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    Pastor Housing Allowance Scam: The Real Reason We Have So Many Preachers!

    in Religion

    PimpPreacher.com Today on Church Folk Revolution Radio we will talk about the Pastor Housing allowance scam and how your pastor is getting over on you.

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    Divine Allowance

    in Spirituality

    For many of my generation as children, we received an allowance from our parents, which was a weekly or monthly monetary stipend for doing ones household chores or for getting good grades in school. In the Spiritual sense, when I refer to allowance I am referring to a Divine Surrender, not in a defeated "I give up" kind of a way but a very powerful, concise way that opens doors and breaks down limitations that were thought to previously inhibit one from fully experiencing and expressing life in the way in which it may have been intended. Today's discussion will focus of the double meaning of this word and how we can utilitize it to create a more powerful life worthy of our living.

  • State of Allowance

    in Spirituality

    We discuss ways to be open to receive

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    The Path of Least Resistance is Allowance

    in Spirituality

    We often tend to focus, converse about and allow our thoughts to be bombarded with the very thing we do not wish to happen or so we tell ourselves. The signal we are sending out into the universe, based on our attention to it, is that we want this experience to occur so badly, we focus the majority of our energy on it. This tendency to focus on that which we do not want to experience could potentially be blocking the solution that is attempting to emerge but because we are focused on the problem we do not allow the solution to presented toitself. 

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    From Resistance to Allowance: A Shift in Consciousness

    in Spirituality

    As a species humanity has been caught in a cycle of evolution and digression but there have always been those few beings who exemplified the best in us all. Those of us who were able to balance karma, release lower level energy and understood the nature of Oneness were able to evolve beyond this cyclical pattern and arrive at a realization of love consciousness. We are at a pinnacle time in our own collective consciousness and the choice to either evolve or digress is become ever more present. How do we finally break free from this pattern, this cycle of robotic existence? We move from resistance (a fear based perspective) and into allowance (a trust based perspective). On this show we will be discussion tools for moving from resistance to allowance and into evolution. You won't want to miss this show!

    For more information about the host, visit http://Jessicaspencer.net

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    Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider ~ Special Guests Viv Adcock & Hanne Stigaard

    in Pets

    The relationship between horse and rider is an extensive and intricately woven tapestry of trust, communication, honor, allowance, vulnerability, joy and gratitude.  How could it be ANYTHING less when ....a prey animal willingly puts its life in the hands of its predator, allowing said predator to mount it while agreeing to take on the responsibility of keeping that predator safe? WOW!!!

    Join Charlie, Suzy and their special guests, Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Facilitators Viv Adcock and Hanne Stigaard as they explore the plethora of ways the Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Clinics empowers BOTH horse and rider to step fully into and use to their advantage, all aspects of the horse/human relationship.  What else is possible with horses and horsemanship, that you may NEVER have considered? 

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    FiNeSse with Felicia-Allowance Manager

    in News

    Special Guest: Dan Meager Founder and CEO of Allowance Manager. Helping parents teach their children how to budget their money. 

    In Cheryl's World, there are journalists, writers, actors, divas, activists, health nutritionists, politicians, entertainers, community organizers and more.  We're sharing information, providing support, uplifting communities and attempting to solve the world's problems.

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    No-Cash Allowance

    in Lifestyle

    Are you keeping track of your money? What about the invisible spending? What is invisible spending and how does it affect your money and marriage? Join Dr. Taffy as she interviews Lynne Finch, author of The No-Cash Allowance. Lynne will share what No-Cash allowance is and how it occurs.

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    in Prayer

    Where does Jeremiah get the moxie to say this to God: "O Lord, Thou hast deceived me and I was deceived; Thou hast overcome me and prevailed. I have become a laughingstock all day long; everyone mocks me." (Jeremiah 20:7) Wow! Within some Christian circles those words would be considered treasonous.

    For me those words afford an allowance for honesty that I appreciate very much. If a great prophet like Jeremiah could rail before God in his deep distress, can't I? He let it all hang out when he spoke to his Lord. Because of it I can take permission to do the same. You may want to give yourself permission also.

    There are those who feel we must only speak in faith put a positive spin on every word we utter. We often call this keeping a "positive confession." It is true that words are powerful and it is wisdom to guard our mouths. Yet Jeremiah accused God of deceiving him and I don't believe God swatted him for it or that Jeremiah lacked faith.

    God made room for Jeremiah when he got real and I believe he will make room for us too. He knows all we are thinking and feeling whether we say it out loud or not. He is a big God, not shocked by our tirades or tantrums.

    Later in the same passage Jeremiah says; "Sing to the Lord, praise the Lord! For He has delivered the soul of the needy one from the hand of evildoers." (Verse 13) Be real with God -- he can take it. And when you are finished with your rant go ahead and praise him. That's real too!

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    SHANTELL's Testimony of escaping a life in the Sex Industry

    in Christianity

    How many of you reading this right now truly understand what it means to be sex trafficked? How many of you have known someone who was sex trafficked? Many organizations have started to shine light on this wide spreading epidemic. Women and children of all ages, from all over the world have been deceived, lied to, tricked....kidnapped, raped, killed, and sold....forced into this lifestyle.

    For a long time, many lived and died this horror in silence. With the help of spreading awareness, and educating people...People have come together to fight this battle. Organizations have been formed. Ministries and missions have united to combat, rescue, and protect victims. AIM, Refuge for Women, A21 to name a few....

    My dear sweet Sister in Christ, Shantell shares her experience for how she ended up in the sex industry. How it started and the journey to finding her way out. After using her allowance to buy her 1st bible...she wondered: "Who are you Jesus?" Shantell finds her answers as she learned more about who He was by having a personal relationship with Him. She has surrendered her life to the Lord and explains how God is now using her story to help others! <3

    Even in the darkest of nights....there is a way out and through Jesus we have new life!

    Don't miss out on this inspiring segment and hearing what God is doing in her life!

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