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  • 01:58

    Road to the 150th Episode: Aquatic Wetline Special 50th Episode Replay

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    On this episode of the Aquatic Wetline, Oscar Alex will give us 1 last episode before our big HISTORIC 150th episode! Tonight we celebrate a flashback to our 50th episode which saw the Aquatic Wetline going premium for the first time ever. Plus, for the first time ever on our 50th episode Alex and James awared prizes to some of our callers. If you did not know about the Aquatic Wetline back then, you can experience the fun for yourself tonight. What made the 50th episode so special? Listen in to hear about it yourself.



  • 01:33

    Aquatic Wetline and Aqua Alex Present: Best of 2014

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    Another year has come and gone for the Aquatic Wetline. The Aquatic Wetline is NOW over a year old. Host, CEO and owner of the Aquatic Wetline, Aqua Alex would like to end the year on a high note and do one awesome episode to celebrate a great year Aquatic Wetline has had. In 2014, Aqua Alex has had many great guests, callers, LIVE ON LOCATION broadcasts, and more!

    On this episode, Aqua Alex will reflect on the past year and offer his thoughts on where the Aquatic Wetline will look to go in 2015, have a fish discussion, and present to you the very first Aquatic Wetline Awards. That's right we will have our own awards.

    Categories will be for the following:

    - Best Episode of 2014

    -Best Guest of 2014

    -Best Co-host of 2014

    - Best Surprise caller of the Year

    - Best sponsor of 2014


  • 02:41

    Aquatic Wetline's 100th Episode Celebration Party

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    On this episode of Aquatic Wetline, Aqua Alex and the Aquatic Wetline is proud to celebrate 100 great episodes! This is our 100th episode! Aqua Alex has worked so hard to get here and we will have an awesome show to celebrate 100 episodes! This is going to be 2 hours of fun put together for all of our loyal listeners who made the Aquatic Wetline produce 100 great episodes. Crayfishman James Jones Returns to serve as a special Co-host for the 100th episode.

    What is Planned for the 100th episode:

    -Crayfish Man James Jones To Serve as Co-host for the 100th episode

    - Discus Man William T. To be special guest at 8:15 PM EST. William will discuss the importance of water changes.

    - Blast from the Past where we will play some of our past callers

    - Aqua Alex and Crayfishman James will discuss the Lungfish, and fancy Plecos.

    - Corydoras Breeder Lynn Matheny will be the guest at 9:15 PM EST.

    - Discussion on tropical fish.




  • 02:37

    Aqua Alex Reunites With Aquatic Wetline!

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    Aqua Alex returns as host to the Aquatic Wetline! Alex is proud that he and Jimmy will be the new hosts of Aquatic Wetline! Why is Alex back as a host of Aquatic Wetline? Find out why  right on this episode! This will be a 2 hour extranaganza. 

    Agenda for the show is like this:

    - There will be guests.

    -Discus Man William T LIVE at 8:15 PM EST

    Josh Rodriguez owner of Blue View Aquatics LIVE after announcement

    Surpise special guest LIVE at 9:15 PM EST!


    - Discussion of future show plans

    -LIVE On air callers

    And more! This will be a fun show!

    Call in at 347-989-8142 dial 1!

  • 00:58

    Aquatic Wetline Presents:2014 Thanksgiving Special

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    On this episode of Aquatic Wetline, Aqua Alex and Aquatic Wetline will be celebrating Thanksgiving with this very special episode. Alex loves Thanksgiving and is happy to host a fun show dedicated to Thanksgiving!  THIS WILL BE AN OFF TOPIC SHOW SO LISTEN ACCORDINGLY!

    On this show, Aqua Alex will discuss how Thanksgiving originated, what he likes about Thanksgiving, what he is thank ful for in the fish hobby, and much more! This will be a fun show!

    You can call in LIVE at 347-989-8142 dial 1 to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving!

  • 00:57

    Aquatic Wetline Special: LIVE Broadcast from Fish Frenzy Tropical Fish

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    On this awesome episode of Aquatic Wetline, this will be the final LIVE on LOCATION broadcast for 2014! Aqua Alex will be broadcasting LIVE from the brand new Fish Frenzy Tropical Fish Located in South Hadley MA. Fish Frenzy has relocated from Ludlow MA to South Hadley MA. Alex has known the owner of Fish Frenzy for many years now and he is eager to broadcast LIVE from Fish Frenzy.

    Aqua Alex and Fish Frenzy Owner Mr. Ed Pecord will discuss the history of Fish Frenzy and when it first opened it's doors, Ed will explain the process of running a fish store, and much more! This will be an awesome show!

