obama's criminal justice system "reforms", as they apply to the "rights" of ex-felons, as they attempt to re-fold into civic life.

    As I understand, there is much ado, regarding disclosures on job applications, which arguably, has precluded former inmates' ability to obtain an honest job, and be able to create distance between their past violations and present life-circumstances.

    In this, one can argue that this very policy, as it severely limits one's ability to function in his or her "new" society, puts such persons in a situation where a return to crime is inevitable, so of course, questions arise as to the very purpose of incarceration, and the perception that these long-standing policies, including the loss of the privilege to vote, were at their inception, targeted at black Americans.

    How can these policies be justified, if one has "paid their debt to society"?

    Indeed, there are many people, ex-felons, given a chance to more forward, who have indeed proven themselves worthy of respect, honor and being seen as living examples of Allah's / God's redemption.

    On the other hand, what about their victims; When and how are they "paid"?

    I will research this issue in more depth, so we will have a most meaningful:


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    132-DC Doesn't Get Trump Success, Hillary Gets Grilled, Putin/Iran Slap Obama

    in Politics Conservative

    Can anyone believe how clueless the DC establishment is about what Trump is doing? They shouldn’t be because Reagan did it before. He is singlehandedly hauling the quasi-socialist GOP back to the right and making them look more viable while doing it. He is also starting to respond to specific policy questions and dealing with them seriously. After the first debate for the Democraps CNN is trying to anoint Hillary. This is really a joke illustrated by the fact that the local Denver anchor Brandon Rittiman, tore her a new one over the email debacle and questioned her judgement. Meanwhile Putin enters the open door that Obama has created in our Mideast policy and teams up with Iran (who voted the treaty down) to attack our so-called allies in Syria. Obama is more of a joke every day but the Repubicans will NOT make a move in abject fear of some imagined middle ground or “Hispanic” voting bloc.

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    The Paradox of Hillary Clinton

    in Politics Progressive

    As the MOMocrats prepared for this week's podcast, news was still unfolding in Paris, which was under lockdown again after a raid looking for the mastermind of Friday's horrific terrorist attack. It's been reported that two people have died, including a woman wearing a suicide vest. Needless to say, US political discourse in the wake of ISIS has turned to the topics of foreign policy, terrorism, and immigration - areas that are in the bailiwick of the Democratic front-runner, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. MOMocrats Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills talk with Joanne Bamberger, author of "Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox."  

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    in Politics

    Hillary Clinton laughs when a man at her rally says he wants to "strangle" Carly Fiorina

  • Hillary in the Clear!

    in Politics

    Good morning, today on The Meter we will discuss Hillary Clinton's testimony at the House Select Committee on Benghazi. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R) FL led the questioning of the former Secretary of State, US Senator, and First Lady on the terrorist attack that killed four Americans on Septemeber 11, 2012. Hillary Clinton continue her insistence that she did nothing wrong in connection to the attacks. Most polls show the Democractic front runner unscathed front he hearings. With Joe Biden declining to enter the race and two other democrats dropping out of the race, will Hillary cruise to the nomination? On the Republcian  side an Iowa poll shows Dr. Ben Carson leading Donald Trump. Does this indicate a Trump slide? Please join the debate at 9:00 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential.

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    in Politics Progressive


    1. Ikibazo cy'impunzi z'abanyarwanda muri Congo.

    2.Ikibazo cy'ubucamanza kubayobozi ba FDLR.

    3.Ese demokarasi mu Rwanda irashoboka?

    4.Ese President Paul Kagame yahindura imyunvire nyuma yo kunva ijambo rya Pres Barak Obama

    5. Min Joseph Habineza mu manzi abira

    6. Rwanda Global youth forum na Ndi Umunyarwanda 

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    Hillary Clinton Speaks at #PushTECH2020

    in Technology

    Hillary Clinton Speak at Push Tech 2020 - Introduction by Jesse Jackson.

    We want to move the needle to significantly expand the participation of Blacks and people of color in employment. Key areas of diversity and inclusion are:

    Members of Board of Director
    Executive Leaders in the C-suites
    Employees/workforce: in both technical and non technical areas
    Supplier Diversity
    Utilization of minority owned advertising and marketing firms; legal and other professional services;
    Inclusion of minority owned financial services firms in 401K retirement plans, debt offerings, IPOs and other financial transactions.
    We want to open up and expand access to capital to accelerate the launch and development of Technology Entrepreneurs and start ups;
    We want to accelerate the inclusion of people of color in VC and investment companies.

    In just a few months, Rainbow PUSH’s advocacy and public engagement has created a new climate of change is sweeping through Silicon Valley. It’s the civil rights imperative of this era.