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    Mark Boujikian, CFP® Harris Financial Advisors

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    Our guest this morning is Mark Boujikian, Certified Financial Planner with Harris Financial Advisors located in Torrance.

    Mark helps individuals, families, and business owners build, protect, and enhance their wealth, regardless of their age or life stage. By developing customized financial plans, Mark is able to assist his clients with piecing together all of the unique and diverse variables within their financial life to create a streamlined, step-by-step path to peace of mind and financial success.

    Mark, along with the team at Harris Financial Advisors, creates unique programs designed to help grow and conserve their clients' wealth by delivering the highest level of personalized service. From investment management to retirement planning, tax planning to estate planning, Harris Financial stands ready to educate and empower their clients as they progress through all stages of life.

    You can contact Mark at (310) 791-3226 or via email at mark@harrisfinancial.net and request a Confidential Financial Profile to begin the conversation or visit the Harris Financial Advisors website at www.harrisfinancial.net to learn more.

    This morning, we’re going to have a serious conversation about financial planning and what you can do starting right now to ensure your financial future.


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    Online Psychic Advisors Radio Show, featuring Starbreeze Tarot!

    in Spirituality

    Hello again everyone, and welcome to Online Psychic Advisor's Radio Show!  My name is Mona, your host for the show tonight, and we will be talking with one of the awesome psychic advisors from our website, http://www.onlinepsychicadvisors.com Starbreezetarot.  Starbreezetarot is a wonderful and very compassionate advisors we have here and she will be taking your calls tonight and giving you all free readings!  All you have to do is call in now, at 646-716-5330, and she will be happy to answer any of the questions you may have, from love, to jobs, or to just anything in general, she will here for you!  Then, all you have to do to continue your reading is go on over to http://www.onlinepsychicadvisors.com/starbreezetarot to make an appointment to continue your reading, or pick any one of the other awesome psychic advisors we have to get answers to your questions.  So, come on in and visit us now at 646-716-5330 and get any of your questions answered!  Remember we only have 30 minutes to take all of your calls so please limit your questions to one only. Follow us here on our page to keep up to date on all of our shows, and also on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Onlinepsychicadvisorscom , and twitter at http://www.twitter.com/onlinepsychicad

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    Online Psychic Advisors Radio Show, hosted by Advisor Jill

    in Spirituality


    Here at Online Psychic Advisors, our foundations are integrity, honesty, compassion and love. We strive to be different from other Online Psychic Websites.

    My name is Jill and I am an advisor at Online Psychic Advisors, you can make an appointment with me anytime, by going to www.onlinepsychicadvisors.com, and just clicking on my page,  I will be taking a few calls tonight and doing some mini readings for you.  But first, let me explain what we will be talking about tonight.

    How our website works:  People can make appointments anytime, but going to the site,
    www.onlinepsychicadvisors.com, click on any of the advisors it will take them to the advisor's  page,
    the client can decide on what type of reading they want, email, phone, or skype.  
    The client can then schedule a reading with that advisor, the advisor gets in touch with the client.

    The prices are on the drop down boxes on the advisor's page, so that makes it easy to choose which reading the client wants.

    The prices range from $15 for a One question Email reading, or starting with a $45 for a 15 minute telephone or skype reading.  The client can choose which type they want, and if they decide they
    want a longer reading, they can go back and schedule another reading with the same advisor, or choose another advisor.

    Now let's get started with a couple mini-readings, I can do right now,  so go ahead and dial in at
    646-716-5330, and I will take the first caller!

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    HR Examiner Radio: Bob Corlett, Founder, Staffing Advisors

    in Business

    Bob Corlett continually upends the conventional wisdom in recruiting, developing hiring processes that are faster, more certain, and far less expensive than the old-school, unproven, and unexamined practices used nearly everywhere. 

    Probably because he can’t leave well enough alone, and almost certainly because he freely shares his innovative approaches, Bob has been named as one of the 100 most influential people in staffing. He is one of the unruly founding members of the Editorial Advisory Board for The HR Examiner, he writes a very popular nationally syndicated weekly column the American Cities Business Journals, and he is a frequently requested speaker at Society for Human Resources Management meetings. 

    Bob is a recruiting practitioner, founding his own executive search firm, Staffing Advisors, in 2002. Staffing Advisors quickly attracted a client list of some of Washington’s most prominent organizations. The firm conducts searches in every functional area and career level — primarily for associations; charitable, education, and other nonprofits; and high growth companies.

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    The Tools of Psychic Advisors and How They Work

    in Spirituality

    For centuries people have sought out readers, advisors, fortune tellers, anyone that could give them answers they wanted to hear. And yet through time they call “psychism” fake and there is no way for anyone to know. This topic is what we are now going to discuss.

    What tools are used, how are they used, how can these different objects assist in finding out what you want to know. How do the readers themselves use their abilities along with these objects to bring about a result to your question?

