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    "Blue Notes" with critically acclaimed songstress Breggett Rideau!

    in Non-Profit

    Jazz, Soul, R&B Vocal stylist and Founder of "Not On Lil T's Watch" Breggett Rideau has had a life of dreams come true to a tragedy that almost claimed her life.  To read her extensive bio in in its entirety visit her website.  Find out how a singer, songwriter, vocalist and musician changed the laws in TX to fight for cameras in the classroom for special needs children and won!  Why is her passion for protection is what she love? Her son Terrence was abused and hje could not speak to tell his mother Breggett what was happening to him. Tune in and hear the courage and the fight that took 9 ling hard years to get protection for teachers who are not abusing children and for the special needs children and one woman's courage to get justice for her son is not over.





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    Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally- Super Lady, Musician Lori Jean

    in Women

    Changing lives of Women by giving them the necessary tools to become what they want in life. The best teachers come from life.


    Visit Amazon's Diana Bellerose Page

    The Light Within 
    by Diana Bellerose 
    Link: http://amzn.com/1507571119


    Lori Jean broke through with her own style with her first album, 'Love Of A Child.' Recording French pop with Ned Euphorya she broke all reigns and came out with her first pop song, 'So Put Up.' From there she broke all records with 'Resurrect My Home' from the gut wrenches of her soul dedicated to teen molestation. And furthermore breaking all the rules with a hit song titled 'Super Lady'.







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    Rion Paige Life After The X Factor

    in Entertainment

    As a contestant on the third season of The X-Factor, teen songstress Rion Paige bounced (quite literally) into millions homes—ultimately blowing away the judges with her cover of Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away.” Judge Simon Cowell effused, “Rion, I think you are literally extraordinary!” He went on to compare Paige to Underwood and predicted the same stardom for Paige. Her journey on The X-Factor ended with a Top Five finish, and Nashville music executives began calling.

    So what has live been like for Rion since she captured the hearts of America? We will be chatting with Rion today as she shares what it was like to be on the X Factor, how life has changed for her and her family. She will also be chatting with us about her latest CD and where you can see her perform live.


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    @JahnaSebastian w/ host @VickensMoscova Sponsored by @DrivingOnEnergi #ILoveEVs

    in Entertainment

    Jahna Sebastian is multi talented and is generating a tremendous buzz.  Her music has been featured on Singersroom, AllHipHop, EurWeb, Bossip, Madam Noire, Stupid Dope, Ouch Magazine, Jack Thriller, Papercut Magazine etc. She graced the cover of Fashion I Con Magazine last December. Last summer she performed several shows with multi platinum UK band Kasabian, one of them was on MTV on Soundchain with Zane Lowe, on the main stage Pyramid at Glastonbury Festival, which has been broadcast on BBC and millions tuned in for, another being the historic show at Victoria Park in Leicester called "Summer Solstice" with 50,000 people attending.  The show was filmed and screened at cinemas and will be released on DVD soon. The sultry songstress also headlined Baltic Summer Festival and  released her EP "I Am Free".

    She recently graced the August cover issue of First Fit Newsletter and it is currently available on newsstands and book stores.  Ms. Sebastian has been hard at work filming music videos, performing at shows and taking interviews.

    She is currently working on her new EP "Love Over Hate" and recently released her new single 'Us'. 

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    Deb Callahan, Colin Linden, Crooked Eye Tommy & CKNM Dalannah & Owen

    in Music

    Show # 293 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"

    Deb Callahan sings blues soaked soul…or is it soul soaked blues? Either way, this Boston born songstress has been working audiences up and down the eastern seaboard for the last 20 years.  Her 5th album is entitled Sweet Soul and I get to sit with Deb and talk about her life and journey down the blues highway.

    Colin Linden is a singer, songwriter and producer who has worked with folks like Bruce Cockburn, Lucinda Williams, T-Bone Burnett, The Band, and Bob Dylan to name just a few. When Colin was 11 he met Howlin’ Wolf and his path was sealed.  His new album us entitled Rich In Love and Colin and I will explore his fantastic history and music.

    Out of SoCal comes the band Crooked Eye Tommy.  The band led by brothers Tommy & Paddy Marsh play twin guitar blues.  They made their way to the IBC in 2014 representing the Santa Barbara Blues Society and have not looked back.  Their album, Butterflies & Snakes is a solid collection of 11 originals. 

