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    Airline Pilots Extorted to Attend Alcoholics Anonymous- FAA invovled

    in Self Help

    A previously recorded show about how Pilots are forced into AA for years. Extortion is illegal, yet its happening every day. Know your rights. If you are a pilot or a flight attendent- Beware of self reporting. DO NOT SELF report. Seek outside help on your own. Smart Recovery, Moderation Management, Hams Harm Reduction, LifeRING, and SOS.

    THere are excellant Non 12 step PhD, therapists , that you can get referrals if you really need some one on one. CMC, Jeff Foote, Andrew Tatarsky, or contact us here for a referral. Host Monica Richardson, film maker of The 13th Step discusses Pilot coercion and extorcion. There is a group of pilots that want to sue the FAA.

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    What Makes Alcoholics Anonymous a toxic group?

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    Join Host and Filmaker of The 13th Step,  Monica Richardson for a 1 hour show about toxic behaviors, cultish traits, and how mind control is used at AA meetings. We will have time for listeners to call in with their comments and questions. See you then. 

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    Financial Predators in Alcoholics Anonymous

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    Have you ever been ripped off by an AA member?  Was it alot of money? Was it for hundreds, thousands or millions.  When you asked for your money back  were told to

            " go write about it" . "pray about it" 

    One oldtimer in a men's stagg in Hollywood, has been doing this and getting away with it for years. We suggest you go to the police and prosecute them.  SO why don't you? Listen for a 30 minute show on Financial predatory criminal behavior  in AA. We will take calls. PLease report all crimes to the police. 

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    Anonymous Radio, Episode 4: The Bullshitting Open Forum Episode

    in Comedy

    In this episode of Anonymous Radio is our monthly Bullshitting Open Forum episode in which I take calls and talk to callers about whatever's on their fucking minds.

    There is no topic this week, just open forum, speaking out my mind bullshit. Also, more episodes are coming during winter break!

    Call in at 347-855-8412

    Call in and speak about anything you fucking want.

    It's as easy as that! During the show, I'll play music from my personal BTR collection of songs I set up for Anonymous Radio, and take calls from people and other shit.


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    "Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work?" Plus news of the all-new "Sober" dating app.

    in Current Events

    Reports, NPR, a "Critic Faults Alcoholics Anonymous For Lack Of Evidence."  Plus, a recent story in the New York Times asks, "Do Alcoholics Anonymous participants do better at abstinence than nonparticipants because they are more motivated? Or is it because of something inherent in the A.A. program?"  Plus AA is not commenting, as they have "no opinion on outside issues"

    Plus, guest co-host Antoine Nauleau drops by to dicuss the new dating app, Sober. Explains Nauleau, "An average of 12%-14% of the population is sober, and with the emergence of “healthy lifestyles” and the rate of addiction climbing, there has been an increase in people choosing to live sober. People in sobriety tend to socialize mainly among themselves, due to the support and commonality of one another, and to avoid tempting or dangerous situations..."

    Follow Nicholas on Twitter and Facebook to be alerted at the start of live broadcasts!


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    Anonymous Talk.

    in Regional

    This episode will evolve the elite hacker group called Anonymous.

     We will talk about the civil rights with Anonymous and there declaration of war with ISIS.

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    Your Anonymous Midnight Rambler

    in Current Events

    For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, 
    and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open
    We Were, 
    and We are,
    and We will always be 
    We are legion       
    We do not forgive 
    We do not forget 
    You can always Expect us
    and many many of us too. 
    if you want human rights for everyone on earth you have the idea and are Anonymous too
    (¦-}> For we are all Anonymous <{-¦)  

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    Anonymous Radio, Episode 3-The Laquan McDonald Protest and Van Dyke Trial

    in Comedy

    On this episode of Anonymous Radio, I will be talking about the Laquand McDonald Protests, The Jason Van Dyke Trial and why Chicago's douchebag mayor Rahm Emunuel and Cook County State Attoney Anita Alverez are not resigning. Included in this episode will be the Freddie Gray trial and my personal prediction if the first person is not found guily of Manslauter (sorry about that misspelling) and some other charge.

    Questions for the Laquand McDonald Topic:

    Were the dashcams tampered?

    Why did it take a year for the Chicago Police Department to release the footage and charge Jason Van Dyke?

    Will police reform in the Chicago Police Department even occur?

    Will the pressure from protesters force Cook County States Attoney Anita Alverez and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign?

    Why did Van Dyke even stay on the payroll with the Chicago Police Department for 13 months?

    Other topics in this episode: The San Bernardino, California shooting: Were Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook associated with ISIS? Target pays the credit card companies 40 million bucks as a result of last year's Black Friday data breach. Russians reveal that Turkish authories support ISIS by selling them oil even though the Turkish government denies it. Russian military officials set up missile defense system capable of destroying aircraft up to 250 miles after Russian warplane got shot down within Turkish airspace.

    These and much more bullshit within 30 minutes (or so)



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    Beyond the Veil – Anonymous comes to Longview

    in Current Events

    This week on Beyond the Veil, we will be continuing our discussions that rose from #OpKristiana and the reaction that the police had in response to being notified that a rally was scheduled to occur.  This has sparked an interest for Anonymous North Texas in the City of Longview.  Join Switch Blade and Orlando Phoenix as we are accompanied by ~H~ of the new-found Anonymous Longview in East Texas.


    Where there is Corruption

    We will seek it out

    And Expose it


    We are Anonymous

    We are Legion

    We Do Not Forgive

    We Do Not Forget

    Longview Texas

    Expect Us


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    anonymous declaring war on isis

    in Religion

    Virtual box

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    HOW did AA get so infested with our Justice System and How do we get it out.

    in Self Help

    Join host and filmmaker of The 13th Step, Monica Richardson for a 30 minute show, about how AA got so big. Most poeple think AA is a government agnecy. Why do they think that? How did that happen? I too am continually shocked by how BIG AA is in our governemnt and court system at every turn. AA is truly an Institution. AA is the GOLD Standard of treatment...or is it a dangerous cult, quasi religous pods from the 1930's that has no training, no real leaders , except the big suits in NYC Headquarters. AND Yes AA is connected from NY to each of its groups.

    Here is a show where we talk about how do we get Alcoholics Anonymous our of our courts, prisons, The FAA, The Board of Nursing and Get some films talking about another way. Be it SMART RECOVERY, SOS, WFS, The Sinclair Method, Moderation, Hams Harm Reduction or YOGA....Please for GOd's sake lets move on from the DAYS of Wine and Roses.