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    The Art of Living Well with Rev Lindsay

    in Health

    ART OF LIVING WELL WITH REV LINDSAY BABICH Radio to Inspire Enlightened Living - Essential Oils Naturally - a new focus for the Art of Living Well show. This show will now be 30 minutes of health and wellness education and tips to improve your chances of "living well."  How to clean up your home to remove toxic chemicals, avoid cancer causing foods and products, living simply with less comsumerism, and utilizing the truly natural products that are on this earth to help us to be healthy and restore health when we are ill. Body, mind and spirit in balance is the key. I will even discuss why the movies you watch contribute to your health or sickness. It's all about the vibes or the frequency. Tune in to Health!
    What are you doing about your health? How can you do more? Do you want to be a true friend and become an educator of wellness for those you love? Listen to this half-hour of healthy wisdom and benefit your life and the lives of all around you and the globe.

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    10 Reasons "You Didn't Get In" (the Art Fair)

    in Business


    It is application season! Anyone active in the art fair business is deep into preparing applications for jurying into the nation's art fairs. What are the odds you'll make the cut and get into your most desired festival? Our guests are long time professionals from the business including Cindy Lerick, executive director of the Saint Louis Art Fair, Christine Berthiaume, Crafts Manager for the New Orleans Jazz Festival and Marguerite Esrock, executive director of the St. James Court Art Show.

    We'll talk about:

    As an intro we'll hear how each show prepares their jurors for jurying and the process of showing the jurors the applications
    10 worst things you can do to sabotage your chances of "getting in"

    Have paper and pencil ready. This one is sure to bring you useful information applicable to your finding success exhibiting at art fairs large and small.


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    Art of Living Well Lindsay Babich presents Jacqueline Ripstein - HealingArt

    in Spirituality

    Art of Living Well host Lindsay Babich presents Jacqueline Ripstein, Author of The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness. She is a Fine Artist & Art Healing Pioneer, World Peace Envoy - United Nations, ECOSOC representative of the International Association of Educators for World Peace. Jacqueline has inspired hundreds of thousands of people all over the world through her highly vibrational art, books, self-awareness seminars and workshops. Scientific research by Dr. Valerie Hunt, et al, has revealed that her art has unique healing properties that can elevate viewers to heightened states of consciousness. 

    Her newest endeavor The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness is a unique transformational book - a tool for healing, a doorway for enlightenment and awakening, a revelation of the hidden world and messages around us, an oracle, a teachnig tool of profound spiritual messaes and a beautiful world of art.

    Join Host Rev. Lindsay Babich, Spiritual Medicine Woman, Aromatherapist and promoter of world healing and peace. Because All Healing is Self-Healing, claim the tools to support your journey in wellness and joy.

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    Symbolic Art Center | Youth Networking Council

    in Youth

    Symbolic Art Youth Council up comings community events..

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    Living a Fulfilled Life

    in Lifestyle

    What does it mean to live a fulfilled life? Many will say look at the material items accumulated, others look to the number of friends, while others yet, contend it is simply how happy your family is at any given time.

    There are certain actions one can take to insure that no matter the algorithm used you will end up on the happier side of life. Join me as we look at five tips for living a more fulfilled life. 

    BONUS INTERVIEW:  Eleze "Lisa" Thomas-McMillan author of Living Fulfilled The Infectious Joy of Serving Others

    SHOW SPONSOR:  Inspirational Productions

    MUSIC SPONSOR:   Triumph by JaneliaSoul  also available on Amazon

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    ART CRY RADIO: Football Show!

    in Art

    Join our host John Williams as he talks about the BIG GAME and who fans think will win it all!

    Call in to give your opinion: 347-205-9896


    One lucky caller will win an ART CRY prize pack with a FREE wristband, button and signature ART CRY TEE!


    Join the ART CRY movement by purchasing a TEE SHIRT today: www.artcryofficial.com/store

    Join the ART CRY movement by purchasing a TEE SHIRT today: www.artcryofficial.com/store

    Join the ART CRY movement by purchasing a TEE SHIRT today: www.artcryofficial.com/store



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    Mixing Art and Activism. What it is like to do both?

    in Art



    Chicago's Black Business Radio Network

    (All Black! All News! All You!)

    This segment is Art and Social Justice Issues, a combination some listeners might not be aware of. My goal is to connect you to social justice issues through art. 

    On today's show, Mixing Art and Activism. What it is like to do both?, we will talking with a long time North Lawndale resident who is exactly that, an artist and activist.

    Paul Ramey, former resident of North Lawndale, tells what his current art show is about, what his most recent activism is- the Peace Walk he was on today.  We will ask Paul how he mixes art-making & activism. He will also introduce his idea for a plan he has to begin a non-profit organization to feed and clothe homeless individuals. Paul Ramey grew up in North Lawndale and is now an artist and activist. You can see art and activist in any of his works. 

