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    WriteSpa and Angil Tarach-Ritchey

    in Writing

    Angil Tarach-Ritchey RN, GCM, has been caring and advocating for seniors since 1977. She’s a best-selling author, speaker, and consultant. She has worked in every area of eldercare.  Beginning with her first job as a nurses aide in a nursing home, she went on to work with developmentally disabled seniors, and as a home health and hospice nurse. She’s also worked in an acute psychiatric prison hospital and eventually opened a senior homecare agency which she owned and directed for 10 years, and was recognized several years in a row for Excellence in Homecare.

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    PMP: Telergy and Hypatia - history meets progrock

    in Spirituality

    ProRock composer and producer Robert McClung joins PMPChannel to talk about Telergy's newest epic musical adventure, Hypatia. Telergy is currently conducting an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the $4000 required to produce and press the album. Telergy's first epic musical release was Exodus followed by Legend of Goody Cole. Both fantastic tellings of their stories with music and spoken word. Hypatia is another project that takes a story from history and translates into progrock and voice acting, featuring a amazing array of talents: 

    Durga McBroom-Hudson (Pink Floyd, Blue Pearl)

    Scott Page (Pink Floyd, Toto, Supertramp)

    Oliver Wakeman (Yes)

    David Ragsdale (Kansas)

    Parker Lundgren (Queensryche)

    Anna Phoebe (Jethro Tull, Trans-Siberian Orchstra)

    Chris Caffery (Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

    Angus Clark (Kitaro, Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

    Bryan Hicks (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

    Corey Glover (Living Colour) 

    Mike LePond (Symphony X, Silent Assasins)

    Oliver Holzwarth (Rhapsody of Fire, Blind Guardian)

    Oliver Palotai (Kamelot)

    Blake Carpenter (The Minstrel’s Ghost, Corvus Stone)

    Mattan Klein (world renown jazz flutist)

    Mac Ritchey (Esthema)

    "The latest album from the progressive rock project, Telergy, tells the tragic tale of Hypatia of Alexandria. A legendary mathematician, astronomer, philosopher and teacher from ancient times who met a violent end in 415 AD."

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    Al Diaz, Matt Ritchey share insights on Rewrite Your Story with More Fun!

    in Lifestyle

    Wednesday, January 14th  10am PST

    Al Diaz and Matt Ritchey share their insights on Rewrite Your Story with More Fun!

    Matt Ritchey is a Lifestyle Architect, Entrepreneur, and Lover of Life.

    As a master NLP practitioner he helps people breakthrough to their higher self and take massive action.

    His biggest breakthroughs come when he travels the globe; meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and learning from the masters of the world are some of his favorite things in life!


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    Al Diaz, Matt Ritchey "Radical Awareness"

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and co-host Matt Ritchey share their insights on "Radical Awareness"

    Thursday, March 27th 9am PST

    Matt Ritchey is a lover of life. He believes there is greatness within each of us; he enjoys helping others uncover their purpose and propelling them into greatness.

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    Gabriello Pitman/Angil Ritchey/Mike Precise/Remains of Jade/James Hill

    in Entertainment

    Gabriello Pitman is a hypnotist and psychological illusionist. He is a professional entertainer with over five years of experience in entertainment and promotion. - 
    Angil Tarach-Ritcheyis a RN, GCM Eldercare Expert, Author, Speaker, Consultant Best-Selling Books by Angil "Behind the Old Face: Aging in America and the Coming Elder Boom" which is a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2013!
    Mike is a SEO / Social Media Expert as well as host Rawe Feed Radio on 99.3 KCLA FM 99.3 and am the CEO of Rawe Feed Entertainment and VP of EZWay Promotions
    ROJ is a featured up-and-coming act on the Independent Music Network'sAugust Radio Special (national broadcast).
    J L Hill opens the doors to a true understanding of cultural diversity in a world where gr&

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    Al Diaz, Matt Ritchey " What is Possible in One Year?"

