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    Let's Talk Too! The Authors of the Anthology "Love, Marriage, and Divorce

    in Books

    I'm your host

    Author Sharnel

    Shar-Shey Publishing Company "Presents" Their first Anthology;  Love, Marriage, and Divorce written by LaQueisha Malone, Rashonda Jones Aiken, & Alma Collins Thomas coming soon. Let's show some love for these amazing authors. Tune in Live, to chat with us. Call in @ (347)215-9970 @ 6pm est.




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    The Sisterhood Exchange book club - Sister to Sister

    in Women

    We're into part 2 of The Sisterhood Exchange, which means that the discussions are all about connecting "Sister to Sister."

    Call in tonight at 646-595-2081, to share your thoughts, ask a question or provide brilliant insight!

    Michelle will be talking about how jealousy shows up between women and how we can use it to our advantage.


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    Bridging The Gaps In The Sisterhood

    in Social Networking

    Tomorrow's Show will be about Bridging the Gaps in the Sisterhood. This topic will surround other topics such as: Sister who are being Counterproductive which bare's no fruit; How can we unite as sisters with so much jealousy and envy towards eachother?; keypoints of why sisterhood is so important in this movement?; and what can we do as Black women to make a difference and a better future for young girls/teens?


    in Radio

    Hello everyone this is your PLUSSIZESEXYDIVA!! and that's right I am back; after being absent for a few months due to serious health issues; but God is tooooooo good and He is the highest physican.  With that being said thank you to all my fans who checked on me via phone calls, text messages, emails, cards/letters, prayers and spoke kind words thank you.

    CODE of WOMEN, SISTERHOOD.  What are the CODES that we as women live by?  My guest Sylvia Wilson  the director, the producer, the writer of Plus Size Diva's The Movie & Play will join me on this topic and I'm excited to hear what she has to say about it.

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    TOTAL EMPOWERMENT PRESENTS: The Power of Sisterhood

    in Self Help

    We will explore the values and benefits of having sister-friends. Notice, I said sister-friends versus girlfriends, because we are discussing the great relationships and bonds that are so much deeper than just friendships. We will also discuss those apprehensions that comes along being transparent and emotionally vulnerable towards another female. Are women to be trusted, should there be no one person on this earth who knows all of your secrets. One who holds you accountable and see through your foolishness when no one else does and mjust the relationship be tried and tested to be of quality???

    I would love to hear your thoughts, as my guests and I share our thoughts and experiences with no holds barred!

    Listen on line at http://tobtr.com/8279579 or call into 646-929-0630 if you want to get in on the conversation call the same number and press 1 to be an active participant.  The show starts tonight, Feb 4th bat 7pm: If you're anything like me you've got some stories to tell!

    As always, I encourage all business owners to call and promote your business or service for free... That's right, good conversation and free advertisement!



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    The Sisterhood Exchange Book Club - Part 2; Reality Shows as Reflectors

    in Women

    Tonight's episode will cover the topic of reality shows and the remaining chapters of the book. Join host Michelle Hollinger for a discussion about how reality shows are a reflection of our consciousness and as she as continues to explore sisterhood, Sister to Sister.

    Call in with questions, comments or brilliant insights at 646-595-2081.

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    A talk with the authors of Speaking to the Next Generation Anthology

    in Art

    Tonight on Spoken Word Radio we will talk to the authors of Speaking to the next Generation. I am your host Ashley BanksCreated by Johnny Frost along with several authors check out the description below.


    Speaking To the Next Generation
    is an anthology,
    with topics ranging from
    Importance of education, Police brutality,
    Domestic violence, Relationships...
    Economic distress,
    and so much more.

    Proceeds from this book will go to a scholarship for
    High school graduates.
    There are two challenges here!!
    There are two win

    There are 12 Authors on this project,
    Only 12 schools will be a part of this writing challenge...

    Our goal here is to reach $5.000 dollars.......
    There can only be ONE winner
    Every Student that participates has a chance of being a part of the next book..
    As I said before there are two challenges here
    Help Us reach our goals, help us give back to the arts, help us
    Speak To The Next Generation.

    What do you get out of this?
    Not only do you get a great book
    You’re investing in someone's future
    Trust me that's the greatest feeling in the world.

    On behalf of all the authors we thank you!
    thank you in advance for your participation
    Please forward, please share to all

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    Guest Writer For The Anthology Book, Write On, Write On! Miss. Erica Mosley

    in Self Help

    Our guest for this evening will be discussing the Anthology Book for new writers. How can you become a writer? Do you have what it takes to become a good writer?  We will also be accepting all submissions of your poems for the Anthology book. We will also request that you read your poems, out loud or , if you would like for myself, or our guest to read your poems, that's fine!  However, you must first post your poems on the following website. Poet's Homepage at the following address: www.poetrypoem.com/omiyinka7  ( your site will look like this, www.poetrypoem.com/Your-Poetry-ID) : Rule number one you must be at least 13 thirteen years of age to even go on this site or, to be an active member to submit a poem on this site. However, I am only accepting 18 eighteen year olds on the Anthology project at this time.  To inter your poem you must create an Poetry ID.   for example; go to my following website page in order to create your personal website page.  www.poetry.com/omiyinka7 on the Poet's Homepage.  You must inter your first and last name, then your verification code example : "12469 ", also you will need to submit your password, email  and then confirm them both. Once you have submitted your personal data. Then you may upload your poem of no more than three pages on this site at this time.

    Please call into the station at  5:30 P.M. on Wednesday at the following number , 646-478-0270. Thanks!



    Please join my guest and I for the evening to discuss the Anthology project.

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    The Sisterhood Exchange book club - Part 2: Sister to Sister

    in Women

    We're up to part two of The Sisterhood Exchange book club. Part one explored our relationship with ourself via the Sisterhood of Self (S.O.S.). It was important to begin there because in addition to determining our quality of life, our S.O.S. also informs how we interact with other women - those we know and those we don't.

    Tonight's episode introduces Sister to Sister and explains how your relationship with yourself, including your self-talk, whether you practice self-forgiveness, spend time with yourself in the silence, etc., determines your relationship with other women. Your S.O.S. determines whether you engage in gossip and betrayal or whether you're supportive and genuine.

    Call in and share your experiences with other women. How do they treat you? How do you treat them?

    Dial 646-595-2081 to get in on the discussion.

  • 01:30

    The Launch of The Sisterhood Exchange Book Club

    in Women

    The book has been updated, revised and released in paperback form, and it's getting rave reviews. Because one of the most frequent bits of feedback Michelle gets is that women are reading and re-reading the book, the idea of a book club to discuss it is the natural thing to do! The other feedback is that once a woman reads it, she doubles back to purchase additional copies for her sistahfriends! If that's not book club material, then what is?

    Join host and book club facilitator Michelle Hollinger tonight at 7:30pm as she and women from around the country embark on a very important discussion about sisterhood.

    Get the book at http://www.amazon.com/Sisterhood-Exchange-Michelle-Hollinger-ebook/dp/B00T72LPK6/ref=sr_1_1_twi_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1424898704&sr=8-1&keywords=the+sisterhood+exchange+paperback, fix yourself a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine and join us for what is likely to be the most awesome book club you've ever experienced!

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    SwagRadio SisterHood

    in Radio

    DJ-J-Prince - will be playing hottest newest music

    Princess Ninia- will explianing our topic of the day

    Ask mama- will be waiting for calls

    TUNE IN TO 773.897.6231 THANKS !


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