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  • APR OTR Christmas Adventures

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    APR OTR Christmas Adventures

    Tonight we have picked 5 Christmas themed old time radio shows for your enjoyment starting with Norman Corwin the Plot to Overthrow Christmas, followed by:

    Dragnet, Big Little Jesus

    New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes the Adventure of the Christmas Bride

    Phil Harris & Alice Faye Will the Real Santa Please Stand Up

    And rounding out the evening with none other then Red Skelton show The Little Christmas Tree.

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    APR News Special Episode---Jory Takes Ill with Drug Allergy.

    in Psychology

    The last two days were totally uncomfortable, It appears the host has suffered from his first drug allergy. Jory will discuss this and a whole lot more in this 30 minute episode on drug allergies to certain psychotropic drugs. Jory will also tell about his coarse of treatment for this blunder, here on APR.

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    APR Inside Look at Discrimination Against the Mentally Disabled.

    in Psychology

    As a disabled veteran, you would think that I would have no problem landing a job, girlfriend/wife, or a nice place to live. Not bad returns for good deeds either, but I am sure that everyone has experienced it, and that is discrimination. Discrimination among the mentally ill or physically challenged people happens everyday and is hard to prove. So what is this show all about? It will be about discrimination amongst the mentally ill. Since it is more acceptable to have physical ailments in society, we will leave the people in that category alone, and worry only about discrimination with mentally ill. This will be a 30 minute episode with host Jory and there will be no phonecalls this show.

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    Francais & English ! L'heure de Minuit--Agneau Parfait--Prophete Owuor

    in Christianity

    L'Éternel dit à Moïse et à Aaron dans le pays d'Égypte:  2 Ce mois-ci sera pour vous le premier des mois; il sera pour vous le premier des mois de l'année. 3 Parlez à toute l'assemblée d'Israël, et dites: Le dixième jour de ce mois, on prendra un agneau pour chaque famille, un agneau pour chaque maison. 4 Si la maison est trop peu nombreuse pour un agneau, on le prendra avec son plus proche voisin, selon le nombre des personnes; vous compterez pour cet agneau d'après ce que chacun peut manger. 5 Ce sera un agneau sans défaut, mâle, âgé d'un an; vous pourrez prendre un agneau ou un chevreau. 6 Vous le garderez jusqu'au quatorzième jour de ce mois; et toute l'assemblée d'Israël l'immolera entre les deux soirs. 7 On prendra de son sang, et on en mettra sur les deux poteaux et sur le linteau de la porte des maisons où on le mangera.

    13 Le sang vous servira de signe sur les maisons où vous serez; je verrai le sang, et je passerai par-dessus vous, et il n'y aura point de plaie qui vous détruise, quand je frapperai le pays d'Égypte.



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    APR Open Thoughts with Jory--The testing of the new microphone system.

    in Psychology

    We have been waiting for them, and yes we now have them and that is new microphones for the studio. In this 30 minute episode, Jory will discuss his random, open thoughts that come to mind with listeners over the new mics. In addition, this will be a make up show to replace the one where startup audio failed in the last episode. Regular scheduled Saturday shows will resume after this 30 minute test run episode with Jory.

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    Vong Quanh The Gioi - 10.09.15

    in Travel

    u?ng trình v? chuy?n di Tân Tây Lan và Úc châu m?i tr? v? v?i Simone Nga - Vi?t Hùng & Qu?nh Nhu.

    Gi?i thi?u v? nh?ng hành trình tours mùa xuân 2016.
    - Nh?t B?n - Singapore - Korea (21 Mar - 03 Apr)
    - Nh?t B?n - Taiwan - Hongkong - Macau (21 Mar - 05 Apr)
    - Nh?t B?n - Bali - Korea ( 28 Mar - 11 Apr)
    - Nh?t B?n mùa xuân (02 Apr - 12 Apr)
    - Nh?t B?n - Bali - Singapore (03 Apr - 17 Apr)

    Gi?i thi?u Tour Croatia - Montenegro - Slovinia - Bosnia & Herzegovia - Italy. (16 Apr - 30 Apr) qua ph?n trình bày c?a Hoàng Linh v? V?nh Kotor Bay.

    Tìm v? cu?i ngu?n c?a bài ca Autumn Leaves mà tác gi? là Joseph Kocma, ngu?i Hung-gia-l?i qua ph?n trình bày c?a Qu?nh Nhu.

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    Francias & English, Prophétie du Messie, Prophete Dr. Owuor

    in Christianity

    Jean 8:58

    Jésus leur dit: En vérité, en vérité, je vous le dis, avant qu'Abraham fût, je suis.