    Thank you for listening to Art and Social Justice Issues. I'm Dianna Long and I am about connecting people to social justice issues through art.

    If you would like to sponsor one or our upcoming shows, please contact our show's Executive Producer at cesarquiroz379@gmail.com.

    Dianna C Long, Host of "Art and Social Justice Issues" 

    Chicago's Black Business Radio Network


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    Winners! 2015 "Best Art Fairs in America" Survey

    in Business

    ArtFairCalendar.com has just finished its 3rd annual "America's Best Art Fairs" survey and we announce the winners. Our survey is the only national online look at the country's juried art fairs and craft shows, designed to reward the festivals that create opportunities connecting artists and communities.

    We asked our mailing list of over 50,000 art fair patrons what was the best art fair in the country and had an amazing nationwide response. Nearly 90% of the respondents completed the lengthy 25 question survey and the answers were both expected and intriguing. 

    Listen to find out what the Top 50 shows in the country are as voted on by the people who attend them. Discover their choices for the best regional fairs, best urban fair, best small market show and the best cities for art fairs.

    We'll share the survey answers on:

    what makes a show "Best"
    why people say they attend an art fair
    why they don't attend shows they used to love
    suggestions for show organizers

    Lynn Smith, vice chair of the Old Town Art Fair in Chicago, will give her insights on how the fair garners so much enthusiasm throughout the greater metropolitan area, making it a "must attend" event. Art buyers from Florida and Ohio will also join us to tell us why they attend art fairs and buy art.

    ArtFairCalendar.com's mission is to promote the American tradition of art fairs by showcasing events where art collectors find hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind fine work and encourage the interaction of client and creator. 


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    All Healing is Self-Healing-Art of Living Well-Lindsay Babich-Linda Frees

    in Nutrition

    Rev Lindsay Babich, host of The Art of Living Well - All Healing is Self-Healing is proud to bring back Linda Frees, "Easy Green" expert and author of a new book, released just this week. Linda's experience in holistic healing through living foods has been honed over years through her personal dedication to healthy living and her dedicated work at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL.  

    Linda's new book: Simply Sprouts -Easy growing tips and delicious recipes for your kitchen garden is a gift for all those who know they want to eat more sprouts - she'll share why  this is great idea- and don't have the time to figure it out on their own. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you'll love this little recipe book. It has easy growing tips, plus simple recipe ideas for beverages, breakfast, soups, salads sandwiches and even desserts...all using sprouts you can grow in your own kitchen window or countertop. 80 pages.

    Simply Sprouts is a fun recipe idea book filled with great photos and recipes. It will get you inspired with simple sprouting techniques, and recipes for using sprouts in beverages, breakfast, soups, salads, sandwiches, and even desserts! How about Sprouted Almond Key Lime Pie?

    Her website: http://healthyeasygreen.com is dedicated to the simplicity of being healthy, being green and making it easy.  Her site is as beautiful, fresh and as lively and vital as she is. It is my ultimate delight to have Linda on the show again to introduce her book. Tell your friends. You will be doing a Mitzvah - giving a blessing - to all who hear about this book.  Order the book on the website.  And listen...this is REFRESHING! Are you hungry yet?


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    DEBRA PONEMAN: The Art of Living a Life Beyond Happy

    in Self Help

    For over 30 years, Debra Poneman, a pioneer in the world of personal growth, taught principles of success that transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world creating millionaires, billionaires, and household names. And then one day, she asked herself: But are these people really happy?

    The answer she received lead her to search for the truth behind happiness During this interview, Debra will share her amazing discovery of how it is not only possible for you to be happy, but it is possible for you to move beyond happy to live a life that is truly miraculous.

    In this interview, you will:

    ~Hear what researchers have discovered happens when you don’t make your dreams come true

    ~Understand why obstacles are your greatest allies

    ~Discover the simple shifts you can make so that happiness is effortless – no matter what is currently going on in your life

    ~Learn how to make miracles the order of the day - every day

    Cindy and Linda are delighted to welcome her back to the show. Learn more about Debra and her amazing work by visiting her website at: www.yestosuccess.com

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    The Art of Living Well with Charlotte and Lindsay

    in Spirituality

    TODAY'S SHOW on The Art of Living Well - What's your nose got to do with it?  Features host Lindsay Babich with a recap of the Young Living Essential Oils national convention held last week in  Salt Lake City, Utah.  Lindsay introduces the new essential oil of Idaho Blue Spruce and new weight control products from Young Living. Essential Oils are our gifts from our plant partners on Planet Earth, provided to assist us in maintaining our individual Divine Wellness plan. Simple knowledge of essential oil benefits can support you in eliminating toxic chemicals from your home and living healthier and happier lives.
    Co-host Charlotte McGinnis is taking a much deserved day off. Enjoy yourself partner.