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and co-host Matt Ritchey share their insights on "What is Possible in One Year?"

    Friday, December 20th  10am PST

    Matt Ritchey loves people. He is passionate about raising the consciousness of the planet and having as much fun as possible along the way! www.bestliferoadmap.com

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    The On Deck Circle: Episode One

    in Baseball

    FanSided's District On Deck takes to podcasting for it's first ever episode of "The On Deck Circle". Host Ryan Ritchey and co-host Luke Jett will discuss the Doug Fister trade with guest Matt Snyder from Motor City Bengals on FanSided. They will also give a quick preview of the Winter Meetings for the Nationals.

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    The Hockey Guys Weekly Podcast #12

    in Hockey

    CoHosts James (@J_Habs) & Hunter (@HunterCrowther) speak with Credentialed CHL Writer Randall Ritchey (@THG_Ritchey) to talk St.Louis Blues, Pietrangelo and Bret Hull.

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    Behind the Old Face: Aging in America&the Coming Elder Boom

    in Family

    Please join me and author Angil Tarach-Ritchey RN, GCM, as Angil previews her new book, "“Behind the Old Face: Aging in America and the Coming Elder Boom."  
    Due to launch later this month (November, 2012), this book includes Angil’s personal experience, stories from aging adults Angil has interviewed, the current climate of eldercare and what she envisions for senior living and care in the future.  In our show, we’ll touch on the fears and challenges in aging as well as what individuals, families and professionals can do to embrace aging in a positive way and promote quality of life in aging.
    Here is what two experts have to say about Angil's new book:
    “Angil has done a remarkable job illustrating the difficulties facing our seniors today, compelling the reader towards empathy and providing a unique solution to what may be the next major public healthcare debate…the rising cost of caring for our older generations.” − Vesper Patrick | Director, Content Development NurseTogether
    "Tarach-Ritchey encourages us to not only reframe our thinking about aging in an empowering way, she also presents us with a practical, nuts-and-bolts solution for the pending baby-boomer retirement wave. She invites us not only to honor the aging process, but provides a means by which we care more able to do so."  − Shayne A. Mason RN, MSN, NP Co-host "nurse talk radio" Instructor - University of San Francisco
    To learn more about Angil and her book, her website is http://www.elderboom.org/#!the-book
    Thank you!  Dale Carter, Transition Aging Parents
    (For those with aging loved ones, you will find more resources at my website: http://www.transitionagingparents.com/welcome/)

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    The Ritchey Baseball Report

    in Sports

    Talking the first week of baseball including an analysis National League thus far. From Gerrado Parra to the struggling Marlins and Padres I will have everything you need to know from the first week.

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    Bringing People Back To Their Authentic Self

    in Spirituality

    How do we know when we are truly who we are? What does it mean to lose ourselves? How do we return to most authentic self? April Ritchey has traveled through the hills and valleys of losing herself by inauthentic pursuits and relationships until it all came to a head in 2010 when a spiritual awakening forced her to face the truth. This she needed to stop being what others wanted her to be and to step into the biggest adventure of her life. The journey to herself.
    April Ritchey, CEO and founder of Love the World Yoga and Pranic Healing, is an Anusara Inspired yoga instructor, an energy healer, intuitive counselor, a Tantrika, a philosopher poet, an art historian and a human rights activist working to end modern day slavery. She has studied and practiced exclusively Anusara yoga for 16 years with its founder John Friend and other teachers he has trained. April has apprenticed under Dawn Cartwright of the Chandra Bindu Tantra Institute learning bio-energetics in the body and the science of human sexuality and love. She is currently working with philanthropist, Kathleen Donnelly, CEO and Founder of Fortunate Angels and Fashion Hope, assisting in raising awareness and funding for youth at risk programs, anti-human trafficking and other causes. She has a Yoga in a Minute series on her YouTube Channel and is leading Eco yoga and healing retreats in Bali.