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    Author of "Just Run The Race-You Are A Champion"- Dr. Beverly Crockett

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     I am Dr. Beverly A. Crockett, the author of Just Run The Race and Just Run The Race – You Are A Champion. As a writer, I contributed to Sheri Keys 7th book, “Finding Fulfillment in the Spiritual Age.” I am currently collaborating with Zoe Life Publications to produce an anthology that will feature 15 co-authors in the book titled, "Learning to Fly With Broken Wings!" This project is set to include anyone who has or is being affected by any life changing illness in any form; family members and caregivers included. Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Cancer, Crohns' and Lymes' disease and others are just a few of these debilitating illnesses that we want to bring awareness.

    Executive Business Writing is a company that I developed several years ago to assist many who neither have the time or perhaps even the skill set to successfully and professionally produce various writing projects. I am a successful proofreader and editor and have several projects to my credit. My assignment is to coach one through the writing process and develop their manuscript into a successful book that can be enjoyed by their target audience. At Executive Business Writing our motto is, “We Write So You Don’t Have To!” We specialize in producing professional resumes, business plans, and business startup packages and grant writing as well.

    I am blessed to have edited, proofread and/or formatted several successful books for new authors.  Such projects include: “The Evolution of a Bishop,” by Bishop Stephen L. White, “Born in the Wrong Family, But For the Right Reason,” by Pastor Ken Hartfield and my latest project, ”Loc Life: Lifestyles of the Loc’d and Lovely,” by Ms. Linita Dawkins Butler.  Ms. Butler and I are set to embark upon her 2nd book this spring.  The title is: “Loc Life: Lifestyles of Tenacious Men!”

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    Women Making It Happen: Alicia Cole

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    Join host and business success coach, Trina Newby as she interviews featured guest, Alicia Cole, actress, speaker, advocate and survivor of Necrotizing Fasciitis,commonly known as the "man eating flesh disease".

    Alicia Cole definitely represents a Woman Who's Making It Happen!  In spite of challenges, obstacles and a near death experience, she pushed forward in creating a non-profit organization that provides patient safety and awareness training.  She speaks around the nation advocating for the prevention of hospital acquired infections.

    During this show you'll learn:

    How Alicia turned her obstacles into successes
    About Alicia's near death experience
    Time Management tips that work
    How she prepares for her speaking presentations
    How she moved past her fears



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    Host Paul Booth Reviews Alicia Witt's Album/Alicia Shares some Stories.

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    Her new album Revisionary History includes songs like Consolation Prize, About Me, and Down, and we will discuss these songs, and hear some stories and insight from Alicia herself.  For more information, check out www.aliciawittmusic.com

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    ALL in the FAMILY...MUSIC and HORSES

    Thurs. March 26th Noon CST on Equestrian Legacy Radio's CAMPFIRE CAFE'

    GARY HOLT and  co-host BOBBI JEAN BELL visit with the award winning singer/songwriter MARY KAYE and Mary's daughter ALICIA COOPER. Alicia is a breeder of Straight Egyptian Arabians and is a talented trainer and instructor.

    Talent runs deep in this family in both music and horses...this is going to be a fun show with amazing music and great conversation!

    EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is made possible by the support of our fine sponsors of the LEGACY CLUB and The GENERAL STORE. Visit and shop with them Online at our Website www.equestrianlegacy.net
    EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is Heard Around the World on our FREE Mobile App and Online at www.equestrianlegacy.net

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    Spirit of A Dove Radio Show with Special Guest - Stephan Crockett

    in Entrepreneur

    Join us as we have conversation with Stephan Crockett, Owner of Croc Styles Barber Shop and Founder of Men of Action, Brothers of Faith Inc. A mentoring organization for youth around the Philadelphia and surrounding counties. One of our Spirit Awards winner, come and here their story and congratulate them on ther service.

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    Interview with Grief Coach, Alicia Crockett

    in Self Help

    I met Alicia Crockett at a Neal Donald Walsch holiday retreat in Ashland, Oregon, last December. Alicia has taken on a special calling to help people who are going through huge life transformations and grief. The strength of her coaching comes from her own life experience - a story which will touch your heart and inspire you.

