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    Can you be authentic in an unauthentic world

    in Motivation

    Can you really be authentic – be who you really are, display your true qualities and reveal your real person in a world where assumedly, everyone is trying to be someone else? In a world where we find people being more fake than real. In a world where we pretend to like each other so that we can get what we want. In a world where the ‘speaker’ is performing rather than presenting. In a world where it’s easier to put on an act rather than being yourself if you really want to be accepted. 

    So can you really afford to be authentic?

    Listen to this show to find out. 


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    "Interviews with Authentic You"

    in Spirituality

    This week on "Interviews with Authentic You" with Host Jeffrey Miller...The Interventionist   Join us as we talk to Janet Hickox, Intuitive Astrologer and radio show host of Living Astrology.     Find out more about Janet - an Intuitive Astrologer, Numerologist and Author of the soon to be released book, "Your Destiny Profile:  Using Astrology and Numerology to Unlock the Answers to Life's Biggest Questions."  

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    "Interviews with Authentic You"

    in Spirituality

    This week on "Interviews with Authentic You"with Host Jeffrey Miller...The Interventionist Our VIP Guest is Bob Burg, Co Author of The Go Giver Do Go-Givers Really Sell More In Today’s Economy? When Bob Burg, coauthor of the international bestseller, The Go-Giver, speaks about “giving,” he’s talking in terms of “constantly and consistently providing value to the lives of others.” When you can take your focus off yourself and shift it onto how you can be an asset of value to other people, you’ll plant seeds of goodwill — of great will — that will come back to you many, many times over. And, not because of some magical, mystical type of thinking, but because it makes absolutely practical sense.

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    Do You Actually Need Social Media?

    in Business

    We start off the show by answering the question we get asked most by our potential clients (and basically everyone else), "Do I actually need social media?" The short answer: you may not but your media brand absolutely does.

    Link to our deck we discuss on the show: http://bit.ly/jumpwiresocialmediapkgs2015

    We discuss 8 examples of how media brands we work with are using social media today:

    Industry credibility

    Increasing ratings, views, referrals, subscribers, revenue, ARPU, downloads, etc.

    Data collection & analysis

    New business & lead generation

    Reinforcing your brand online

    Audience feedback & engagement

    Marketing opportunities & trend analysis

    Employee recruitment & retention

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    Authentic Leadership Day

    in Pets

    PAWSitive Radio...your leading source for all things leadership, success and resilience...in the corporate and animal world. Your go to show for living a well life at work and at home! Join Host Charmaine Hammond, business and leadership expert, professional speaker, bestselling author and Toby the dog's pet parent.

    Leadership is an essential skill for success personally, and in business.  What are the essential qualities of a leader? What is the difference between a leader, and a cheer leader? How can you make collaboration work? Why are some people stronger leaders then others?  How does kindness, acceptance and respect fit in?  Today guest Shawne Duperon will talk about the upcoming Authentic Leadership Day event where these questions and many more will be addressed by global leaders and experts including Jack Canfield, Randy Gage, Marilyn Suttle, Lisa Mininni and Teresa de Grosbois, and, me!  This event is being livestreamed so anyone can watch from the comfort of their office or home.  Share a quote, receive a ticket

    To find out about our upcoming Million Acts of Kindness Tour or to order a copy of Toby’s books check out our Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/TheOriginalTeamToby    For people who love travelling, please check out canadiantraveller.com for awesome destinations, travel tips, bucket-list adventures and so much more

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    Interviews with Authentic You

    in Spirituality

    The Story everone should read!
    Do NOT miss this Show!
    Join Us this Week for an open, blunt  discussion with Author Kathleen Patel on Bullying. Kathleen has written a short handbook, "The Bullying Epidemic"  based on the growing epidemic. "It's starting earlier, the media feeds it and it's more damaging than ever" 
     It is estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students. Source: National Education Association.

