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    Gazans refuse to rent apartments to Hamas

    in Politics

    Gazans refuse to lease apartment buildings to Hamas. Gazans tried to get Hamas out of their residential areas out of fear of Israeli bombing [if big bad Israel kills Arabs in Gaza indicriminately, as what Pallywood propagandists say, then why is the fear of an Israeli bombing getting them to get rid of Hamas? Answer is because Israel doesn't target civilians]. Musa Abu Marzook, political leader of Hamas, says that it's worrying that Gazans won't allow themselves to be used as human shields anymore and blames it on the fictious "occupation" [never mind that Israel left Gaza in 2005]. He had the gall to say that "Palestinians" should be indebted to the "resistance fighters" i.e. the terrorists. For what? For using them as human shields and for firing rockets from their residential neighborhoods? For lynching any Arab who doesn't support their terrorist agenda by just saying that they're "colalborators" of Israel? In this episode, I will analyze the situation of Gazans demanding that Hamas leave their residential area and Mazook's full of crap responses that only far leftist morons and other Pallywood dummies could believe.

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    Girl’s Guide to Paris Trends

    in Travel

    Grab your mother, daughter or BFFs and hit the City of Lights in this special Travel Brigade episode focusing on a Girlfriend’s Getaway that takes in all of the hottest trends in Paris. We’ve got interviews with experts on what’s happening in the arts scene, cool neighborhoods to hang out in, restaurants to try and unique spa experiences you’ll love. We’ll even tell you how to rent your own apartment in the city for your next trip so you can feel like a local. Enjoy the trip! Follow us on Twitter @TravelBrigade.

    Girls Guide to Paris


    Chef Justin Kent


    O' Kari Hammam


    Hotel Edgar


    Susan Shup


    Grace Teshima Gallery


    Muse of Paris - Apartment in St Germain des Pres





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    Bert joined by Floyd Smith, Tom Skerritt, Patricia Tello and Lance Edwards

    in Business

    Floyd Smith CEO of Petron Energy II, Inc. back on the show, the stock symbol is “PEII” the company is in the oil and gas space

    Dr. Patricia Tello  TV host of "Patricia Tello en un minuto".  Doctor in Natural Medicine. She practices what she calls "The Therapy of Love". Best selling author of theThe Winning Way with Brian Tracy, and soon will be publishing her new book "Quantum Love". The New Medicine, that will be published in both English and Spanish

    Tom Skerritt is an award winning actor who has appeared in more than forty films and more than two hundred television episodes since 1962.  He is known for his roles in MASH, Alien, Top Gun, A River Runs Through It, Steel Magnolia, and the television series Picket Fences

    Lance Edwards  #1 best-selling author of How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments.  He’s been involved with apartments since 2002. His first real estate deal was a small apartment – a 4-plex he bought nothing down. He’s done deals ranging from 3 units to nearly 300 units. He started part-time while working a demanding corporate job and within 3 years retired from corporate America, thanks to small apartments. He’s been teaching and coaching apartments since 2007. The largest deal he’s done with students is a $11 million flip with 2 students

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    ClearHeartLife w GodIs ShaniAsantewaa: Be Still & Know We Are Gods5: DeClutter!

    in Self Help

    Prosperity House Cleaning and Business Plans too! whew action packed!

    #mikebrown #ferguson #Blacklivesmatter #handsupdontshoot

    Be Still & Know We Are Gods5:

    Make way for Creation ~ De CLUTTER as Preparation for SURVIVAL

    ClearHeartLife w/ Godis Shani Asantewaa Strothers. Practically APPLY metaphysical techniques to AFFIRM LIFE, Health, Wealth, Relations, Creative Self-Expression, Community, Effective Strategic ACTION. No lamentations nor mere observations. Cultivating Self LOVE, we Graciously Accept our blissful Divine Inheritance; Illuminate events of the day to derive metaphysical messages, lessons, blissings & solutions that enlighten; Speak our Holy Word INVENTING our NOW of Respect Honor Grace & Prosperity & Resume our duties as earthkeepers, powerbrokers & game changers.

    Book Renaissance Woman~Yogini Godis Shani Asantewaa Strothers Mother of 4, Metaphysician, Psychic Surgeon, Civil Engineer (MIT '84), Belly Dance Therapist, Environmentalist, Organic Coop Cofounder, Chef, Artist, Permaculturist, Inventor, Prepper, Culture Doyenne, Manufacturer of Natural Compounds, Lecturer & Author now  215.253.2134

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    Urban Therapy with Sun #113 A House, An Apartment, A Room, A Shelter or Homeless

    in Real Estate

    This week's show will take a hard look at our living quarters and what we come to get used to vs what we may be forced into getting used to.

    Is a house a house as far as you're concerned?

    Do people who grow up in houses usually insist on living in houses for the rest of their lives?
    Is an apartment an apartment even if it's a housing project?

    Is living with someone the same as having your own place as far as you're concerned?

    Do we look down on people who rent rooms?

    What exactly does being homeless mean to you? Are people who are homeless usually on drugs or crazy? Is it their fault?

    How do people look at people who rent  vs those who own and what factors influence the decision to do either?

    What's up with Section 8 housing? Do you think it's a good program? Do you think that they should be combined with regular renters?

    How dot landlords, real estate companies and housing authorities view all oft these situations?

    Be sure to check out this very interesting show that will be unlike any other you have heard before.