    You can call in LIVE at 347-989-8142 dial 1 to ask questions!



  • 00:36

    Aquatic Wetline Special: Discussion on Pike Cichlids!

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    On this episode of Aquatic Wetline, the new show host for Saturday Mr. Jimmy Cardinale debuts. Jimmy wants to discuss one of his personal favorite fish on his first episode. Jimmy will be discussing the pike cichlid! Pike cichlids are a wonderful cichlid that comes from South America! Pike cichlids are very common in the aquarium hobby and are loved by everyone! 

    Jimmy will discuss the kinds of pike cichlids, how to care for pike cichlids, tankmates for pikes and more!

    You can call in LIVE at 347-989-8142 to ask questions!

  • 01:04

    Aquatic Wetline Presents:2014 October Cancer Awareness

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    On this very special episode of Aquatic Wetline, we will pay tribute to all those who have cancer or have lost their lifes to cancer. Cancer is a very tough illness that no one should ever have to experience. Alex has been affected by cancer as he lost his grandmother 2 years ago. We will pay our tributes to cancer by putting together an awesome show and do many moments of silence for those who've lost the battle.

    Topics for this show will include: different kinds of cancer, how to avoid getting cancer, how to comfort those with cancer, how fish can help calm those with cancer, and more!

    You can call in at 347-989-8142 dial 1!

  • 01:30

    The Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show

    in Entertainment

    The Last episode of The Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show to be heard on The Wacko Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio will be next week Sunday November 22nd 2015 at Midnight Europe Time, 11 PM UK Time, 6 PM EST, 5 PM CST, 4 PM MST, 3 PM PST as Wacko Bob Produces the show for the co hosts Jungle Jim Carmark of Jungle Jim's Fish Room and Willy The Beast Forrest as they will be joined by scheduled guest Mr Nelson Fletcher of Canadian Aquatic Auctions and Classifieds for a discussion about classified news, forums, internet groups and auctions that are involved with the Aquaculture Industry.

    The Wacko Radio Network will be moving to Mixlr as of Thanksgiving Show on Thursday November 26th 2015 that is hosted by Wacko Bob


  • 01:57

    American Variety Network Celebration: 250th Episode American Bash

    in Podcasting

    The American Variety Network is exteremly proud to celebrate a small milestone of reaching 250 episodes!!! What started out as a small time fish keeping show known as the Aquatic Wetline has grown very well into the first original American network on Blogtalkradio  created and  operated by yours truly Alex Cardinale! The American Variety Network was created to reach a broad variety of listeners and to focus on a variety of topics, it's pretty safe to say that not only is the American Variety Network growing but we are also reaching more and more families and we are becoming friends with all of you our listeners! You are all invited to be a part of history as tonight the American Variety Network celebrates it's 250th episode with a bash and it will also lay the groundwork for future awesome expectations and for the future.

    JOIN THE PARTY!!!! What's planned for the 250th Episode:

    -3 Special Surprise Guests, 1 of whom will be BROADCASTING LIVE from the 2015 Ohio Cichlid Association Extravaganza!!

    - Comedy jokes and plenty of Laughs and fun!

    -Blast from the Past audio clips...... funny moments, good past callers, and more!

    -Topics to be discussed: what I am thankful for, who has helped me in podcasting career, and more!!

    Enjoy the 250th episode, listeners you and I both celebrate some awesome episodes!


  • 00:58

    ClearHeartLife w Godis ShaniAsantewaa> Is World Peace Possible after Colonialism

    in Self Help

    Is World Peace Possible after Colonialism? What will it take to ave a world that works for everyone?


    ClearHeartLife w/ Godis Shani Asantewaa Strothers. Practically APPLY metaphysical techniques to AFFIRM LIFE, Health, Wealth, Relations, Creative Self-Expression, Community, Effective Strategic ACTION. No lamentations nor mere observations. Cultivating Self LOVE, we Graciously Accept our blissful Divine Inheritance; Illuminate events of the day to derive metaphysical messages, lessons, blissings & solutions that enlighten; Speak our Holy Word INVENTING our NOW of Respect Honor Grace & Prosperity & Resume our duties as earthkeepers, powerbrokers & game changers. Book Renaissance Woman~Yogini Godis Shani Asantewaa Strothers Mother of 4, Metaphysician, Psychic Surgeon, Civil Engineer (MIT '84), Belly Dance Therapist, Environmentalist, Organic Coop Cofounder, Chef, Artist, Permaculturist, Inventor, Prepper, Culture Doyenne, Manufacturer of Natural Compounds, Lecturer & Author now  215.253.2134

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