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    Keeping It G with Dem Boyz

    in Music

    Tonight Gigi Leavine and Dj Local Luv is on some Crem Shxt with Den Rock Boyz. Find out how we have traveled all around the world just to find that perfect neighborhood superstar. Tune in to the show to get a dose of some more new music and reviews from Futur'e album release party for his new album Monster. 

    Did you know that R.Kelly was balling boobs this weekend? How about Tiny Harris showed how much loveshe have for our fathers by changing her eye color? 

    Find out more on KIGRADIO.com

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    Ms. P & Dr. Sue present 50 Shades of Power - Part 3 - Bossy and Lovin It!

    in Women

    Ms. P and Dr. Sue bring you the third and final part of 50 Shades of Power™ ~ A new way of thinking for women

    In the final installment of this three part series Dr. Sue takes you even deeper in to alternative ways to wield your new Princess Power in the bedroom and beyond.   

    Got a man who keeps eye-balling other women?  There’s a cure for that.
    Sick of always being Queen of the Kitchen?  We’ll show you how to drop the toilet brush and pick up a nail file.
    Thousands of couples, including your friends and neighbors, are playing this kinky game and putting the fire back in to their relationships.
    How to give your guy a mind-bending orgasm without touching his penis.
    How getting back in touch with your sexuality will change how you look at your entire life.

    Be sure to tune in to this special series just for women Oct 17 at 8pm ET

    If you have any questions for Dr. Sue and 50 Shades of Power™ email them prior to the show to ntunedshow@aol.com and we'll address them on this show.

    Missed any of the prior shows in the series? CLICK the links below to listen:

    50 Shades of Power™ Part 1
    50 Shades of Power™ Part 2

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    Balling on A Budget

    in Comedy

    The ladies of SayWHA Radio will be hitting you with the great topics going on in the world today and some you maybe thinking or talking about; such as "Balling on A Budget".  In this economy everyone is looking for a way to live well on less. Well this is the show for you. JustN will be giving tips on how to shop smarter, live better and even FREE. If you follow SayWHA Radio you already know this but we will talk about this and we also wanna hear from our listeners. So hit us up on the listener line and tell us about your balling on a budget tips (760-454-7051) or in the chat!. As always we will keep you abreast of the news from around the world with SayWHA Headlines. And Taz will be bringing the latest from social networking with her Facebook Jackings.

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    Low Balling real estate listings, Hey Bartender - give me a Low Ball

    in Business

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it does sound like some type of drink. However, sellers probably with they could drink when they receive a "low ball" offer on the home they are trying to sell. However, if a low ball offer comes in, without verification of the "offering price", don't fret. http://BESTresldentialvalues.com and our main real estate website at http://paris911.com be safe - search well and thanks for listening to our radio broadcast.

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    Balling like theres no tommarrow

    in Culture

    On this episode of Dangerous Black Minds radio we discuss the deceptiviely wealthy lives of rap stars.  Why the lifestyle of ballers appears to attract the  black middle class society.  What categorizes a Goon, and a brief update on the possible future of next-generation gamming.

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    Do What You Want

    in Self Help

    So many of us spend our lives low-balling and under-estimating our potential and matches. We end up staying at places of employment too long, staying n relationships too long, and especially staying in our own protected identities too long. I, for one, tend to get scared and look to others for approval as soon as the inspiration shows up to move on, expand, elevate, grown, and go. We make idols of others in order to separate from the love of God within us, our greatest source of self and strength, and take flight. Today, let's discuss our call to action. 

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    Stripping, Trafficking, and Prostitution... The Gumbo Cafe with Shani and Diyah

    in Relationships

    Welcome to our new home giving you the vibes you always want and need for ladies. Was watching a video by Jada Pinkckett Smith and what I heard her say is what I hear most women say, "I never knew this is how it started. I have to retrain my brain." 

    Music does play a very pivitol role in the lifestyles these young women start out seeking. The younger generation wants to become ballers. Ballers meant giving up a part of yourself in order to get the things you see on Television. Balling means to lose who you are in order to gain recognition. We forget that the only thing these young girls have as a form of infulence is music, then TV, then the streets. 

    Have we become so blind as adults, current leaders, that we forgot what it was once like for us? Have we spent so much time ignoring the signs because we are too selfish to realize that by our lack of speaking out to what is wrong, we have failed generations to follow? Tune in to find out some of the solutions to these questions. 

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    Balling For A Season

    in Culture

    Discussing tax refund woes, recommendations, and investments

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    Straight Clownin

    in Comedy

    Tune in as Big Gent and Suga Boo discuss the case of the Loud Music Killer and the implications Jordan Davis' death has for young black youth in Fla.

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    Tax Refund Ballers /"Demonic" Gossip Destroying Black Success ?

    in Culture

    "I'll pay you back when I get my refund check" is probably the most famous line in the history of court t.v. !

    Are you balling in Feb. and then broke by June ? Do people really get big tax refund checks & then blow it on something dumb or is this just a myth ?

    Also, we all like a little celebrity gossip here & there but when a celebrity is labeled demonic or belonging to a secret society, etc. is that another way to bring them down ? And can it also put them in danger ? I'll tell you about a court case  that involved a singer, death, a major court ruling, &  "demonic "  accusations.

    Can't wait to hear from you :0)



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    Inside The Barbershop S.4 Ep. 7 Heavy Is The Crown

    in Sports

    Tonight ladies and gents we will be analyzing the record breaking All-Star weekend in New Orleans last week from the emerging power struggle of Kevin Durant vs LeBron James as NBA top dog to US Secretary Arne Duncan balling out of control at the celebrity game!We're also pleased to have a guest stopping in the Barbershop tonight! Tom Jennings inventor of the TheraWheel muscle recovery tool and former trainer to Reggie Miller of the #IndianaPacers will be in the house to chop it up with the fellas!We have that and more so much sure you catch this weeks episode of #InsideTheBarbershop Heavy Is The Crown!!!

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