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    Interviews with Authentic You

    in Spirituality

    Join with Hosts:
    Michelle Arbeau, The Celebrity Numerologist
    and Jeffrey Miller, The Interventionist
    as they welcome their  VIP Guest Sara Ellis from London!
    Sara will be Speaking with Us on the levels of Intimacy in Relationships and Life!
    Sara Ellis is a qualified Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist,she trained with the worlds experts in the field,and for the last t 12 years has run a highly successful practice from London's Harley St.
    She has been featured in the U.K's most prominent media such as The Daily Mail and The Sunday Times.She is a writer and contributes to online magazines,in addition to this,she is Broadcaster,hosting her own radio show about sex and relationships on the well known UntangledFM in the UK.

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    LIVE! with Cathi--LOVE the Authentic You!

    in Fitness

    News updates, local, national and international...


    You aren't what you THINK YOU ARE, YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK!

    What are you thinking right now.  Write it down, then ask yourself, IS THIS TRUE, A FACT ABOUT ME...e.g. are you happy with your life as it is today?  If no, what changes do you need to make.  If you don't put yourself FIRST, you'll never be happy no matter what.

    Research studies claim you can't do it all and have it all but is you prioritize you can accomplish and fulfill that dream/wish that's dancing in your heart, you know that  wish that you've surpressed and pushed down in your mind and body only to have it reveal it's ugly head and sabotage your best interests.

    CAN YOU FEEL THE ENERGY when you tap into your secret vault, CAN YOU FEEL THE ENERY when you took action  to release and uncover THE AUTHENTIC YOU!


    You can do anything...etc.

    Re-Invent a NEW YOU...etc.

    Love your body...etc.

    What are your battles in life...etc.

    FEEL THE ENERGY...etc.

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    in Health

    Please join us this coming Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. PST and 7:00 p.m. EST for a live showwith host Denise Messenger.  Our special guest is Joey Allessandrini.  We will be discussing his book, "You Can't Stop Time".  Joseph Alessandrini  is the director of Anti Aging Synergy LLC. Educated in Political Science, International Relations and Philosophy, he has been actively involved in anti-aging on a professional level for many years.  He also has continued in his pursuit of understanding by continuing his efforts to explore the boundaries of philosophic thinking as it relates to everyday living. It is a great and unending effort requiring a singular persistence, an unending search and much study. For Joey it is and has been a lifelong activity as “there is always more to know.”  Finding himself afflicted with severe degenerative and debilitating conditions which were found to be caused solely and only by the fact of aging led to his personal interest and activity with aging and anti-aging.  As a result and over the years, he has successfully worked with many individuals, men and women of all ages, in the establishment of their individually unique and comprehensive anti-aging programs.  In combining all of this, Joseph Alessandrini has become a leading researcher and practitioner in field and art of anti-aging.  You asked for it and we deliver!



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    Authentic Woman: Turning What You Have Into What You Need To Survive & Thrive!

    in Moms and Family

    Join Chloé Taylor Brown, host of Bread-Winning Moms with Chloé as she connects with Jeri Ross, an authentic woman who knows how to turn her thoughts into things and into a business. This is what Jeri is doing today with CelluliteRx, a clinical body care product and an international sensation that for more than eight years has been helping women look and feel better about their bodies. Jeri is the CEO/President of Institut' DERMedbody and has personally attended CelluliteRx launch events in America, France, Mexico, Sweden, Australia, and soon in Brazil! 

    Chantel Thompson, Director of Client Engagement for Sweet Job Spot and recurring contributor for Bread-Winning Moms with Chloé shares new trends in careers for bread-winning moms, working women and women business owners.

    Chloé Taylor Brown’s step-by-step program, How To Discover Your Authentic, Innermost Self is a progressive, powerful way to start thinking, feeling, being and acting more authentic every day to be more you, more attractive and more beautiful, from the inside out.  Tweet Chloé @ChloeTBrown

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    #1 Social Media Challenge - DARE You!

    in Technology

    "The LaPass RePort" Tech Tips Tuesdays on the #1 Social Media Tech Challenge - DARE You!

    Start challenge @ #LaPassProductions
    New Media Consulting+

    "As technology gets smarter, so do our clients!"

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