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    The Revenue U Co-Founder John Beresford

    in Entrepreneur

    After a brief start in the pharmaceutical industry, John Beresford transitioned to the Tech Space when he was recruited to a small Waterloo company in the early 2000s called Research in Motion, which would later go on to become Blackberry.  Leading North American sales and marketing teams at BlackBerry gave John had a front row seat to the birth of the smartphone revolution.  

    While completing an MBA at Wilfrid Laurier University John met the co-founders who would eventually form a company called Eventpeeks which has evolved into Canada’s preeminent social media broadcasting company, focusing on live experiences and social analytics. 

    Like Eventpeeks, John’s passion for entrepreneurship was forged in the Wilfrid Laurier University Launchpad, a program which prides itself in applying academic rigor to the lean startup method popularized by startup gurus like Steve Blank.  The Laurier LaunchPad program also serves as an incubator for startups providing mentors, office space and community connections to innovative and ambitious founders.  Following graduation John stuck around to help manage the LaunchPad program and teach entrepreneurship courses at Wilfrid Laurier University.  It was his experience at the Laurier LaunchPad that helped inspire the work being done at The Revenue U.  

    Thus began the creation of a series of educational programs dedicated to helping early stage founders and mid market sales professionals learn the art and science of sales. Working with the Waterloo based institution Communitech over a 12 month period The Revenue U team were able to work with over one hundred of startup companies, building and perfecting the the revenue focused education they required to become profitable.  The Revenue U courses are now a staple at some of Canada’s top startup support organizations: Communitech, Ryerson DMZ and the Ontario Centres of Excellence.


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    Oakland Raider Lorenzo Alexander

    in Sports

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Oakland Raider Lorenzo Alexander.

    Lorenzo John Alexander is an American football linebacker and special teamer for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League.

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    LESMA with Chief Gregory Alexander

    in Current Events

    SC Police Chief Greg Alexander calls in to speak with the LESMA team regarding current events and how they relate to law enforcement nationwide. What our officers need to do to be vigilant in times like these, and what our supporters can do to help show their support in a meaningful way.
    Tune in to hear this dynamic conversation and as always, you are welcome to call in or jump in the conversation in the chat room. (347) 850-8154

  • Near Death Experiences (NDEs) - Dr. Eben Alexander

    in Spirituality

    Dr.Eben Alexander, a renowned academic neurosurgeon,spent over three decades honing his scientific world view.  He thought he knew how the brain and mind worked. A transcendental Near Death Experience (NDE), in which he was driven to the brink of death and spent a week deep in a coma, from an inexplicable brain infection, changed all of that -- completely!

    Host Joyce Barrie spent a week deep in a coma from an inexplicable surge of her blood pressure to 230.  Joyce and Dr. Alexander will discuss their NDEs and the mind, body and soul connection.  

    We highly recommend Dr. Alexander's best selling books, "Proof of Heaven" and "Map of Heaven."  Both books are powerful and fascinating.

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    Campaign 2016 w/ Stewart Alexander

    in Elections

    Part 2
    Carl Lundgren, New York State Senate candidate for district 34  returns to speak w/ Stewart Alexander about how he plans to make a difference in New York State politics!
    How will the state work better with Carl's ideas implemented?

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    Chatting With Sherri welcomes back author RM Alexander

    in Entertainment

    This week on Chatting With Sherri  we welcomes back author RM Alexander!  


    We will chat about her new book, The Real You; 


    Paige Reed and Kellen Richards couldn't be a more unlikely couple. But when they meet on location for the next big Richards blockbuster, they soon realize the only thing more dangerous than those stalking Hollywood's elite is looking beyond the mask to learn...and love...who they really are.

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    Tipping Point with Andrew Alexander

    in Sports

    Host Stephen Platinum, Rachael Freeman and Larry Goodman talked with Andrew Alexander, the booker of Empire Wrestling and discussed the career of the late Nick Bockwinkel with Trent Van Drisse. Other topics included throughts on AWE, Why We Wrestle, and WWE, and the preposterous far-fetched idea that the fix was in on Ronda Rousey's loss.

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    Dr. Alexander Mostovoy Thermography Expert Shares Insights

    in Self Help

    Join the Breast Show Gals, Brenda Pearce RN and Pat Kennedy RN as we are joined by Dr. Alex Mostovoy who is one of the worlds leading proponents of thermography. Join this lively and informative half hour of empowerment.

    Alexander Mostovoy is a writer, researcher, and public speaker, and is recognized as a leading authority on the application of clinical thermography. Since 1999, he has pioneered the use of breast thermography in his clinic in Toronto, Canada with a special interest in breast thermography and women’s health. He is also a Founder and the CEO of Thermography Clinic Inc; a company that helps health professionals around the world integrate clinical thermography into their practices.
    Dr. Mostovoy has lectured widely in both Europe, North and South America on the many aspects of clinical thermography. He is actively involved in educating physicians on the benefits of breast thermography as a breast-screening tool.

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    Campaign 2016 w/ Stewart Alexander

    in Elections

    Stewart Alexander is joined by New York State Senate Candidate Carl Lundgren. 
    Carl will be speaking about his campaign in District 34, which represents parts of the Bronx and Westchester County.
    Carl is registered w/ the Green Party.  However, he considers himself an Ecosocialist.
    Stewart and Carl will be discussing Carl's plans to create an independent Ecosocialist Party ballot line to run on in 2016, along w/ the Green line.
    This is part 1.
    Carl Lundgren will return next week to discuss how he plans to make a difference in New York State politics.

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    Alexander Beresford - Oh, the HORROR!

    in Books

    Welcome author Alexander Beresford!  Tonight, we will be discussing his newest release, "Charla" and what inspires him!
    Here is the product description of Charla:
    A mother. A daughter. A demon…. Charla kept her unsettling hatred towards her daughter Amelie a secret for so long, but over time it became harder for her to quench her morbid impulses without raising concerns. One lonely dawn, Charla ...divorced, pained, unhappy... ignited events which invoked a horrible demon to disrupt her twenty-five year old’s picture perfect life. She put her terrifying scheme into action ... and the demon began its wave of hell.
    Find it here http://www.amazon.com/Charla-ebook/dp/B007RMZZ3Q/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1333661843&sr=8-2
    And check out Alexander at www.alexanderberesford.net 

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    Alexander Pattakos Ph.D. Author of PRISONERS OF OUR THOUGHTS

    in Non-Profit

    Have you ever been stuck in your head about something. A prisoner of your thoughts. Listen today show Matthew will interview Alexander Pattakos Ph.D. Author of PRISONERS OF OUR THOUGHTS

    This timely book expands on Viktor Frankl's seminal Man's Search for Meaning, examining the book's concepts in depth and widening the market for them by introducing an entirely new way to look at work and the workplace. Alex Pattakos, a former colleague of Frankl's, brings the search for meaning at work within the grasp of every reader using simple, straightforward language. The author distills Frankl's ideas into seven core principles: Exercise the freedom to choose your attitude; Realize your will to meaning; Detect the meaning of life's moments; Don't work against yourself; Look at yourself from a distance; Shift your focus of attention; and Extend beyond yourself. By demonstrating how Dr. Frankl's key principles can be applied to all kinds of work situations, Prisoners of Our Thoughts opens up new opportunities for finding personal meaning and living an authentic work life.