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    Transformed Traveler presents Airplane Etiquette

    in Lifestyle

    The Expedia 2015 Airplane Etiquette Study just released this month (November) found that 59% of Americans believe “Inattentive Parents” – parents who exhibit little or no control over their children – are the 2nd most aggravating co-passengers.


    The number 1 most aggravating? “Rear Seat Kickers.” And since kids tend to be the biggest culprits, parents are feeling the pressure here, too, when it comes to travelling.Additionally, social shaming has become a reality, according to the survey. A quick glance at #UnrulyKids and you’ll find many of the social media posts originate from airports and airplanes.But with holiday family vacations creating some of the best memories for children and their parents, what can we do to make the travel experience awesome for all involved?

    Live via satellite from Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Travel Expert (and mother of four) Sarah Gavin is available to discuss: How parents can enhance their attentiveness while on the road during the busiest travel season of the year. What her personal survey of children revealed about how parents change on vacation.Additional findings from the 2015 Airplane Etiquette Study

    We heard you did a study about the most annoying people on planes.  Who came in as most annoying and what to do you do this holiday if you’re stuck next to them? Or if you’re one of them?

    That looks like the Disney castle behind you. What’s new at Disney this holiday season? How can families save money this holiday?  Do you have any tips and tricks on when to buy, when to travel. Any other news in advance of  the holiday travel season?Where can our viewers for go for more information?

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    Airplane Repo's Ken Cage, Chastity Belts and NFL Picks

    in Sports

    The great Ken Cage from Airplane Repo was on hand to provide some of his 2SP brewing company Yacht See brew and talk about the TV series and the crazy world of high end asset repos which his company IRG has been doing since 2005. Lots of laughs and good times with Ken, the audience, Luigi Curto and the whole gang as Robin did a chastity belt update, which are still apparently being used in Italy?
    A lucky audience member got to spin the wheel and won 175 dollars cash. We had a special surprise to end the show after making our NFC and AFC championship game picks as we picked an audience member and gave her the most important things when a snow storm is approaching: A dozen eggs, ½ gallon of milk, loaf of bread and 2 rolls of toilet paper.
    We also teased our upcoming SB 50 shows from all over the San Francisco Bay area starting on Feb 1st at Comedy Sports in San Jose and finishing up with a 2-hour live pregame Podcast from the incredible Glass House on Market Street in San Jose, followed with a big SB party which I will be hosting along with Miss Robin. Hope to see all of our fans from the bay area and those visiting for the biggest event in US sports.

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    As Long as your on the Airplane

    in Christianity

    Listen to this wonderful message by Pastor Sam Dennis on comparing our ride with Jesus as to riding on an airplane

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    How To Buy An Airplane

    in Education

    In this episode Jason shares with you his recent experience in buying another airplane and some things he looked at before making the purchase. Learn How To Buy An Airplane. 

  • Let's send the violet flame to the families of the missing Indonesian airplane

    in Spirituality

    The violet flame is a spiritual action of healing and comfort through the Holy Spirit. Let's invoke it for the families of the missing AirAsia airplane and also to transmute the prophecies of aviation accidents.  Thank you for joining us. Namaste!

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    Episode 0084: I Need To Start Using Airplane Mode While Podcasting!

    in Podcasting

    In this episode, Mike talks about other settings he feels he needs to do to assure the best quality podcast for you, the listener. What do you think of the quality of The Mike Behind The Mike Show? Call in and let Mike know! Call (929) 477-3402. Right now!

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Alaska is hit with a 7.1 Quake and followed by 82 quakes in 24 hours most of them in Alaska. Also "Blizzard Jonas leaves 19 deaths record snow falls and massive flooding along the east coast of America. Also in Colombia 5,000 cases of the Zika Virus this year so far, leaves Central and South America in a big concern. Also New RFID Chips may be required to board an airplane world wide. Also Mass Animal deaths world wide including 50,000 dead sea birds in Alaska. Also will Congress give the President "Unlimited Powers" to call for Martial Law? These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    What really happened in Benghazi? Journalist and author Mitchell Zukoff says he knows. In his extraordinary book 13 HOURS, THE INSIDE ACCOUNT OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN BENGHAZI, co-written with the surviving American security operators who fought that fateful night September 11, 2012 against the attack by Islamic militants on the US State Department Special Mission Compound and a nearby CIA station called the Annex in Benghazi, Libya, Zuckoff presented for the first time ever the true account of the events and offered a step by step look at how they unfolded. The source for the blockbuster film, 13 HOURS, the author of the book joins Halli at her table on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show for an in-depth conversation, Wednesday, January 20, 3 pm ET. 