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    Feng Shui for Small Spaces

    in Self Help

    Do you live in a small home or apartment and feel like there is no space to apply feng shui principles? Do you feel like you have so much stuff packed into your smaller home that there is absolutely nowhere to move your furniture or arrange your items according to feng shui principles? Today, we will give you several tips and pointers to solve some of these challenges and address the myth that Feng Shui doesn’t work in small spaces.

    Listen in on Sunday, December 7 at 6:00 pm ET as Felicia D’Haiti, Master Teacher of Interior Alignment, speaks with Blanka Vun Kannon, Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment, about her experiences in her own spaces and in those of clients in creating a home for your soul in small homes and apartments.


    About Felicia: Felicia D’Haiti is a Master Teacher of Interior Alignment®, holding certification programs in the Washington, DC Metro area. She provides feng shui and space clearing services, both on-site and distance as well as workshops on topics including Feng Shui, Clutter Clearing for Clarity and Prosperity, and more. To connect with Felicia, visit her website: www.feliciadhaiti.com, or her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/SoulTransformations.

    About Blanka: Blanka Vun Kannon is a Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment® and personal empowerment coach specialized in helping others create balance and harmony in their lives and homes. She is personally trained by Denise Linn in Advanced Soul Coaching®. Born and raised in Czechoslovakia, Blanka now lives in Montclair, NJ, USA.  To connect with Blanka, visit her website: www.blankavunkannon.com.

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    College struggles

    in School

    Come tune in and enjoy our segment on college struggles. Be sure to stay tune listening to the main man Joe BOOM on the mic and his lovely co host Ashley , time management , having a job , surviving school at the college level , having a relationship while at college , being in a long distance relationship while at college , housing on college campuses , living in college dorms , living in an apartment while at college , getting along with your roommates , financial problems of making it to college , the food served on college campuses , group projects that turn into individual projects, juggling school and work , the stress of having loans , flex dollers in the mix , meal plans , eatting off campus ,

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    Aquarium Care with Stan Jamrog: Nano Aquariums!

    in Pets

    Today's episode of Aquatic Wetline is dedicated for the fish keepers who live in apartments, dorms, and small living areas. Do you have a tight living space? But are you in a jam because you love to keep fish and you need a fish tank to survive. Well Aqua Alex and Stan Jamrog are here for your rescue. 

    On this episode of Aquarium care with Stan Jamrog, Stan will be talking to us about the fun little tanks known as Nano aquariums. Stan will tell us what you can stock them with, and how you can take care of them!

    Have questions? Call 347-989-8142 dial 1!

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    RHeart Chats w/Crista Flanangan & GH Fan Chat

    in Entertainment

    It's been quite a summer and RHeart is finally back w/a new cohost, Erika Carle!  

    Tonight join us as we chat with Mad Men and MadTV veteran comedian Crista Flanagan, who has a new comedy webseries "The Garden Apartments".  While some view it as a dark comedy, Crista believes her series has heart!  We'll take a look at this new series and chat with creator, writer, producer and star Crista Flanagan!

    Then stick around- it's been quite a while since we've had a fan chat about General Hospital  What has been working and what do you just want to scream about?  We'll be running down our list of greivences!  Taking your calls - 646-200-0145

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    in Entrepreneur

    Today we will talk about properties throughout the nation, have your pen and paper ready for discounted property, bargain property and foreclosures.  We will start with one state at a time and show you homes that are in foreclosure as well as those listed nationally at a bargain price, so to will we talk about building homes, first time buyer homes, and investors then we will lead up to wholesaling in the near future.  Commercial and residential property.  Fixers are in different categories fromgod to bad, we will show you the difference, plus how to finalize expenses!

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    La'Ticia Nicole Beatty - Founder Professional Divas, Inc

    in Radio

    La'Ticia Nicole Beatty a Detroit native may have begun her residency in North Carolina in 1992, with $15.00, four outfits and a dream at Livingstone College, but what could not be foreseen at the time was her evolution to become a business leader and philanthropist.  Beatty who is an executive director of a senior healthcare facility, is also an evangelist, author, motivational speaker and founder of the non-profit organization, Professional Divas, Inc.  In 2013, she describes a vision she had to feed 1,000 families from Durham, NC to other cities across the country during the Thanksgiving holiday. "The purpose of my Professional Divas organization is to provide our members with opportunities to serve others. When I expressed what I wanted to do, the word spread, and friends of mine in other states wanted to join in. We were able to provide food for 2,500 families, instead of the planned 1,000!" Now Beatty and her organization, along with friends in Springfield, MA-Ayanna Crawford; Atlanta, GA-Chandra Southern; Detroit, MI-Ronneshia Carter; Winston-Salem, NC-Keya Jemmeh; Raleigh, NC-Kim Sessoms; Greensboro, NC-Alana Allen; Washington, DC-Trevor Otts; Junctionville, KS-Tamica Jones; Charlotte, NC-RoCarol Manning; and in Colorado Springs, CO-Carbella Cheek, will join forces collectively on November 22, 2014 to provide food for families in need. "Each city joining in this effort with Professional Divas, Inc., has a leader. Here in Durham, NC, our focus will be on the Cornwallis Apartments, where we will be providing food for its 200 residents. In Detroit, MI the leader Ronneshia Granger will decide what area of the city that they will target, and likewise with our other partners," states Beatty.

    In order to fulfill its mission, Beatty has an Eventbrite site set up so that monetary donations can be made to the Thanksgiving "Feed 1,000 Families" event. 

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