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    Inside Your Mind #4: Petting the Peeves

    in Entertainment

    Mr. Pandamonium discusses various pet peeves, what triggers them and why they are so ingrained in the human mind. Call in and voice your opinions!

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    Major coin and Hood Boogers

    in Entertainment

    How is it that in this day and age the slimy, boggery lifestyle is promoted and accepted in social circles world wide? Some people have pimped this lifestyle and acheived rich hood booger status. Are you a booger? Tonight we discuss... wait, tonight we go on a little rant about the annoyances and the need to eradicate this foolishness. tune in!

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    Snag the Job of your Dreams! New You City Chat w/Danielle Mercurio

    in Goals

    Ready for a career change however too overwhelmed with how busy your life is? And worried how you will stand out in this job market? Host Danielle brings on guests Jill Ozovek & Ashley Feinstein to discuss how you can make any major job transition without the lethargy, scatteredness, annoyances or fears that often come with it. You'll take away key strategies you can implement into your daily routine to for quick turnaround to meet your goals. Get ready to snag the job AND life of your dreams AND be happy in the process!

    Jill is a certified career coach at Jill Ozovek Career Coaching, where she works with her clients on finding the career they were born to do. She partners with Millennial and Mid-career women to help them step into a career that’s aligned with their passion and one that also opens them up to limitless career growth. www.jillozovek.com

    Ashley Feinstein is a certified money coach of Knowing Your Worth, where she works in partnership with her clients to demystify the world of personal finance. Together, they build self sustaining businesses and lives by taking courageous actions, living at the source of financial freedom and achieving their most coveted goals. She offers 1:1 coaching programs as well as her 30 Day Money Cleanse.

    Danielle is a highly passionate city lifestyle coach.  She inspires urban dwellers to find their own groove in the chaos and manifest their hopes and dreams into reality.  She uses her own life experience as well as light hearted spirit and wit to encourage people to stop worrying about what other people think, become bolder, and feel complete now.  She specializes in intuitive coaching, guided meditations, and astrological/tarot readings. www.newyoucitycoaching.com

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    Delete Your Cumulative Stress and Pain - Dr. Kam Yuen D.C.

    in Self Help

    FREE Pre-Holiday Live Stream

    DELETE STRESS amid the holiday hustle
    DELETE all negative past holiday experiences and triggers
    How you can over-eat during the holidays, and do so without gaining weight
    DELETE all holiday negative emotions: overwhelm, anxiety, and loneliness
    DELETE (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder

    Pre-2015 New Year’s Special that Will Thrust You into the New Year with Unimaginable Potential

    Activate your physical intelligence, and have the strength behind your RESOLUTIONS so they AUTOMATICALLY become reality and with NO EFFORT  

    Delete the CUMULATIVE EFFECTS of ALL your 2014 baggage on the spot, so it doesn’t carry over into 2015:

    Delete All 2014 Emotions, Sensations, Reactions
    Delete ALL 2014 Negative Life Experiences
    Delete ALL 2014 Choices, Issues, Triggers

    Experience Specific Deletion:

    DELETE REGRETS about decisions you’ve made, actions you’ve taken or choices you’ve selected
    DELETE WORRIES about your future security  
    DELETE DISAPPOINTMENTS that certain wants/needs/desires didn’t materialize
    DELETE STRESSES about finances/relationships/health  
    DELETE DOUBTS about what you’ve done or will do
    DELETE INDECISIVENESS regarding handling undesirable situation
    DELETE REJECTIONS, personal/work-related
    DELETE FRUSTRATIONS over anything/everything
    DELETE HURTS if you’ve been unappreciated/ unloved/unsupported/criticized/suffering from a loss
    DELETE ANNOYANCES from your mate/children/parents/in-laws/boss/co-workers/employees/other


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    The Banner Blitz is Back

    in Internet

    Back at the turn of the century banner ads were everywhere.  You couldn't read a zine or surf a web portal without seeing dozens of banner ads all vying for your attention.  Then in 2003, banner ads were declared as extinct as the dodo bird.  Was this due to the fact that they were ineffective as a source of traffic, or was it more the fact that over time animated ads had become annoying?  Regardless, the bane of in-your-face online ads was over ...Or, was it?  Ten years later, banner ads have resurfaced with a vengeance.  Since 2003, the number and variety of video ads pop-up ads and other online annoyances have grown like a cancer to infect most every major purveyor of information and news.  It's gotten to the point where it's sometimes hard to read the story you clicked on due to all the machinations occuring in front of, above, below and alongside the copy.  If the return of the banner ad blitz has you seeing red, tune into this episode so we can show you how you can fight back.