    Genèse 14:17-20

    Après qu'Abram fut revenu vainqueur de Kedorlaomer et des rois qui étaient avec lui, le roi de Sodome sortit à sa rencontre dans la vallée de Schavé, qui est la vallée du roi. Melchisédek, roi de Salem, fit apporter du pain et du vin: il était sacrificateur du Dieu Très Haut. Il bénit Abram, et dit: Béni soit Abram par le Dieu Très Haut, maître du ciel et de la terre! Béni soit le Dieu Très Haut, qui a livré tes ennemis entre tes mains! Et Abram lui donna la dîme de tout.





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    Anger Issues and What Sets Us Off--APR Special on Anger Management.

    in Psychology

    Lets face it, we have all been lead down an angry road from time to time. Maybe it was a lack of sleep, or a substantial setback, or may have even been a bad day......you name it, we all get mad, angry or upset-whatever you call it, there are ways to help deal with anger and cope with it. In this 30 minute episode, Jory will talk about his anger issues and what he has done about channeling anger away in a healthy manner. Remember, everyone gets angry from time to time, but it is up to us or whoever to deal with it in the most positive manner possible. No phonecalls this episode which runs for 30 minutes

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    PMP: Shanda Hahn Kinkade - Organizing Pagan Pride Day in a Conservative State

    in Spirituality

    Join RevKess & KaliSara to talk with Shanda Hahn Kinkade about her experience organizing Pagan Pride Days in a conservative area. Shanda has organized PPD in mid-Nebraska for three years and helped organize the PPD in Omaha this year.

    Shanda began her journey on the Pagan Path in 1989, exploring a variety of traditions. She is an eclectic Pagan who waivers between Pantheism & Nontheism. Her practice is Grey Witchcraft with focus on balance, the 4 elements, animism, humanism, and the moon with a pinch of Hedge Witch tossed in for good measure.

    She created the online group Wiccans in Nebraska (WINEB) in 2002. She joined the Rural Nebraska Witches’ Group (RNWG) via meetup.com in Mar 2007, and became co-organizer in Sept of that year. Apr 2013, she became a ritualist with Prairie Star Circle and later became lead ritualist (Jun 2013) before taking over all leading aspects Dec 2013.

    Shanda has conducted workshops and classes, led group rituals, organized adult night-out events, ran a divination study group, presided over weddings, and taught a multiple-day seminar on Ritualist & Leadership training.

    After a move in 2014, Shanda is still co-organizer of RNWG with most work being behind the scenes and she has remained the Local Coordinator for Kearney Area Pagan Pride. She is Secretary for the Black Hat Society of Omaha, a member of the Pagan Pride Day Omaha planning committee, and attends rituals with a local Druid Group, Prairie Shadow Grove.

  • APR Overview: Jory's Psychiatric Records from the 90's.

    in Psychology

    For each and every psychiatric patient, there is paperwork....and lots of it. In this episode, Jory will go thru some of his old records with the doctor for discussion and how the treatment plan differs now than from then. An outline of the old treatment plan will be compared to with the one that is currently in place. Jory will also provide a list of every doctor he has seen as well as an outcome for which particular treatment plans have been implemeted. Show runs for 30 minutes.

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    Bob Paff on Centertainment via NiACOM on Apr 3, 2015 @ 7pm CST!

    in Entertainment

    Bob Paff on Centertainment via NiACOM on Apr 3, 2015 @ 7pm CST!

    Nationally recognized in the field of insurance and benefits working in the industry for over thirty years, Bob has become a highly sought-after speaker on a variety of topics whose inspiring and empowering messages have reached a diverse list of prominent institutions such as Johns Hopkins University Hospital and PNC Bank as well as sharing the stage with New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Dr. Ben Carson. He is also an author, blogger and social media contributor.

    Bob has been featured on the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey show, on a “Competitive Edge” segment on Fox 45 TV, WBAL’s “Good Day Baltimore” and MPT’s “Money & Business” as well as having had his own CBS Radio show “Communicating To Win”, among other media engagements.  These appearances have opened the door for his modeling, acting and voice over career.

    Cyrus Webb, Host of Conversations Live writes about Paff's book...."In his new book COMMUNICATING TO WIN: In Life, Love & Business, Bob Paff examines what it means to really communicate, and how it affects every aspect of our lives.

    The book uses his life as a basis for the discussion, showing how by wanting to bring your personal best to life in general it shows itself in everything that you do. He also draws on the examples of others we have heard or read about who have beaten the odds and made a difference in the world, even though they faced obstacles and had to weather adversities.

    COMMUNICATING TO WIN shows that to be a great communicator it begins with yourself. You have to be clear what you want and make sure the way you are living and the decisions you make are in line with that...(more on Amazon.com)

    Tune in by clicking link or call in at 323-693-3830 and press "1" to be a part of our interactive audience!