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    Screaming Boy Productions - Episode #17

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    Episode 17 is here and with it comes a special guest host! The one and only Bryan Pate! He comes on the show to discuss Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies, the people addicted to them and much more. We also talk about the top 10 action movies of the 90's. Click that link and enjoy!

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    Nips: November 17, 2014

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    Enhance your experience if listening live to this episode ... Follow us on twitter @pulpnpaperradio for live tweets with more information during the broadcast.

    In the news: Company says it will buy idled mill; KapStone to invest $115 million; Company may close facility; UPM cutting production; Fire at facility; Company starts up new recovery boiler; Twin Rivers Paper Company makes acquisition; Bemis Co. completes sale of pressure sensitive materials business; Man arrested for swiping 160K disposable diapers; Cenveo will close plant; RR Donnelley to make major investment; Settlement reached in dioxin case; Update in GLV situation; an interview with Domtar; and much more!

    Nips is a weekly show of contemporary information related to the pulp and paper industry worldwide. Hosted by Jim Thompson, the voice of the worldwide pulp and paper industry.

    Listen live at 7 a.m. EST on Monday, 17 Nov 2014, or anytime afterward!

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    Acts 17 --we are breathed with God's hands; Larry Norman; new Christian song

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    Acts 17:21 to 31 is actaully a stab in philosophy.  If the proposal of Acts 17 is true, not only are we breathed into by God'sspirit, he even creates the momentum for us to worship his being.  The writers of Acts makes it clear that 

     26 And he made from one every nation of men to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their habitation, 27 that they should seek God, in the hope that they might feel after him and find him. Yet he is not far from each one of us,28 for ‘In him we live and move and have our being’; as even some of your poets have said,

    ‘For we are indeed his offspring.’

    If this is true then the world will ripen in fruition in spiritual awareness for the last days.  Tune in.  Also, an original song from Jane Hoffman and Paul Taylor, circa 1990.

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    Dino's Bar and Grill Suncoast Florida October 17, 2014

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    Dino's Bar and Grill October 17, 2014

    Special Guest Olivia from New Zeland who works for a distributor in marketing for selected craft breweries right here in Florida. She will be discussing some of the samples of brewhas she brought us to dabble in during our show. Also MAC an Army Vet will sit in with us. You are welcome to call into the show 714-583-6854

    Thank you for surfing on in www.UnityAmericaRadio.com

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    Angels on Air - 12/17/14 - 'Tis the Season'

    in Spirituality

    Join Nanette Ellis and her amazing co-hosts Rev Nancy Sue and Jamie Street 12/17/14 @ 7:00PM EST for a very Special Holiday Gathering for one and all to discuss the Holiday Season and what it means to them.  We at Angels on Air would love to extend a warm and welcoming invitation to visit with us as the gifts will flow from the Angels.  Whether you have a family household or are away from loved ones we would love to have you join together with us call in number 626-213-5652 or via chat.

    We would like to thank Angelsteach.com for sponsoring our Radio Show.  Angelsteach.com is dedicated to lovingly open the doors to your inner you and your Angels.....vist Angelsteach.com and peruse the site for wonderful array of offerings of classes, etc.

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    The Surreal News 12/17/2014 with GoatHollow

    in Current Events

    The Surreal News 12/17/2014
    on American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to:

    News with Goat Hollow isn't quite Edward R. Murrow, remember legendary Edward R. Murrow the quintessence of unbiased and real information, surreal or not? A news media, taking pride in the integrity of reporting with factual representation regardless of personal agenda! The Surreal News hearkens back to the reporting skills of  Murrow.

    Information, the real facts whether stranger than fiction, surreal in fact, that hits the headlines. You can find the real deal, what really is going on in this world with high caliber noteworthy stories you need to know about.

    Read More HERE!

