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    I don't know what is going on, but we gonna get it out there

    in Comedy

    So prank calls are coming up again, and they are really odd, but they started talking about people I know, and it is gonna stop. So we are doing a show before the big "Summer of Boner 2" launch tomorrow at 9pm. So back up and take a seat and listen to this special show tonight. It will have it's taste of random awesomesauce, and tons of random calls. So here we go sinners!!!!!!

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    Fred Phelps was better than god.

    in Religion

    He may have been a horrible person. He may have spewed hatred and bigotry.  He may have been one of the worst people ever.  Fred Phelps was still better than god.  

    Why am I thankful for the Westboro Baptist Church?  Why do I feel I owe a sincere debt of gratitude to the Phelps clan?  What the hell is wrong with me?

    Tune in to find out.  Plus your calls.


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    The Moral Argument for God

    in Religion

    Can morals be grounded without an external source?  If there are standards of morality, from whence do they come?  How can anyone make a judgement of good or evil without a standard?

    Let's look at the moral argument for god, and condemn the bastard to the realm of imagination for failing so badly!!

    Plus your calls.

    Do I even have to say awesomesauce?

  • 01:28

    PolitiBunny On The Attack

    in Politics Conservative

    Once upon a time there was a sweet, innocent and loving bunny... and this sweet, innocent and loving bunny was getting tired. And in getting tired said bunny was becoming a tad aggressive, some would say even a bit psychotic with a dash of sociopathic. 

    In simpler terms, the bunny got pissed off, bought herself a pink, sparkly chainsaw and went mad ninja-style on zombie-like liberal policies that were destroying the country she loved! She fought buck-tooth and nail to defend civil liberties and freedom and came out a triumphant and rather spectacular heroine (with super awesome hair).

    Dramatic eh? Yeah, it's been a long week already and I needed to find a way to write about how crazy life has become not only for me but for everyone else in the country. Plus I am always up for a bunny chainsaw story that mentions ninjas and zombies.

    Join me this week as we talk about what's happening (Coke and Fluke anyone?) I cry about my Broncos (just a little), Top 10 Douchebags of the week and other bunny awesomesauce. Plus you never know who'll call in... my listeners are almost as crazy as I am. 

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    YouCast Radio Special: BALLER FRIDAY, BABY!

    in Entertainment

    IT'S BALLER FRIDAY, BABY! Homer, Robert & Shorty do their shows LIVE on YouCast! A first for YouCast Radio!
    8 PM Eastern/7 PM Central - Internet Graffiti with Homer Bouvier: BALLER FRIDAY EDITION!
    9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central - Shorty's Moment - YOUCAST DEBUT
    10 PM Eastern/9 PM Central - Randomness with Robert Boner
    On Internet Graffiti:
    Homer will be talking about why Obamacare sucks, those assclown ex-Boy Scout leaders vandalizing the ancient Utah boulder, the possiblity of gh0stp0litics not being Ghost at all & My Little Pony Season 4.
    He's also talking about anything that is on your mind, he's also going to be reading your fanmail, taking Internet Graffiti calls and making prank phone calls. Send fanmail to homerbouvier@aol.com
    On Shorty's Moment:
    Tired of the Bull, its time to get funny! Its my first 1 hour show, so random stuff to start it off and trying my hand fighting with the trolls! May have to hid behind Robert but it will be okay! :-)
    On Randomness with Robert Boner:
    Robert has the main event of this Friday of YouCast Awesomesauce, and with that being said Robert will confront Hassant Been Sobar and they will compete in the Random Olympics. The winner will be the host for the next week!.

  • 01:19

    We're Not Dead LIVE!

    in Entertainment

    Join Britt, Greg and We're Alive creator Kc Wayland for this LIVE episode! Make sure you tune in for the We're Alive season 3 premiere date!!!

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    Kenny and Caleb: Buzzin' and Browsin'

    in Radio

    Yo mama, it's fizzlenit. Shimmy shama wing tang.

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    Ep.1 - Hello World!

    in Entertainment

    Hosts: Cartharctic Legend & Redgame

    Guest: Dr. Tran

  • 01:00

    SHIFT Radio Episode #7: We got Code Monkeys!

    in Technology

    Video game references can be found in most popular media, but when you get a show about video games all done in glorious 8-bit art? AWESOMESAUCE. On this week's show, Chris Melissinos is joined by Matt Mariska, one of the creators of the popular show "Code Monkeys" on the G4TV network. We will talk about Matt's background with games, inspiration for the show and more. W00T! (NOTE: Our first 'Mature' rated show)