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    BadCulture Radio

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    It's Tuesday and time for another edition of BadCulture Radio. Joining me tonight is former light middleweight Sergio Mora. Listen in as we discuss this weekend's HBO fights featuring Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs Brian Mora and Adonis Stevenson vs. Tavoris Cloud. We'll also be discussing the cancelled Haye vs Fury bout and more. 
    Showtime is 8PM PST. If you'd like to call in and join the discussion, call 347.945.6550

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    Now & Next Coaches Corner- Want To Become a Coach?

    in Business

    Coaching in business and life is one of the fastest growing service industries with an estimated 1 Billion dollar a year impact on the economy according to Harvard Business Review. In an industry that is growing at light speed and not regulated how do you know who is credible and who is not? The warnings and advice from experts say beware and choose carefully. Choose a coach who has been trained by accredited coaches or programs. 


    Andrea Jones has chosen to take on the role of coach. She is a mother and a wicked step mother (in the cool kind of way) of three 13-year old children.  Her career has taken her into business management, sales, training, marketing, and video production. She loves the interaction with and the empowerment she saw in her clients as they created what they most wanted in their businesses and saw the change in their lives. Andrea realized that her experience and ability to see a bigger picture for the people she helps most has set her up for becoming a coach. How does Andrea take her best talents and desires and “become” the coach she intends to be? Andrea has hired a coach’s coach to take herself and her business and to the next level. She wants the best so she hired the best and has a story to share.

    Listen in this week to hear Andrea’s story and how being coached has been crucial for her in creating her dream life and business. 


    Dawnie Heartwell and Laurie Fitzgerald Althaus, both licensed personal and business coaches co-host Now &Next Coaches Corner. We are honored to invite Andrea in the conversation as we share with callers and listeners our combined 22 years of coaching experience. Answering, what it takes to be a successful coach in order to best serve those we all want to serve. 


    Join us and ask your best questions. The door is open!

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    Free Card Readings: Stone Soup with Shankari

    in Spirituality

    Featuring world-renown Jewelry Designer, Author, Speaker, & Teacher: Shankari the Alchemist

    Free Card Readings
    Special Guests
    Naked Hula Dances.. sometimes.

    Like us on Facebook at

    To receive a picture of your 3 cards from your reading email stonesoupmovingfeast@gmail.com

    To purchase Shankari's 33 Points of Light Crystal Oracle Cards please CLICK HERE

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    CBS Sports Celebrity James Brown JB shares life lessons

    in Culture

    CBS Sports anchor for NFL Today, James Brown, JB, joins the Life Lessons team to share his secrets to success.
    This show is brought to by AARP's Life at 50 Expo. Go to www.aarp.org to find out more details on the upcoming expo in Atlanta.
    Life truly begins at 50, but we must approach this stage and age with a sense of what makes you happy. It's doing good for you, doing good for others and being good at what you do. Have a purpose, mission, be happy and give back.
    This show is sponsored by Wander Years- the only millennial travel show about a Mom and her two millennial daughters, engaged for change and awakening their five senses.

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    Ashram Rituals

    in Spirituality

    Devotional time, focusing on the will of God, connecting with the Ascended Masters through meditations, mantrams and the spoken word

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    What Do You Do When You Marry The Wrong Rib

    in Christianity

    In this episode we will have a Christian Author  Dr. Kenneth D. Grimble discuss his new book that is now available for purchase through amazon.com.
    The essence of this book is to prompt the next generation to seek to know God in an intimate way concerning the mate in which they desire to marry. The premise of the book is to look at marriage in a more serious light and find qualifying factors to have a successful marriage. This book looks into the historical disposition of marriage in light of King Solomon and King David.
    You can choose the electronic or print version. LOOK it up!

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    The Light Giver Sunday Service and World Healing Ceremony.

    in Spirituality

    Join Board members of the Light Giver International Association Message for the Golden Age #10, dictations received by founder Gregory, experience Sourccination and  in the World Healing Sourccination Ceremony. 

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    Awakening Education Worldwide - Self Empowerment Radio

    in Spirituality

    This is a brand new radio series through Self Empowerment Radio. This episode addresses the evolution of education as we move into a new human era where learning is based on truth, spirituality and consciousness.
    This is the precursor to a new project that is looking to be introduced through Awakening Truth Worldwide.
    Join us as we talk in-depthly on advancing education and being a shining example for our future generations transcending past conflict, corruption and educational supression.

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    in Religion

    Join us tonight for more discussion on the "Blessing" and how to walk in it,
    Seek the face of Jesus with us as we bring to light  the glorious Gospel.

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    Empathic Channel

    in Spirituality

    Rev. Leandrah Grace can help you get some answers; but You'll Own Your Own Experience.
    Leandrah Grace, also host of 'Holistic Truth', is an Empathic Channel, Gifted Psychic, Spiritual Teacher & Compassionate Awakening Coach.
    She has walked the path of the Warrior, the Mother, the Shaman, the Mystic, Counselor & Magician.
    Passionate about helping you find your answers, Leandrah gets right to the Center of what may be holding you back and offers guidance & support for development of those Spiritual Habits & Skills that can Best Serve You in Your Own Life. Leandrah receives information through the Guardian Realm.  Her Open and Loving Heart allows Leandrah to zero in on the Spirit Realm that best serves you, including the Etheric Akasha.

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    Introductions Are In Ordere- Love and Light

    in Spirituality

    greetings, general intordutions are on today's agenda.

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    The Innerverse w/Jason Lincoln Jeffers

    in Spirituality

    As a species we have been so dependent on the outside world for answers that can only be understood by going inward, but what does going inward entail? What does it look like? Here to speak our all encompassing Innerverse is Jason Lincoln Jeffers. Jason Lincoln Jeffers is a spiritual teacher, life and wellness coach, author, mystical expressionist fine artist, evolutionary astrologer, philosopher, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and self-taught authority on metaphysics,  transpersonal psychology, and alternative medicine. Mr. Jeffers is also the Author of the transformative new book The Next Human. You definitely do not want to miss this show! 
    For more information on Jason Lincoln Jeffers check out his website http://www.jasonlincolnjeffers.com

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