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    Stephens Sports Blog w\ Casey Walloch

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    Today on the show Stephen and Casey will discuss the Chicago Bulls firing ( Casey takes over NBA coach hiring talk) . The hurricanes have been playing some good baseball of late will it be sustained ? New England Patriots star Tom Brady's appeal is set for 6\23, Hockey talk, Stanley Cup talk .... And more here on Stephens Sports Blog .  Call-in to the show at (646) 716-8715 . You can tweet the show @305sportsNLife or@writingfanatic2 or @CaseyWalloch

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    Stephens Sports Blog w\ Casey Walloch

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    No Stephen today , so that means Casey is in control today!!! Talking NFL QB contracts, Wade , Best Swaggy P quotes for his belated birthday and funniest things in sports here on Stephens Sports Blog . Tweet the crew!!! Stephen- @writingfanatic2 & Casey - @CaseyWalloch 


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    Stephens Sports Blog w\Casey Walloch

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    NEW EPISODE: Is Lebron going to be better than MJ? Which game will haunt Pete Carroll the most, western conference finals recap (Is the Lil B curse real?). Man on the APS that bashed Andrew, tweeted Anna Hortford, will be reached out to on the show today also as Stephen wants to make him feel like trash . Should the Marlins hire A-Rod as their next manager, AP is not attending the OTA's is it business or personal ?

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    WV Football Reunion & FNL w/Tremayne Stephens & Total Exposure Crew

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    Coach David Riley spearheaded this reunion live on Never Had It So Good Sports Radio. And, this will be fun to be. Joining us will be Larry Peters,Coach Garrett Ford, Darryl Talley, John Talley, Greg McGowan, Sedrick King, Wayne Gatewood, Philip Blackwell, Freddie Smalls, Randy Swinson, JT THOMAS, Reggie McLee, Coach David Riley, Dennis Fowkles, Jeff Seall

    We will also have on NFL Veteran Tremayne Stephens tonight to talk about his organization Total Exposure. 

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    NSR Talks Football Recruiting with Coach Cagle, Larry Perrin & Santo Stephens

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    Welcome to National Scouting Report's BlogTalk Radio Show. This show will feature college football recruiting. NSR has been helping high school athletes obtain athletic and academic scholarships for over 35 years. College coaches from all over the United States depend on NSR for accurate and dependable scouting reports on qualified student athletes.

    This NSR BlogTalk episode will feature questions and answers concerning the college recruiting process for high school football athletes hoping to play in college.  The EXPERTS from National Scouting Report will be talking about the facts concerning recruiting.

    Today, Santo Stephens serves as the Area Scouting Director for NSR in South Georgia.  Santo talks with college coaches on a regular basis and scouts high school athletes on a daily basis.  Santo helps athletes find the best scholarship opportunities that meet the athlete's athletic ability and academic interests. Santa played his college career at Temple University and then played in the NFL.  He played with the Bengals, Jaguars and the Chiefs.

    Larry Perrin joins the show today and he serves as the Director of Football Scouting for NSR. Larry talks with college coaches on a daily basis and has assisted hundreds of athletes over the years.  Larry also serves as the Area Director for West Tennesee and North Mississippi and Arkansas for football. Larry played his college ball at Henderson State then was signed as a free agent into the USFL.

    Coach Robert Cagle is the regular host for NSR's BlogTalk radio.  Coach Cagle has been helping athletes for many years and he has ties to many of the college programs all over the country. Coach Cagle was a USA Today Top 10 Big Man in 1985. He played his college ball at Ole Miss.  After his playing career, Coach Cagle served on the recruiting staff.  He also coached high school football for many years,  #NSRnow


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    33: Founding Basement Millions by Julie Stephens

    in Business

    Plan the type of business that's best for you. Julie Stephens, author and serial entrepreneur, brought to vision her million-dollar company Exclusive Association Management Inc., in the very real estate of her home: the basement. Today, they celebrate their 10th year anniversary as a million-dollar company. Among their most amazing milestones is Julie leading the company to record-breaking sales year after year, within 5 years. They have sustained the 1M mark for the past 3 years. Julie has also formed 5 additional companies in the last 5 years to create additional revenue streams.