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    Halloween Fun and Safety Tips for Pets

    in Pets

    It's the last Saturday before Halloween!  In this episode, J and D discuss safety tips to ensure that both you and your pet have a fun and safe Trick or Treat holiday.  Do you know what to look for in an ideal costume for your pet?  Are you aware of what items could present a danger to your pet during this time?  And what about constantly ringing doorbells and noisy children?  What's the best way to shield your pet from such annoyances?  Halloween can be a fun holiday for all family members (the furry and the "not so furry"), by utilizing just a few safety tips.  So be prepared by joining us for this pre-Halloween episode of The Missy Show.  You won't want to miss it--Saturday, October 25th at 5pm Central

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    The Mr. Menace Show - What REALLY Grinds Your Gears?

    in Radio

    To Annoy, Provoke, or Piss someone Off. Most dumb fucks seem to think this originates from a family guy movie, but the TRUTH is that it's been used for decades. Feel free to call 347-215-9774 to add your annoyances and observations from day to day life....., to the most obscure observations 

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    Constructive Wallowing with Tina Gilbertson

    in Self Help

    Coach Cafe' Radio is THE Self Empowerment Place to Meet -Where you Get you Weekly Cup of Inspiration every Friday 11 am eastern on BlogTalk Radio with certified Law of Attraction Life Coaches Kathleen Martin, LOACC and Estra Roell, LOACC.

    We all have negative feelings.  What do you do with yours?  Chances are, when it comes to the small losses, irritations, upsets, and annoyances that the vast majority of us suffer daily and weekly, year in and year out, we say, “It could be worse” or “At least I’ve got my health.” In this effort to look on the bright side, we succeed in cutting ourselves off from the understanding and support we need most.

    Our guest in the Coach Cafe this week, Tina Gilbertson, self-esteem expert and author of Constructive Wallowing: How to Beat Bad Feelings by Letting Yourself Have Them, teaches us that by learning to accept and embrace, rather than suppress, difficult feelings, people can keep their sense of personal power and, better yet, gain greater understanding and ultimately esteem for themselves. Feeling bad can actually lead to feeling better, faster! Join us to find out how!

    Tina Gilbertson holds a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and is a licensed mental health counselor. In addition to working with adults one-on-one, she teaches assertiveness and self-esteem workshops and classes on goal-setting, decision-making, overcoming anxiety and finding the right career. She has written feature articles on emotional intelligence and health for Portland’s Natural Awakenings magazine, and contributes wisdom as a self-esteem expert for online therapist directory GoodTherapy.org. She lives in Portland, Oregon, and can be found online at TinaGilbertson.com.

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    Vista Annoyances....Got Some?

    in Technology

    Do you love Vista but have found that there are a few annoyances that bug you. Well, we do and we do. We don't plan to gripe without offering solutions, however. Listen in as we talk about Vista annoyances and how to fix them. Maybe we'll even help you fix yours!

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    The Gift of Gab! Episode #46 Stress Management and Trigger Happy People

    in Lifestyle

    Do people upset you in traffic? Do you go into grouch mode when hungry? Do common every day annoyances upset you and pull your trigger? You only have so much time, energy, and resources, so why waste it on unnecessary trigger points when you can use it to live your life for your priorities and focus on what truly matters in life. Learn to release what isn't necessary and improve not just your life, but your health and stress levels, too! Tune in now!


    The Gift of Gab is where you'll start your week off right!

    Christine Pechstein is a faith-based life coach specializing in life and stress management. She loves teaching people to persevere despite the set backs and challenges life will inevitably bring, and she isn't afraid to use an honest and transparent approach in her teaching. Be sure to listen in as she challenges you to live a life well managed, leave your stresses behind, PUSH past your obtacles, overcome your fears, live with passion as you take charge of your life, and talk about a variety of other things that require transparancy, guts, and of course, the gift of gab!

    She is the founder of Move Into Action, and is a Life and Stress Management Coach, Author, Speaker, Preacher, and body builder with a passion for building up the body of Christ.

    Got a life management question you'd like her to answer or a topic in mind? Contact her now!

    Learn about Christine's online Life Management journey now!

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    Why Am I Still Single?

    in Relationships

    Has it been a while since you've been in a serious relationship?

    With every passing birthday, do you wonder when or if you'll ever get married?

    Are you tired of family and friends asking why you haven't been snatched up by someone yet?

    These are just some of the annoyances that single men and women go through. But what is one to do? The online dating scene seems to be all the rage, but maybe you're unsure about going that route. Perhaps you work so much, you never have the time to socialize and make new acquaintances. If you've already experienced a bad break-up, you may be a little timid about testing the waters again.

    Whichever dilemma fits your life, you'll find help today. That's right! We've got Christian Relationship Coach, Nancy Pina, author of Attract the Lasting Love of Your Life, here to answer your questions about relationships from the single person's perspective.

    Call 646-716-6910 or chat with us LIVE during the broadcast in our chat room.

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