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    Smash Mouth Sports

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    I do my research and get all the facts before I give my opinion. My passion is for all sports but the most important one to me is by far football. I have worked for the Tampa Tribune for 3 years, radio broadcasting, and even covered the Arena Football League. I have covered every sport from volleyball to the UFC and I look forward to bringing my years of sports experience to my new radio show.

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    Lets Go Rangers!!!

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    The Rangers are in the middle of their Play-off series against the Penguins and its been a tugher than expected series so far. The Islanders series against the Capitals has also been hard fought and the Islanders wona dramatice OT game Sunday to go up 2 games to 1. We will talk about these series and the rest of NHL play-offs as well. 

    The Mets are red hot and look like they could be on their way to being the best team in the league. Its early but their pitching has been even better than expected and have played reasonbly well on defense.

    AROD, the best player in baseball? Well at least the player on the Yankees. Who would have thought that before spring training. I think ,most people would have thought he would have had a difficult time breaking into the lineup regularly much less having to play as much as he has. The Yankees pitching has been better, but is it a mirage based on their opponents or are they just rounding into shape? Great Question. Lets Discuus it

    And finally, While we are 1 week away from the NFL draft and I swore I would stay from NFL topics, I could not resist discussing the Eagles signing another QB and of course its the immortal Tim Tebow. I think Chip Kelly is Smarter than us all, 

    Plenty of Music News as well so tune in this Thursday Night at 6:30 pm EST to discuss these and any other topics on "Hard Rock n' Sports". Please tune to blogtalkradion.com 


    Keep On RockN'!!!!


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    Fantasy Baseball Wk 3 Middle Infield and Outfield Sleeper & Waiver Wire Adds

    in Baseball

    Jose Reyes and Carlos Gomez hit the DL this week. Check out this week's episode as Joe Gallina helps you navigate the waiver wire in search of suitable replacements. Listen for Joe's take on guys like Jose Iglesias, Tim Beckham, Freddy Galivs, DJ LeMahieu, Ender Inciarte, Jake Marisnick, Angel Pagan and Joe will tell you if he thinks ARod is worth punching into your fantasy lineup. He'll also analyze a couple of listeners trade proposals

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    Little Brother is watching!!!

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    Yes folks after last weeks foul up we need to come back strong. So this weeks show is full of great stuff. Again thanks to new show producer, Joe Gansas, we have Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal who is promoting his latest CD "Little Brother is Watching" on the show. We also have Johnny Collins from "Fuzz on the Lens" apearing as well to promote a some of their up coming events. John is an old family friend who will never be boring. 

    The Rangers and Islanders are in a groove, but the Knicks and Nets Still Suck, 

    A-Rod got a hit and Matt Harvey is throwing stinkin' Dynamite. Will Tanaka's elbow continue to hold up for the season and will Daniel Murphy turn a double play? We have a lot of Spring Training baseball to talk about as well.

    Finally, Football is now a year round sport and with all the big trades that have been going on and with fre agency kicking in officially Tuesday March 10th, I am sure we can find a way to discuss some of stuff from our new National Past time.

    All this and a few big announcements and we have a packed show for you. So as always I ask That you tune in This coming Thursday Night at 6:30 pm est to blogtalkradio.com and search for our show.  If you want to talk to either Bumblefoot or Johnny Collins, call in to (347) 826-9934 and we will try and get your questions on the air.

    See you Thursday

    Keep On RockN'!!!!

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    Barstool Rundown March 12

    in Football

    An old lady getting hit in the face with a basketball, a naked 40 yard dash straight into a car, Arod being shunned by the yankees on social media, the girl who was hit by a freight train because she was texting and Buzz Williams leaving his team mid huddle to help a student in a free throw competition, are all subjects.

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    Smash Mouth Sports

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    I have lived in Tampa, Fl for over 22 years and I am an avid sports fan. I do my research and get all the facts before I give my opinion. My passion is for all sports but the most important one to me is by far football. I have worked for the Tampa Tribune for 3 years, radio broadcasting, and even covered the Arena Football League. I have covered every sport from volleyball to the UFC and I look forward to bringing my years of sports experience to my new radio show. Like the great Herm Edwards said “ You play to win the game, Hello? You play to win the game. You don't play it to just play it. That's the great thing about sports: you play to win, and I don't care if you don't have any wins. You go play to win. When you start telling' me it doesn't matter, then retire. Get out! 'Cause it matters."

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    Yankees Spring Training Show: Open Mike Program

    in Sports

    Tonight, Michael will welcome in a special guest to talk about the Yankees as they head into Spring Training for the 2015 season. Did the Yankees address enough of their holes for the off-season? Can Didi Gregorious fill in nicely at shortstop? And, what's the deal with A-Rod?

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    Talking Sports

    in Sports

    Today's Guest-- Chucky Atkins discuss NBA and college ball.

    Preview the Daytona 500.

    New segment African-American Pioneers in Sports-- today it Wendell Scott first African-American driver in NASCAR.

    Lively debate/discussion of headliines in sports with Wil, Mike, Zack and Antoine.

    Listen to the live stream 6pm Eastern @www.thewilwalkershow.com or download the podcast @Tunein @Stitcher @blogtalkradio.com/wilwalker

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    Baseball Beer and BBQ

    in Entertainment

    Ted Hicks and Lee Vowell discuss the finest things in life: baseball, beer and BBQ. This week we talk ARod apology, pitchers and catchers reporting and with the help of our guest, Michael Jong of SB Nation's Fish Stripes blog, preview the NL East.


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    Throwing at ARod and ObamaCare

    in News

    What's wrong with us?  How Boston reaction to ARod and GOP efforts to scuttle Obama show us way off-base.

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    The Black Squirrels Sports & Fantasy Show: The Story hasn't been deflated!

    in Sports

    The Super Bowl is over and the NFL Combine has begun, but we're still talking about BALLS! An NFL League official has been fired for selling game used balls and provided the wrong balls to a New England Patriots associate to circulate in the AFC title game! Will it end and how far does it go?

    The NBA Trade deadline has come and gone. Which teams improved their chances to win the 2015 NBA Championship and which teams simply improved their financial situation? NBA Winners and Losers.

    Professional Athletes and apologies. ARod, Ray Rice and Kevin Durant, oh my! 

    The story of RGIII and Jay Cutler...Mike Shanahan let the cat out of the bag and John Fox's lack of commitment.

    Is Tiger Woods done? Will he ever get back to the mountain top?

    Do we even care about the NHL except for when our teams are winning?

    "EMOtional Rescue" with Emmett Berry

    Join us on the Black Squirrels Network to talk sports with two average guys who have a combined 60 years of experience as fans, fantasy sports players, Little League and high school sports participants, coaching, video games and trash talking! The Black Squirrels Sports & Fantasy Show will cover pro sports, college sports, fantasy sports and many other things that come across the airwaves and is on the minds of sports lovers and fans. We're not insiders or former pro or college players but you can expect fireworks between Donney and Mike when it comes to the various topics in the sports universe. Listen and call in with questions about your fantasy teams for strategy, lineup advice and waiver wire pick up considerations. Call in 657-383-0361 at 9PM EST/6PM PST Sunday Evening. 



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