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    Hector Villareal shares life lessons from a Veteran

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons is honored to have on Hector Villarreal to share his lessons from being a VETERAN. 

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    Dr. Denny Kercher shares her life lessons

    in Lifestyle

    Regis University professor Dr. Denny Kercher shares her latest book and provides insights into her life lessons. 

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    Hip hop artist KJ52 shares his life lessons

    in Lifestyle

    Hip hop artist KJ52 shares his life lessons.

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    Robert Viney shares life lessons from being a veteran

    in Lifestyle

    We continue our interviews for the upcoming book- Life Lessons from Veterans with special guest Robert Viney. 

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    Dawn Wells of Gilligan's Island shares her life lessons

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons welcomes the incomparable Dawn Wells. We loved Mary Anne on Gilligan's Island because we could relate to her. She was the future, the hope, the youngest of the castaways. Watching her unfailing good cheer, and believing in her optimism, gave America an emotional jumpstart. 

    Join us in this rare conversation with author, actor, teacher, entrepreneur and world traveler- Dawn Wells. Call into 646-727-2255 and talk live with Dawn.

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    Arnie Sisk shares life lessons from serving in the military

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons from Veterans book interviews continue.

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    Pete Brown shares his life lessons from veterans

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons from Veterans is proud to present the stories of Pete Brown. 

    Life Lessons from Veterans book debuts from Rowman Littlefield Fall 2015. 

    Share your life lessons with us at www.life-lessons.co and be a part of our next book.

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    Robin Caroll shares her life lessons and debuts newest book

    in Lifestyle

    Robin Caroll shares her life lessons and debuts newest book on Life Lessons.


    Share your life lessons from sisters for our next book at www.life-lessons.co

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    Steve Machat shares his life lessons and latest initiatives

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons welcomes STEVEN MACHAT, RENOWNED ENTERTAINMENT ATTORNEY, sharing his life lessons and going back to community roots with his latest initiatives. 

    Steven Machat, American entertainment attorney and entrepreneur, is excited to announce his latest endeavors, being the founder of LegalizePot.us and starting The Wheel Party. Machat has worked in the entertainment industry with clients in the music industry including Ozzy Osbourne, Phil Spector, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Brown, and more.


    His book, Gods, Gangsters, and Honour, gained a lot of publicity and interest after it was released in the UK as it described the behind-the-scenes lifestyle of the entertainment world and industry leaders. Working with top tier musicians and handling the backend of the glamorous lives we depict to be each and every day, Machat’s first-hand experience inspired him to embrace a political system that goes back to the roots of Man.


    Machat created The Wheel Party in 2011 using his second book, Man, Community & Living the American Dream as a foundation – focusing on a non-political people movement whose goal is to bring America back in line with the principles of the United States Declaration of Independence. He lectures throughout numerous universities across Europe and aims to reinvent the political system and bring it back to its roots.



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    Paul Smith shares lessons from Parenting With a Story

    in Lifestyle

    Author of the very well received business book Lead with a Story and devoted father, Paul Smith shares the answer—and a wealth of resource material for parents—in his new book, PARENTING WITH A STORY: Real-Life Lessons in Character for Parents and Children to Share. Based on extensive research into storytelling and years of experience with children, including his two sons, Smith demonstrates the power of a great personal story to reach and teach children—

    Drawn from the author’s yearlong process of interviewing people from all over the world, across a wide spectrum of ages, races, and life circumstances, and in an astonishing variety of fields and professions, PARENTING WITH A STORY presents a story collection 

    With the help of uplifting, humorous, heartbreaking, and deeply touching stories, parents—and grandparents, aunts, uncles, counselors, pastors, and mentors—will impart lived wisdom and valuable guidance to children on:


    • Ambition—including the importance of not only setting worthy goals, but also letting go of unhealthy ones, illustrated by the story of a young woman whose obsession with dressing for corporate success nearly cost her a fulfilling career.


    • Open-mindedness—driven home by the hilarious story of a man’s awakening to seeing others’ perspectives after recovering from the embarrassment of stumbling into a stall in the ladies room.

    • Kindness—opening with the story of what motivated Kristin Pedemonti to start traveling to major cities around the world simply to sit on the sidewalk holding a cardboard sign with a handwritten message, “Free Hugs.”



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    Quick Life Lessons: 1

    in Entertainment

    The first episode of "Quick Life Lessons" with K and J! Tune in and makes sure to tweet us at @quicklessonsKJ or #quicklessonsjk with topic analysis! We will be covering sports along with other pop culture topics in todays broadcast. 

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