    How did she sustain such an amazing and solid growth? Journey with Julie as she builds her basement millions through:


    Leadership that perseveres and builds upon clarity.
    Sales that utilizes one’s sphere of influence.
    Systems that incorporate technology fit for the nature of the business.


    You start out by yourself but you don't end up at a million dollars in sales by yourself. Julie’s foundation on these 3 keys has provided the amazing growth of profitability, sustainability and expansion to her company. Join us for this very inspiring episode!

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    Tonight Guest- EncoreHD Magazine (CEO/Owner) Mr. Larry J. Stephens

    in Current Events

    If you would like to speak with the host or guest, press #1 on your phone and the host will be with you shortly.



    9:30pm to 11:30pm Est.

    Callin# 1-646-716-5495 


    Your Opinion Matter & Its All About Love 


                   Te Larry Love Show 


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    SATURDAY WORSHIP SERVICE / Preacher Rev Joseph Stephens

    in Religion

    Welcome to our Saturday Morning Worship Service for those who may not be able to attend church on Sunday and/or anyone else for whatever reason they choose to join us in this worship experience. ALL OF US AT RFCM WANT YOU TO KNOW YOU ARE WELCOME :-)

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    Stephen Sports Blog w\ Casey Walloch

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    Today on Stephen's Sports Blog Steve and Casey will talk about Adam Felcht's tweet which stated "I feel bad for #HeatNation, Once the grass stops growing, none of these Mexicans will be able to use their phone plan to hate on the Cavs." More on a #DellyStick to my cheesehead (further elaboration on the show.) , and Kendrick Perkins says LBJ is on track to being better than MJ. You can tweet the show @305SportsNLife or @writingfanatic2 or @Casey Walloch. Call-In to the show at (646) 716-8715. 

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    Arran Stephens Talks About His Journey On Nature's Path

    in Vegetarian

    Not too long ago, people thought of organic food as mostly consisting of tofu, bean sprouts and granola. I honestly can tell you that tofu is not exactly I think of as being a top choice for an ingredient with meal planning. The times certainly have changed! Today, there are so many varieties of organic foods available, that it is amazing how much the industry has grown. One key player in the organic industry is Nature’s Path which has clearly become a household name. Founded in 1985, Nature’s Path Organic Foods is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia and employs over 300 people at its four facilities in Canada and the United States. The privately held, family-owned company produces breakfast foods and snacks sold in specialty foods stores and retailers in 40 countries around the world. 
    In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Arran Stephens, the founder of Nature’s Path. He truly lives up to his company’s vision which is to be a trusted name for quality organic foods in every home; socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and financially viable. If you want to find out how the family got started and learn about the story behind greatness. Stay tuned!

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    Live Paranormal Experience Radio- Guests David and John from IPRA

    in Paranormal

    Live Paranormal Experience Radio Show 

    on LiveParanormal.com

    Hosted by Niki ParaUnNormal and Jenna with a J

    Every Sunday at 10pm EST

    Guests: John and David from IPRA

    The Illinois Paranormal Research Association 

    "Believe" A Paranormal Experience, is an online show which streams on Youtube. The show follows David Scott and John Stephens of IPRA as they travel the globe in search of paranormal activity. 

    They use the latest gear and theories to invent new and innovative methods of ghost hunting. David incorporates his knowledge of film to bring you an experience like no other. #IPRAstrong

    "My name is David Scott and I am the lead investigator of the Illinois Paranormal Research Association or IPRAstrong."


    "On this page (link below) you will find our show "Believe". We upload new videos weekly. If you like our show, please SUBSCRIBE."

    In David's Own Words: 

    "My mission is to separate the Haunted places from the not so Haunted places.

    Keep updated with the page and:UNCOVER THE TRUTH!"

    Live Paranormal Experience Radio Show 

    Every Sunday at 10pm EST on LiveParanormal.com

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