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    Weight loss: Managing high Risk situations and avoiding relapse.

    in Weight Loss

    Yesterday's show was interrupted due to a glitch with the internet.  It was such a great show, I think we should try again.  Join me today as we discuss weight loss, weight loss, and more weight loss.  You need to know how to avoid high risk siutations and you need to know how to avoid relapse.  


    I have the answers for Planet Shibboleth Enthusiasts.  



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    How To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain & Still Eat What You Want (Part 2)

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    Christmas is just around the corner and many of us are already thinking about all that mouthwatering food that will be served at the dinner table! In that same moment, many of us also feel that guilty deep seated knowing that it means another 10 lbs. on the scales. Some of us will simply shrug it off with an "Oh well, I am making a New Year's resolution about weight loss anyway so it will be ok. 

    In this Saturday's segment, Dr. Budweiser, founder and owner of Weiser Living is going to share with you his secrets to enjoying a successful holiday celebration without overly restricting yourself, being able to indulge in all your favorite Christmas treats and still prevent any major weight gain.

    Some of the topics he will be discussing are 

    How to eat as much food as you want without guilt!
    Know what you are eating and why. 
    How much dessert can I have? 
    Are fatty foods ok to eat?
    Tips on how to avoid that bloated post-dinner feeling. 
    What to do before you go to the party.
    What to after you get home from the party.

    … and much, much more!


    So stay tuned for a very merry 30 minutes with Dr. Budweiser!


    Meanwhile, head on over to www.weiserliving.com for more information.

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    Avoiding the Holiday Muck to Get to the Holiday Merry

    in Spirituality

    Oh boy-- the holiday season is here!  This can put us in situations of obligation to be in energy that has not or does not serve us well on our spiritual journey.  In other ways, the season can become so much about material things that it can sap that spiritual peace that you've worked to obtain.  This episode will discuss how to discern where to put your energy and your time during this season, and in ways that will enhance your path and purpose rather than set it back.  



    As always, lines will be open for on-air intuitive mini-readings for guidance from Angels and Spirit for your best steps now in your spiritual journey.  Last week's calls were amazing -- please tune in and CALL IN for your own personal guidance.  It can be even more helpful at this time of year, and help you stay committed to your deeper spiritual journey, outside of the "muck".   

    Show duration will be up to 90 minutes-- depending on calls and discussions.  






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    Conscious Body Movement- What if weight gain is not a "Problem"?

    in Fitness

    What if Weight gain is not bad thing or a problem to solve?

    On this show we talk about:
    - A problem is only a problem if you make it a problem
    - How much do you actually Care? 
    - Being a Healer
    - Defying Gravity
    - Flying Psychologically
    - Letting your Body respond to you

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    Helpful tips for maintaining or losing weight --holiday eating

    in Health

    CareGiverStory.com is proud to have an expert guest panel joining us today. Rev. Dr. Brenda White, author, nutrition & organic food advocate of Oakland, California. And fitness expert Michael P. a former Green Berets, and combat veteran. He specializes in martial arts; health, wellness, and fitness education in Orlando, Florida. 

    In addition, we welcome our featured guest Mrs. Vanessa Lewis of Orlando, Florida. She shares with us her life growing up "Southern Style." By the year 2007, at a height of only 5'3, her weight tipped the scales at a whopping 206 lbs. So come on this journey and learn how she lost over 82 lb.., and Vanessa’s secrets to keeping it off.

    Vanessa’s personal story:  “Growing up in the South you eat large portions, at least my family did. Homemade biscuits, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, collard greens and cornbread and lets not forget my favorite sweet potato pie.

    On December 27, 2007 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol problems.  I did not want to take any medication because I felt the side effects were worse than the cure. So I started walking that day.  I purchased a treadmill for home and started on my lifestyle change. Losing the weight was easy but keeping it off has been the hardest thing in my life.  I have kept it off for 6 years 2 months.”  As of today Vanessa is --- Age: 58 -- Weight: 124 lbs.