    Mitchell Zuckoff is a professor of journalism at Boston University. His books include FROZEN IN TIME: AN EPIC STORY OF SURVIVAL about a US military airplane that crashed on the Greenland glacier during WWII, the subsequent hunt for the plane and Zuckoff's own role in helping to find the plane buried in the ice decades later and LOST IN SHANGRI-LA. Zuckoff received a master’s degree from the University of Missouri and was a Batten Fellow at the Darden School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia. Zuckoff's magazine work has appeared in The New Yorker, Fortune and elsewhere. 

    Written from the perspective of the surviving members of the security team who were involved in the fighting, Zuckoff insists the Benghazi contractor's story is credible. You decide when Mitchell Zuckoff, bestselling author of 13 HOURS, the basis for director Michael Bay's new controversial film, 13 HOURS, talks with Halli on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, January 20, 3 pm ET. For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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    First Contact Radio 1/20/16 - Cosmic Weather, UFOs, Pleiadians 2

    in News

    First Contact Radio 1/20/16 Show #1432 hosted by Joshua Poet

    Moon Cat Astrology

    Planet Watcher

    Moon phases for Los Angeles

    Jewish Calendar



    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, January 15 – 23

    Five Worlds To Align In A Planetary Parade Starting Jan 20 for A Month

    UFO News
    Fleet of UFOs over Flagstaff, Arizona May Be Tall Whites Walking Around City, Jan 2016

    UFO Revealed During Sunset Over Bologna, Italy On Jan 18, 2016

    UFO Near Sun That Looks Like Battlestar Galactica Fighter, January 2016

    The Story of the So-Called Smoking Gun Evidence Of Aliens

    Mystery Giant Figure about the clouds recorded from Airplane over Austria in January 2016

    Daily Stories
    Bringers of the Dawn

    Love, Healing and the Journey Home

    How You Feel - Quan Yin January 19, 2016

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"


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    Way Back When History Radio

    in History

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa D. Smith, publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, for Big Blend Radio’s Way Back When History show. This episode airs live from the historic Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona; the hotel headquarters for the Big Blend Spirit of America Tour of all 409 National Park units.
    On This Episode:
    - Southwest Trading Posts – Photographer Ed Grazda discusses his new book ‘A Last Glance: Trading Posts of the Four Corners’ published by powerHouse Books.
    - WWII Airfields in England - Glynn Burrows, historian and owner of Norfolk Tours UK.
    - Freedom Fighters Mural - Mickey Hirni discusses this patriotic mural in Exeter, California, dedicated to all veterans in all branches of service.
    - Tuskegee Airmen - Alan Spears, Director of Cultural Resources for the National Parks Conservation Association, talks about the history behind the Tuskegee National Historic Site in Alabama.
    - Yuma Landing Bar & Grill – Mixologist Heather Witherington talks about the restaurant’s location at the site of where the first airplane landed in Arizona, plus their aviation inspired food and cocktails.

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    11:11 & Occult/Satanic Numerology Explained & PSYCHIC READINGS!!! Part II

    in Spirituality

    Part II - 11:11 Explained - As I stated yesterday, "11" is a very powerful number for Occult/Satanic Numerology.  Many occultists are praying at this time everyday around the world and this could be why you are seeing 11:11. I just saw it today on my computer without looking for it purposely. It just stood out. 10 is God and 1 is above God and that's why 11 is so powerful as this number signifies Satan/Lucifer. I will explain the other numbers as numbers are very powerful within the occult. Don't be tricked when you see this number. I talked about the North tower being hit first on 911.  North is where Jesus Christ is found. That is why they chose to hit the North Tower first and with airplane 11 on 9/11.  It was to take God out. You will understand other numbers as well which are powerful to occultists and this is to protect yourself.  You must be 2 steps ahead of these evil people just like in the game of Chess.

    Free Psychic Readings on 2 hour show. Private readings at mia0899cs@gmail.com or http://www.kasamba.com/psychic/mia-expertpsychic

    Love and Light,