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    Jordan King interviews Aphrodite Jones

    in Entertainment

    Jordan King will be talking to Aphrodite Jones' about her show on the ID network called True Crime which is in its 4th season! And you can visit Jordan King's future podcasts with Aphrodite on BlogTalkRadio to get her take on 'Wade' accusing the Late Michael Jackson of abuse long after he testified under oath 3 times that nothing had happened and has also filed a Creditors Claim to ask The Jackson Estate for a lot of money. Aphrodite Jones wrote a book about Michael Jackson in 2007 saying he was railroaded. She caught the accuser Lying under oath. The woman also sued JC Penny and had been a Welfare Cheat. Aphrodite Jones is a NY Times best seller. This podcast is being simulcast here on SyndicatedNews.NET's Blog Talk page with Jordan King's permission. All rights are reserved to Jordan King.  

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    The Donald Sterling Fiasco,Chris Brown w/ Aphrodite Jones onKingJordanRadio 5-1-

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    The Donald Sterling Fiasco,Chris Brown w/ Aphrodite Jones onKingJordanRadio 5-1-14

    The Story that is trending world Wide so. The Owner of The NBA team LA Clippers

    Don Sterling was audio tapped  by his ex girlfriend.  taping a caught on Audio Tape saying to his then girlfriend not to bring Blacks,The Lady who recorded  him is suing him for 1.5 million The Story is being Covered by The President ,CNN,ESPN ,Plus Will Look at The Rise and fall of Singer Chris Brown


     "Twitter @MrKingJordan

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    Facebook.com/KingJordanRadio Twitter @MrKingJordan

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    January Jones-Beating Holiday Depression

    in Self Help

    January Jones - Holidays & Depression

    Life is a journey and sometimes that journey can be rough. The devastation's of life can throw you into a deep valley that you can't get out of. "Finding Joy" will help you find your way out of the valley and help you find healing along the way.

    Jim Bender shares the personal story of a premature baby whose fight to survive will inspire you and lift your spirits. "Finding Joy" will encourage, uplift and guide you and will help you find healing, hope, purpose and, of course, joy


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    The Yvette W. Jones Show Welcomes Riskie Forever & Tavis "Big Boss" Hunter

    in Radio

    Yvette W. Jones talks to Riskie Forever and Tavis "Big Boss" Hunter about their success in the entertainment industry.  Tune in as Riskie Forever discusses how his gift of artistry opened the door to Tha Ink Well. Also, Tavis "Big Boss" Hunter shares his music and latest projects, including being the successful camera man behind YouTube Sensation, Cooking with Auntie Fee. Tune in Sunday, December 14th at 6pm EST and empower your mind to live well!




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    Aphrodite Jones visits Ruthie DiTucci at the Zimmerman Trial

    in Current Events

    We are thrilled to have Aphrodite Jones join us 2 days in a row at the State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman Murder Trial. SyndicatedNews.NET has been to every hearing and to every court date (we have never missed one day). George Zimmerman, told Sean Hannity that he knew nothing about the Stand Your Ground Law.  That's interesting considering his professor, whom taught George Zimmerman about "Stand Your Ground Law, taught him from a book that features "Chapter 7 - Stand Your Ground Law". Today, Sybrina Fulton took the stand and identified the screaming as that of her son Trayvon Martin's. It was a moving moment and even the most seasoned journalist in the room had a lump in his or her throat. The Prosecution rested today and Judge Debra Nelson denied the motion to acquit. She said that there was enough evidence both actual and circumstancial to turn the case over to the jury. Today was the first day that George Zimmerman wasn't laughing in court. Examine Trayvon's photos - he has slight fuzz on his chin but still had no mature secondary sexual characteristics because he was only a boy the day he was killed. We never changed his file's name. We named it CHILD on February 26 because he was a child the day he was killed & it's still named CHILD. CLICK THIS LINK BELOW DAILY from 9AM to 5PM EST: http://syndicatednews.net/zimmerman-livestream/
    Crime Scene Photos (Warning Graphic)
    Episode classified as MATURE due to photos.

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    January Jones - Loss of A Pet

    in Paranormal

    January Jones - The Soul of Your Pet

    Paranormal Animal Stories 

    Scott S. Smith, author of The Soul of Your Pet and Extraordinary People. is a freelance business journalist whose 1,200 articles have appeared in 175 publications, including Investor’s Business Daily, Success, Entrepreneur, Chief Executive, American Heritage of Invention & Technology Way. 

    Scott discusses the trauma of losing a pet and shares fascinating paranormal stories of pets who have communicated from the beyond. If you have ever lost a pet & are dealing with grief this show will help you.


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    January Jones with Ash in The City!

    in Entertainment

    January Jones-Silver Seas-Entertainer

    Ash In The City

    Let Me Entertain You

    Ashley remembers thinking when she was a kid, “wow… I bet it would be fun to make people laugh as your job.”  Originally from California’s East Bay Area, she began studying music at a young age, playing piano in sonata competitions.

    After graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in voice and experience performing with Opera Santa Barbara, it was not a difficult decision to make the move to New York City. Ashley performs all over the Big Apple, be it singing or acting.

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    January Jones-Ring EXchange-Pam Evans

    in Family

    January Jones-Ring EXchange-Pam Evans

    January Jones is pleased to welcome back for the second time around…Pam Evans.  She’s the Author of Ring EXchange – Adventures of a Multiple Marrier which is a book about Pam’s own journey and the missteps she made that led to four marriages and four divorces before her 50th birthday. 

    Pam did the hard work of self-discovery and reflection about her past choices that eventually led her to some important realizations about her relationship and marriage patterns.

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    Aphrodite Jones on King Jordan Radio 1-15-2014

    in Entertainment

    Aphrodite Jones will be finishing up her showthis week True Crime on the ID Network

    The series follows Jones, who’s written a string of best-selling true crime books, as she unravels new mysteries lurking behind cases that shocked America: O.J. Simpson, Scott Peterson, Jon Benet Ramsey, Phil Spector, Michael Jackson.

    She was also on Americas Most Wanted and worked on Fox

    We will be discussing some of the latest cases that are in the news today. The shooting in the Florida movie theatre,

    She will also be covering the Madeline McCann kidnapping case from 2007.

    This is very exciting show and Aphrodite Jones is one of the top Crime Journalist on televison today who has millions

    of fans around the world.
    AJ doing an MJC book giveaway for the finale


    Twitter @Mr.KingJordan


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    Yvette W. Jones Welcomes Coffee Break w/ Life Coach Wayne J

    in Radio

    Yvette W. Jones welcomes Life Coach Wayne J to The Yvette W. Jones Show, Monday-Friday.

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    January Jones-Think Forward to Thrive

    in Self Help

    January Jones-Think Forward to Thrive

    In the landmark book Think Forward to Thrive: How to Use the Mind's Power of Anticipation to Transcend Your Past and Transform Your Life Dr. Jennice Vilhauer, Emory University psychologist, says you can train yourself to set your sights on the future, which can be the actual determination of your life to come. By thinking about and visualizing the future, the mind begins to create the problem-solving steps and thoughts that can actualize what you DO desire, not what you fear will occur from your past.  In other words, it's time to step on the gas, and get out of reverse!

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