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    The Q-Spot with Big Body and Alicia Waters

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    Alicia Nicole Waters is iconically known as the Global Evolutionary Leadership Mastery Pioneer. She is a cross industries entrepreneur who is passionate about cross-pollinating and watering humanity at large through her gifts using conscious multiplicity. She serves in roles such as a cross industries journalist, business marketing evangelist as well as a transformational leadership trainer and speaker for diverse industries. She is a multimedia personality, published author of over 70 books and an ordained minister. She is the CEO of Alicia “Waters” Cross Industries and Global Evolutionary Leaps Inc.

    Michelle Cuttino is the “Queen of Plus-Size Fiction,” and serves as a freelance writer, book coach, motivational speaker, and talk radio host. She is a plus-size blogger, covering topics that affect full-figured women, and also blogs about writing tips and industry events.  Cuttino is the author of “Love & Happiness” and “Me & Mrs. Jones,”  which is an eBook series adaptation of the screenplay once optioned with Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Films. Cuttino will be part of an erotica anthology under Zane’s Strebor/Simon & Schuster imprint set to release in 2015. Her mission is to publish content written by and geared towards the plus-size population. You can contact and read more about her at MichelleCuttino.com.

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    Divine Inspiration with your Hosted Alicia Monet

    in Spirituality

    Rebirth: Energetic Womb Cleansing via Ritualistic Dance
    My Ancestors had ritualistic rites of passage dances, mating dances, fertility dances, etc. These dances involved lots of hip movement, vibrating, popping, gyrating, and action in the womb region. This was not just because it looked and felt good, it's due to the energetic/spiritual benefits. Now a days we, as a whole, no longer share in these ritualistic dances which aid in our womb health. Twerkin is the closest thing we have {on a massive scale}to the ancient sacred dances. Not all of our women feel comfortable enough to twerk though, so we have a whole lot of sisters with stagnant energy that needs to be worked out through moving those hips!!!!! Tonight my very special guest Makeda Voletta a.k.a The Body Scientist, will enlighten us. I'm so ready!!! Are you!!! Ladies, MOVE THOSE HIPS!!!! Shake, Twist, Twerk, Werk!!!! Call in to listen at 516-590-0975 #Goddess #RitualisticDance #DivineFeminine #DivineInspiration #Married2ChangeRadio #LifeLucid #TheBodyScientist

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    Divine Inspiration with your Hosted Alicia Monet

    in Spirituality

    Rebirth: Wombman~ An Intimate Look Inside. Join me tonight as I dive inside the Womb. Wombman and men alike will learn the VALUE of our most prized and sought after Sacred Space. Our guest tonight is the one and only Herb Alchemyst bestowing precious jewels upon us to equip us with the tools necessary in order that we may live juicy. Yes, yes yes !!!! Call in at 516-590-0975. I'd like to hear from you.

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    Author, Entrepreneur, & Communications Guru Alicia Watts speaks...

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     Alicia Watts is a Wife, Mother, & Multifaceted Business Woman.  Her life reflects her love of God and passion to do His will abov all else. She serves as The Operations Manager at Global Vocal Entertainment. Alicia is a natural born writer who has written and published  her first book about her life's journey; The Dirty Road To Destiny. I especially love the popular  Now or Never Youtube series in which Alicia and her husband Chris Watts spotlight those who have begun to live their dreams and "that" moment they stepped out on faith. They are also well known for the mantra in which they live by Dream Big, Work Hard, & Live Easy!

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    Welcome to the Gray Leopard Cove with Gary Norris Gray Music Box Hour

    in Sports

    This is the LOVE JONES ON THE GRAY LEOPARD COVE. Brooklyn in the House with Alicia Keys 

    Soul Tree Radio in the Raw, Pad Nation, and The Batchelor Pad and Cowboy Reggie Howell of WCLM 1450 Richmond Va., The Mighty O-ba of WUFO 1080 Buffalo New York and the 707 with the 609.

    After THE MUSIC BOX climb into the Tree and listen to Brother Ingram as he ends your day with mellow sounds of THE MIND STREAM.

    call in 646-727-3649 with your questions and yours thoughts THIS IS A DISABLED FRIENDLY SHOW on www.blogtalkradio.com THE GRAY LEOPARD COVE THIS SAT. 1 PAC 4 EASTERN TIME


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