    Couch Kid New Music comes to us from Dalannah Bowen and her musical partner Owen Vebar.  Dalannah and Owen made their way to the IBC this past January and even with Dalannah battling food poisoning, they made t to the final stage, only to be denied when the illness prevented them from performing.  Yup...that good!  We will talk about their getting together, the IBC talem and their wonderful new album, Been Around A While.

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    Unsung Wednesdays: Double Play Edition

    in Lifestyle

    We're so happy that Unsung is back after a week of TVOne torturing us with Roots that we enthusiastically accept two new episodes in one night.

    All Subjects Everything will preview the two new episodes, featuring songstress Chante Moore and 70s/80s funk band from Ohio Lakeside,discussing their careers, biggest hits and more so Unsung watchers can know what to expect tonight

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    Interview with Nude Model CHARLIE FOXX & Adult Film Star AYANA NEGASI

    in Podcasting

    Tonight we're taking a whole new approach on It's Real Talk Radio. That's right, we'll be joined by 2 representatives of Adult Entertainment. On the first half of our show, we'll be speaking with Nude Model, Fetish Model, Exotic Dancer; CHARLIE FOXX. On the second half of our show, we'll  be joined by Adult Film Actress (also Nude & Eye Candy Model); AYANA NEGASI.

    This conversation is for the grown & sexy, so if you don't represent that club, then please refrain from listening as this discussion is not for minors or adults with virgin ears. Listeners are welcome to tune in live by dialing 347-838-9540, and if you have a question or comment, dial 1 on your keypad to speak live on air with CHARLIE FOXX or AYANA NEGASI. Don't be shy now!

    It's Real Talk Radio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ItsRealTalkRadio

    It's Real Talk Radio Like Page: https://www.facebook.com/ItsRealTalkRadioFamily

    It's Real Talk Radio Twitter: https://twitter.com/ItsRealRadioMD

    Charlie Foxx: Chyna.Fetish.Blaze@gmail.com

    Ayana Negasi: Ayana.Negasi@gmail.com

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    Celebrity Interview - Deana Martin

    in Entertainment

    The best way to describe today's guest is merely the following:







    Radio Personality




    Although many classify her as the Princess of Cool, or she is remembered as the darling daughter of Dean Martin, today we will delve into the divine Deana herself.

    This will be a legendary show, so please tune in.


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    Linda Clifford and Karen Williams on Brunch In The Basement With JaVonne

    in Music

    R&B, Disco, and House are the genres of music our legendary guest is known for. Songstress Linda Clifford is best known for her classic hits such as "Runaway Love" "If My Friends Could See Me Now" and the super sexy duet with legendary artist Curtis Mayfield "Between You Baby & Me". Ms. Clifford is now a part of the spectacular trio First Ladies of Disco with Martha Wash and Evelyn Champagne King
    Also joining us on the show is our first true comedian, funny woman Karen Williams. She is not just any comedian, she is hilarious! She's so funny, she teaches other comedians how to be funny! She's known as an "out" comic, has been on HBO numerous times, has been featured on numerous cable and television shows and is now gearing up to do comedy for a cause! Make sure you don't miss this segment! Miss one episode, you miss a lot!

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    The Belief Corner w/Ayana Rush

    in Entertainment

    Dr. Ebony Archer is back this week with The Belief Corner Radio Show! She has special guest with her named Ayana Rush. Ayana Rush is a female entrepreneur on the rise and she is not backing down! You do not want to miss this interview!

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    The Week In Reviews -Drea M - Timebomb

    in Music

    Drea. M commands the heart to listen. Soulful grit, haunting vocals, and mesmerizing live performances make this Bay Area songstress a must-hear sonic treat. With gutsy, raw emotion at the core of her songs, Drea. M does not compromise on the other elements of songwriting. Her lyrics are sophisticated, provocative, and expressed in unique cadences and layers, creating an unusual sonic quality, both edgy and refined. From multi-instrumental acoustic arrangements on her first album, Surrender (released under the name “Drea Muldavin”), to the more recent incorporation of electronic, orchestral, big-sound beats (such as her “Timebomb” single), Drea. M's style is ever-expanding, teasing her music into new realms. No matter the direction her songs take, what continues to drive her music is a haunting, atmospheric, and intricately textured sound, and an unwavering honesty about what it means to be profoundly alive. Drea. M has recently filmed a new video in support of her latest single, “Timebomb.”