    Please be sure to join us to discuss this long sought after answer. This is an interactive show, feel free to call in to ask questions or to share a personal experience, bring your friends, it is free to anyone who wishes to come.

    This show will be on Mon. Feb. 2 @ 7-8 (est.) (347) 838-9736   And be sure to visit our website: http://www.starzpsychics.com to see if you may find other things that may interest you.

    To enter our chatroom where you can receive a mini reading:  https://secure.blogtalkradio.com/register.aspx?type=listener

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    The Best Ideas from Hundreds of Advisors

    in Business

    After coaching and consulting hundreds of offices, Matt Halloran knows that advisors want ideas. Most advisors feel they are alone on their own island and need great new ideas to help them run their businesses, market to new clients, and communicate to existing clients. This is the book for the advisor who always wants to stay ahead of the game.

    Today's discussin will be with Matthew Halloran, President of Top Advsors Coaching.  We will discuss his newly published book, "99 Best Ideas".

    You can check out the book on Amazon by clicking this link:  http://amzn.com/B00SM4CBA8

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    Guest: Geoffrey Kent, CEO, Cognis IT Advisors, LLC

    in Business

    Geoffrey Kent, CEO, Cognis IT Advisors, LLC

    Cognis IT is an Information Technology Consulting Services Provider, proactively working to accelerate the business growth of our clients through technology based solutions. Targeted clients include businesses with 100+ digital devices, who are looking to augment their existing IT support or outsource all of their IT needs.


    Geoffrey Kent is a proven leader with the ability to apply strategic financial and operational tactics to achieve increased profits and sales, improved cash flow, and a higher return on assets. He is known for building strong client and employee relationships, as well as high performance teams that exceed senior management expectations. He brings a comprehensive business background and skill set focused on rigorous analysis to drive decision-making. Geoffrey’s expertise includes financial and economic market analysis, business process reengineering, new business development, strategic operations, and delivery and distribution strategies.



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    Wealth Advisors & Their Role in HNWI Philanthropic Giving

    in Business

    Wealth Advisors & Their Role in HNWI Philanthropic Giving

    Why Talking About Philanthropy is a Smart Business Decision

    Ted Hart, CEO of CAF America, discusses the launch of CAF America's wealth advisory services with Eileen Wilhem, Director of Philanthropy who is joined by our guest David Ratcliffe, a Managing Director and the National Philanthropic Solutions sales executive for U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management.

    As experts in the field of philanthropic engagement and wealth management, Eileen and David highlight various topics and trends relevant to high net worth individuals while analyzing The U.S. Trust Study of the Philanthropic Conversation and they explore how this information can prove to be a valuable tool in building and strengthening client relationships.

    The show explores:

    The role of wealth advisors in philanthropy
    How wealth advisors can support the philanthropic goals of their clients
    Educating high net worth individuals on giving to their country of origin
    The challenges of discussing philanthropy with clients

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    Pete and Barbara Elmore-Authors/UFO Investigators/CERO Board of Advisors

    in Paranormal

    Pete Elmore was born in Kinston, North Carolina in 1962. He graduated from North Carolina State University in 1985 with a degree in Political Science. Pete made ends meet in college by writing for the school newspaper, the Technician. He has written several screenplays and three books which include “The Flaming Dragon,” 11 Easy Ways to determine if you live in a Haunted House” and “Reflections of an Alien Abduction Investigator.” Pete is a former MUFON State Section Director for Los Angeles and has investigated over 450 UFO and Alien Abduction reports. He currently serves on the Board of Advisors for the Close Encounters Research Organization.
    Barbara Elmore was born Barbara Cotton in Jacksonville, North Carolina in 1964. She attended North Carolina State University where she majored in English. Barbara has always been interested in the paranormal and has had many experiences of her own. She co-authored “The Flaming Dragon” which is being developed as a TV series at Fleur de Lis studios. Barbara is currently writing a book about her childhood titled “Tomboy Tales.” She also serves on the Board of Advisors for CERO.
    Pete and Barbara met at N.C. State University in 1982 and it was if they had known each other all of their lives. They became best friends quickly and were married in 1986. They have three children, Ryan, Jason and Sean. They live in Santa Clarita, California.

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    Carlson Advisors join Kevin Hunter on TBFS Radio

    in Business

    How do you sell a business with high value and integrity? Tune in to the guests from Carlson Advisors, Minneapolis, MN to find out. Host Kevin Hunter has featured thousands of business guests on The Business Forum Show. 

    What makes The Business Forum Show so unique? We aren’t reporting business news or talking about what happened in the stock market today. Our cast has been in and out of thousands of different companies and we understand both domestic and international markets. Regardless of what your business model is, it’s likely we’ve seen it employed in countless other businesses and understand both the strengths and weaknesses of your plan. Every day we witness the sweat, blood, and tears that owners have invested in their companies.

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    CMC Radio Presents: Tracy Ann Campbell of Cynosure Risk Advisors- Part 1

    in Blogs

    CMC Radio Presents: Tracy Ann Campbell - Part 1