    Tags: American Preppers Network, Prepper Broadcasting Network, News

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    Human Rights for Prisoners March - Dec 17, 2014

    in Politics Progressive

    Human Rights for Prisoners March, hosted by Mary “Loves Justice” Neal. Call (347) 857-3293 to speak on air.
    Guests on 12/17/2014 include Holly Alston, mother of  Terrell Scott; Brenda Anderson, a prisoner rights advocate who was formerly incarcerated in Texas; and Annette E. Watts-Blankenship. Your questions and comments are invited.

    Advocacy for adequate defense, fair trials, drug courts, mental health courts, post-conviction DNA tests, safe and humane incarceration, and successful re-entry.

    Advocacy against prisoner abuse, avoidable deaths caused by police and correctional officers, solitary confinement, children tried and sentenced as adults, criminalizing mental illness, inadequate health care, wrongful convictions, law of parties, three-strikes law, enforced prison labor, and capital punishment.

    Guests include people who have experienced, or who have specialized knowledge about, prison conditions and overuse of force by police or correctional officers, or any subject related to crime and punishment, including improvements proposed or realized.

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    The Awakening - Extortion 17 Exposed

    in Politics Conservative

    For G_d, For Country, For Freedom.

    Join Holger Awakens of The Awakening Show on Blog Talk Radio as he welcomes Charles Strange, the father of Navy SEAL Michael Strange to discuss what happened the night his son and 21 other Navy SEALs and 8 other servicemen were killed when their Chinook helicopter came under attack by Taliban forces in Afghanistan.

    Extortion 17 represents the largest loss of life of Naval special wafare operations personnel in the history of America and ever since this tragic event, answers to troubling questions have been stonewalled by military and Obama administration officials – there have flat out been lies about what really happened with Extortion 17.

    Charles Strange brings a passion to unearthing the truth of what happened to our Navy SEALs from SEAL team 6.  You don’t want to miss this hard hitting interview and the revelations of a grieving and proud father will simply shock you.

    Did Joe Biden set up our SEALs?  Were our finest purposely put in harm’s way that night?  Why were 22 members of SEAL team 6 on the same aircraft? 

    Please, everyone - go to www.michaelstrangefoundation.org and contribute to the cause of bringing peace to the families of our fallen.

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    What Really Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

    in Health

    The AIDS community is grieving the loss of at least 100 researchers and activists who were believed to have been aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 en route to the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

    This show is dedicated to all of the innocent lives that were lost in this senseless tradgedy.  Our prayers go out to all of the grieving family members, friends and associates.

    The International AIDS Society, which organizes the conference, reports that a number of delegates were among the victims of the tragedy, but it has not yet released their names.

    The group was believed to have included several prominent AIDS researchers, including Joep LANGE, 60 a world-renowned Dutch clinical researcher and former president of the society.

    Do you think the plane was deliberately targeted to be taken down?

    Call into the studio with your questions and/or comments: 347-945-7433.

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    Ridin Durty Radio Dirty Dozen Episode 44 12/17/14

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    Ridin Durty Radio Dirty Dozen Episode 44 12/17/14

    VIC XL of the award winning program Ridin Durty Radio hosts the top 12 hottest independent music countdown from your favorite indie artists. Tune in every Wednesday Night at 6 pm e.s.t. to hear an all new Ridin Durty Radio Dirty Dozen on Beat Break 87 FM.

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    Luke 17: Parousia, 70 AD or Both?

    in Religion

    Luke 17: Parousia (Second Coming), 70AD or Both?

    In the above title, we are no asking whether two events separate in time are being discussed in Luke 17.

    Rather, we are asking whether the event known as the second coming, i.e. the Parousia of Christ occurred in 70AD.

    We are well aware that some have sought to divide the chapter into two separate comings. In fact, they even make three comings, i.e. one on Pentecost, one in 70 AD and one allegedly yet future to us today.

    In this broadcast, we continue and will conclude the evidence from the Bible that the event occurred in 70AD.

    No distinction can be made between the return of Christ and the AD70 event.

    For more information, visit, DonKPreston.com and AllThingsFulfilled.com.

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