    To contact: Rev. Dr. Brenda White
    Email: todobehave.com
    Phone:  510-808-4180






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    Hate Exercise Less: Lose Weight, Gain Energy

    in Fitness

    Hate Exercise Less: Lose Weight, Gain Energy with Greg Mumm, Fitness Trainer

    Greg Mumm is an obsessive learner and, like a curious detective searching for clues, he has spent a lifetime collecting knowledge and information. Greg is also ambitious, and in 2004 decided he would dedicate his life to helping as many people as he could.

    Bothered by people doing endless situps, time-wasting stretches and other unproductive--and mind-numbing--exercises; motivated by people who discipline themselves to exercise, but are miserable; puzzled by individuals who don't exercise, but want the benefits; mesmerized by those who unexpectedly came to enjoy exercise...his first task would be to help people hate exercise less.

    As a certified fitness trainer with a computer science degree (now there's a combination), he has the background and brains to utilize his vast knowledge and experience. In fact, his first book showed that there was a "hard" side to working out (for example: which exercises to do and the minimum time to do them) and a "soft" side to working out (for example: conquering boredom, motivation, and people).

    For more information visit: http://hateexerciseless.org/index.html

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    How the Chemicals in our Lives Lead to Weight Gain

    in Fitness

    My special guest today is Sharon Ball. We will be talking about how the toxins and chemicals in our lives are leading us into obesity and early death.

    Sharon is a Baby Boomer; one of those people from 48 to 66 years of age who are as a group the healthiest, best educated and most affluent generation in the history of our country.  Many baby boomers could live into their 90’s or even older. And she wants to help both herself and others to live those years as vibrantly and satisfyingly as possible and not with disability and depression.  Sharon sees the foundation of a vibrant and satisfying life that of health and wellness. Physical, Spiritual, and Mental health and wellness.

    Sharon has been in health care, both as a nurse and as a mid-level provider for over 30 years. She became more interested in helping people stay healthy or recreating their health rather than just treating illness.  She authored the book REINVENTING YOURSELF TODAY in 2011 and went on to add psychology, alternative and functional medicine skills to those of traditional medicine to help you eliminate the self-defeating behaviors and roadblocks that stop you from living a happy, successful and healthy life. Self-development, time management and organization, weight loss, smoking cessation, self-esteem growth, managing life transitions or surviving grief are all issues that she  helps people  achieve success in. She will help  you live by DESIGN, not by DEFAULT.  You can find more information about her at http://www.reinventingyourselftoday.com

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    The Why of Weight Gain...Body, Soul, Spirit Issues

    in Self Help

    Coach Liz interviews Holistic,Life, and Wellness Coach Renata Smith on the Why of Weight Gain?  The whys deal just as much with soul and spirit as it does the body.  Tune in to begin to unravel the:" Why" of your weight gain. Coach Renata, a Registered Nurse, helps us to look beyond pharmaceuticals to other sources of health and well-being. Coach Renata promotes balance in one's life as a prevention of sickness. 

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    Avoid Weight Gain over the Holidays by awareness of Emotional Eating

    in Health

    Dr. Love teaches the secrets of weight loss by preventing the emotional ups and downs of the Holidays.

    Abandonment, Rejection and betrayal are the holdovers of childhood programming.  Stuffing to avoid feelings is a bad habit that can be broken this holiday season.  Listen in live and join our audience as we take questions about avoiding emotional eating over the holidays.  Because of the seasonal change to colder weather we have a tendency to eat heavier foods.  But here in Florida where it is not so cold we have a tendency to eat comfort foods that start with the Thanksgiving Turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings.  Then we graduate to Holiday Hams with lots of bread and jams.

    Dr. Love has been teaching Juice Feasting and detoxification since 1983. He also teaches vegetarian cooking classes and raw food preparation.  Join our studio audience live or listen live





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    Holiday Eating and Tips to Keep the Weight Down

    in Health

    Turkey, stuffing, mac and cheese, cake, cookies and pies. It's a jungle out there during this time of the year when it comes to food and if you're trying to watch your weight, then you have to watch out for quicksand and mudslides out there in that jungle also.

    This Monday evening at 5:30pm, the Trailblazers will share with you some tips to help you stay fit and trim throughout the Holidays. Be sure you join us.



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