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    16Bit Assassins Episode:104 Deities and their Avian counterparts

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    After some much needed sleep and Dunny's quest for beer, the Assassins are back on Sunday, because, seriously, what's on on Sundays that's better than the 16Bit show...nothing that's right, no show about walking or being dead, or a combination of those words. On this episode we talk about Pax East, and give our impressions on games we saw and things we did. Also on this episode we talk a bit about Jason joing Mortal Kombat X, because well, Mortal Kombat, Toaster talks some Agents of Shield, all this and the usual run of lunacy, on Episode 104, This one Time at Pax East

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    16Bit Assassins Ep 99: Save the Living room

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    Well kids, like we promised things are back to normal around here and we're back on a Friday night. On this episode the Assassins look back on 2014, and discuss what 2015 may bring. Also on episode 99 we take a look at Destiny, and the hate surrounding it's Dark Below expansion, Ubi launches it's "Sorry we released a broken game" free games, Minecraft is the gift that keeps on giving, have you seen Notch's new house? Steam's Holiday sale threatens to take your christmas gift money, and Sony caves, all this and more on episode 99: Save the living room

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 100: Strategic Grill Locations

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    (We told you the title was subject to change) Well ladies and gentlemen, a milestone has been achieved this evening, that's right, the 16Bit Assassins have reached 100 episodes, (or so, who knows because..math) So what's on the agenda for episode 100? Well, some interesting rumors are flying around regarding Batman Vs Superman and the reason for the extremely long filming schedule, Sony announces it's Playstion Now subscription plan. CD Projekt Red finally drops some Cyberpunk 2077 news. The folks behind the internet archive continue in their efforts to make sure that video game lovers accomplish nothing at their day jobs. The assassins talk a bit about their Dragon Age Inquisition experiences, Toaster gloats, Dunny mocks, all this and more on Episode 100 of the 16Bit Assassins podcast.

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 101: Intro to dealing with ridiculousness

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    Ladies and gents, the Assassins are back with another earthbreaking, riveting, must listen, ground breaking new episode of..seriously who are we kidding, We're back with another episode of 16Bit styled nonsense. On this episode a new line in the sand may be drawn as Dunny sets his sights on Gawker, also on this episode the Assassins talk about Microsoft dropping the price on the Xbone again, a voice actor and Squeenix butt heads, Telltale names a new CEO and talks about a new IP, Turtle Rock is under fire for their DLC ideas, Latino Review drops some potentially major spoilers about the MCU, The Nintendo Power Glove recieves a breath of new life, all this and more on episode 101, Intro to dealing with ridiculousnes

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 103: 79% Silicon, 18% Rage, 3% Unicorn Estrus

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    Ladies, gentlemen, carbon based lifeforms, and platypi. It's been a month since you last heard the ramblings of the 16Bit Assassins, and while you may of not missed us, we missed you, so we are back, and back on the week before PAX East. So what do we have on this episode? The Power Rangers get a gritty reboot, and sadly if you didn't catch it for the 2 days it was on the internet, you may of missed out, because as with any show from your childhood rebooted with drugs and profanity, people with a copyright get upset. Dunny finally finds a merchant selling his catch phrase, and it's definitely worth the look. We also talk about the rumors flying around the internet regarding Star Wars Episode VII, Alien fans finally have something to look forward to, Mario pulls a vanishing act, and the 16Bit Assassins hand out a few of this year's early winners of the Teabag of Disapproval, All this, and the usual inappropriate banter, on episode 103, 79% Silicon, 18% Rage, 3% Unicorn Estrus. 0

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 102: BenWa.......

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    Ladies and gentlement, the 16Bit crew is back with another excellent show. After last week's gawker rant we return with Microsoft's windows 10 reveal, we shout out to Pax South, as our amazing PR manager is there. On this episode we also talk some Marvel news with their upcoming Secret Wars arc, and find that Xmen Apocalypse has found it's core mutant cast. Gearbox annoucnes the Handsome collection, Zod to be Doomsday? Sony announces it's apology perks for the 2011 hack, Steam goes stream, Elder scrolls free? All this and more on episode 102 BenWa....

