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    Monkey Junk all-stars from Canada. The Strands bring us piano-driven jazz-pop

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    Ottawa-based band MonkeyJunk  plays a blend of swamp-rock roots and blues that in the relatively short time has earned them a collective 20 Maple Blues Awards, two Canadian Independent Music Awards, a Blues Music Award (USA), and a JUNO Award in 2012.   Monkey Junk is three musicians who individually had established careers prior to forming MonkeyJunk: vocalist, baritone guitarist, harmonica and organ player Steve Marriner, lead guitarist Tony D and drummer/percussionist Matt Sobb.  We are delighted that they will join us on Music FridayLive! this week with their new album, Moon Turn Red.

    The strands formed in 2011 bring a genre-defying sound they like to call Artisanal.  Thoughtful and provocative lyrics dominate, carried by a piano with a subdued drum and sophisticated guitar grooves.  The result is almost jazz, but not quite – the Strands straddle the line between jazz and pop.  Lead singer Amanda Campbell delivers original material  - much of it written by the band's keyboard and piano artist Susan Ferrari - with a smooth voice, backed by the legendary Richard Green on lead guitar, Ferrari on piano and keys and the founder of the group, Paul, on bass.  Restrained, thoughtful, striking, the Strands stand out and we are glad they are taking the time to talk with us on Music FridayLive!.


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    One Old Cow Girl's View From The Alberta Praire

    in Women

    Welcome to the life of a woman who rides, ropes, and follows her hero as he works hard at the greatest job in the world, being a cowboy. Linda Peterson is no ordinary woman. She is the daughter of a Welshman, the wife of a cowboy, the mother of girls, the grandmother of 8. At the age of 62 she and her husband Doug the caretakers of a herd of 1400 cattle on 42 thousand acres a research station -  One For Research Ranch leased by cattle ranchers.

    Linda is on horseback all day. She rides hard, ropes cattle, mends fences, administers care to sick and injured cattle and manages the herd of 1400 from May to October a with her husband. Linda loves every minute of being a cowgirl. Linda is the author of One Old Cow Girls' View blog. Listen to Linda's amazing story.

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    RFB ~ How the Moslem Vote Gave Canada Trudeau

    in Politics Conservative

    Did the Liberals court the extremist vote? It seems to me like they did..

    Welcome to the Red Fox Blogger with your Host, Kel Fritzi

    My Show where I am left to my own incorrigible devices... No apologies, Folks, as I am always fed up about something...

    A Special thank you to Gunslinger of Texas, Jim from Boston, and Sue from New Mexico.

    I’m the Infidel your imam warned about…

    Ask to join our Facebook Page @ Infidels Are Watching


    "Mass islamity ~ Stop the Insanity.”

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    in Politics Progressive



    Opposition nayo yateguye imyigaragambyo yo kwamagana Leta ya Kagame ku mugambi wayo wo guhindura Itegekonshinga, Akarengane gakomeje gukorerwa abaturage, Kuniga Itangaza makuru, Uburenganzira bwa muntu muri Rusange. Ibi kandi bikaba bije nyuma yaho Human Right watch yasohoye icyegeranyo ishinjamo Leta y ' URwanda gufungira abantu hatemewe ndetse muburyo bunyuranyije n' Amategeko, ari nako batotezwa no guklorerwa iyicarubozo.

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    Episode 40 - #OperationCDNPoli or Did Canada Just Get Obama'd?

    in Current Events

    Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party have taken the Canadian election in a landslide. Who is he? Who was his father? Is this a slip towards dynastic rule like the 2 Bushes here in the states? Are his policies and agenda attainable in today's political climate? We explore this paradigm and postulate a ray of hope that could come to pass if he keeps one of his main promises.

  • One World Rising: Canada, Climate Insanity & Oprah

    in Christianity

    Join us LIVE @8:00 PM CST on PROPHECY QUAKE as we look at the rise of the one world government and the one world New Age religion. Canada's election removed one of the last pro-Israel and anti-world government leaders. And according to Lord Christopher Monckton, this was planned and executed by the UN in preparation for the 2015 Paris Climate Conference in December. We will also take a look at Oprah's push to promote her New Age religious lie that all religions lead to God and how the UN is working with her. This is the time Satan and his forces have been working toward for decades. And it will come forth after some terrible global events. To listen by phone call 347-884-8566. 

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    "Working Toward a Communist Canada" Blog Talk Radio Launch...

    in Politics

    This will be the launch of our first episode of our new radio blog / show "Working Toward a Communist Canada." We will be discussing what a Socialist / Communist Canada would mean for Canadians, at home, and our role on the world stage. We will also be speaking with special guest Saleh Waziruddin , running candidate in St Catharines, Ontario , for The Communist Party of Canada. We will have an open forum style Q&A , in which everyone is encouraged to call in via Skype, or comment, in order to become the most informed we can in regard to a Socialist / Communist Canada. 


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    KELLY O'CONNELL SHOW AM LAS CRUCES 1450: Canada New Leader

    in Politics

    Canada elects a new leader, GW Bush hates Cruz, Walt Rubel guests

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    Live from Canada - STEVIE MACK RADIO 10 21 15

    in Comedy

    #StevieMackRadio –  Live from Canada  10 21 15

    Mon -Thu 10pm (PST)

    Call in 646.716.6113

    Stevie Mack (Writer/Host) takes the news, current events and pop culture, flip it up, slap it and rub it down with an urban edgy twist! Listen in as political pundits Montel Jackson, Bygh Myke and Rev. Al match wits with Stevie Mack on the "Topic of the Night"

    Visit  http://www.steviemack.com

    Follow  http://www.twitter.com/ComicStevieMack

  • Taco Tuesday in Canada - STEVIE MACK RADIO 10 20 15

    in Comedy

    #StevieMackRadio –  Taco Tuesday in Canada 10 20 15

    Mon -Thu 10pm (PST)

    Call in 646.716.6113

    Stevie Mack (Writer/Host) takes the news, current events and pop culture, flip it up, slap it and rub it down with an urban edgy twist! Listen in as political pundits Montel Jackson, Bygh Myke and Rev. Al match wits with Stevie Mack on the "Topic of the Night"

    Visit  http://www.steviemack.com

    Follow  http://www.twitter.com/ComicStevieMack

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    PMP: Samuel Wager - Formalizing Wiccan Worship

    in Spirituality

    Join RevKess and Kalisara as we bring back Samuel Wagar, the HP of Ravenwood Temple, to talk about the joys and conflicts around creating a formal community church for Wiccans.

    From an article on VuWeekly: "Edmonton’s local community, in particular, is at a major transitive point  in its growth, taking steps towards a more formal organizational structure than is commonly found or historically precedented in Wicca."

    Samuel Wagar is a Third Degree Wiccan HP (1985), founder of the Congregationalist Witchcraft Association of Canada (1991) and its British Columbia provincial daughter (2004). He's currently HP of Ravenwood Temple of the Alberta branch of his church (2007 - there is also as Saskatchewan branch, founded in 2014) and the Wiccan Chaplain at the University of Alberta. He is enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry program at St. Stephen's College in Edmonton, studying the evolution of a fraction of the Wiccan community toward more formal 'church-like' service to the larger community, a process he's been involved with now for more than a quarter century. Author of four books on theology, ritual, church organization, and a memoir.

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