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    16Bit Assassins: Episode 95 Schmamer Hate

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    Wow it's been a long time, but we're back after an extended hiatus and we've got some things that need to be said, On episode 95, the Assassins talk about the stupidity that is gamergate, and it's impact on the gaming community, and while we understand not everyone wants to hear about it, it needs to be talked about, but this episode is not all about hate, Toaster also talks some Evil Within, as well as Alien Isolation. Bioware launches new trailers for Dargon Age Inquiistion. PS4 goes all sharing is caring on the 28th. In television news the assassins talk some Gotham, Flash, and the Arrow, as well up NBC''s Constantine, All of this and the 16Bit Assassins take on the age of Ultron trailer, all this and more on episode 95, Schmamer Hate

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 96: Episode XCVI The Nonsense Awakens

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    Ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday night, and your two favorite geeks with no lives are back on episode 96 Toaster and Dunny talk about everything, because a lot has happened in 2 weeks. On this excercise in the riduclousness the Assassins talk about Call of Duty and the non sharing, non downloading issues encounted by fans, Toaster talks some Gotham and Arrow happenings, and we have some Star Wars news for fans, because what's a 16Bit Assassins show with out a Star Wars reference, Bioware comes up with a new holiday that Toaster and Dunny can get behind, Bethesda hoaxes, CD Projekt Red's nod to fans, all this and the usual bamboozeling all on Episode 96: The Nonsense awakens

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    16Bit Assassins Ep 94: Cap'n Dunny and The Outrageous Fortune

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    Well it's Friday and the 16Bit crew is back with another episode of The 16Bit Assassins podcast. With the Tokyo Game Show kicking off this week we talk about some of the new trailers and news coming from our gaming friends in the land of the rising sun. Kojima and Del Toro's new Silent HIlls trailer definitely ups the creepy, Capcom swings for the fences with the beautiful Deep Down. Still a work in progress Dunny and Toaster talk some more about Destiny, including the Vault of Glass raid, and some fan theories that may leave some of you with a familiar taste. Also on this episode we have some comic book goodness going on, Deadpool movie finally gets a green light and a release date, Bruce Timm, announces a new Justice League, DC/Vertigo's Lucifer gets a pilot request, and Battlefront 3 looks like it's getting a release date. All this and more, brought to you with the usual 16Bit attitude, on Episode 94, Cap'n Dunny and The Outrageous Fortune

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 93: Dinklage Spark 343

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    Ladies and gentlemen, it's another episode of the 16Bit Assassins podcast. On episode 93, we are joined by Grant from Red Level Games to talk about their upcoming title Dragon: The Game. Also on this episode, Dunny and Toaster talk some Destiny, the good, the bad, and the plainly uninformed. Also on episode 93, we find out all those ET games that were unearthed are planning on being sold, we talk a bit about Microsoft's parity clause, and the Assassins sound off on what classic games they'd like to see get a face lift, all this, and of course some Boston Festival of Indie games love, on episode 93: Dinklage Spark 343. 

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    An Evening With Creed Fisher

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    I know its late notice but I will be on air tonight with Creed Fisher!!!! The show will be starting at 7 CST. THIS IS A CALL IN SHOW, SO CALL US AT 347-637-3768 AND TALK WITH CREED FISHER!!!!  Will be talking about Creed's NEW ALBUM going Top 50 on ITunes and about plans for 2015. A night with Creed Fisher starting at 7CST.  DON'T MISS THIS SHOW!!!!  SHARE THIS POST!!!!

    Also, a few of you won CD's and T-Shirts but have not yet received them yet.  The day after our last broadcast, Creed's CDs SOLD OUT!  BUT....his newly cut CDs ARE BACK IN STOCK, so wehoever won those CDs will FINALLY GET THEIRS! 

    We hope you tun into the show this evening - a MOSTLY MUCIC and conversation with Creed Fisher - the man and his music!

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