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    Triple Threat Talk Episode 53

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    Join us on this slightly later version of Triple Threat Tak. Jimmy has the week off but we will be recapping the week in sports. Daytona, College Ball, WWE Fastlane, and courtstorming.....yes COURTSTORMING! The Doc will break down several notable teams and where they will likely end up as well in the NCAA tourny. Join us tonight...on TRIPLE THREAT TALK!

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    Triple Threat Talk

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    On today's episode we discuss and breakdown the NCAA tournament. We also discuss all the other headlines in pro sports. Are good buddy from Those a Weekend Golf Guys John Ashton stops by for a little fun. We also have our weekly look into pro wrestling

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    Triple Threat Talk

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    on tonight's episode we discuss the ongoing and upcoming confrence tournaments. We talk about the crazy world of NFL free agency. We also give an early preview for the NCAA tournament. We talk about nascar descion to reinstate Kurt Busch. All that and more

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    Triple Threat Talk Episode 51

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    After a three week holiday break the boys at Triple Threat Talk have returned!! On today's show we discuss the latest in NCAA College Basketball. We look back at the first ever Collge Football championship and we look ahead to the AFC and NFC championship games with Seattle vs Green Bay and Indianapolis vs New England! All that and so much more tune in tonight and join Postmaster and The Doc!


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    Triple Threat Talk Episode 52

    in Sports

    Doc and Postmaster return for two hours of high octane sports and wrestling talk. We talk the latest headlines and breaking news in sports and pro wrestling

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    Current Trends in Management of Advanced and Late Stage Prostate Cancer

    in Health

    When should patients start asking about involving an oncologist in their care, how can we manage quality of life issues while being treated for advanced, metastatic, and castration-resistant prostate cancer? We are discussing how to manage advanced and late stage prostate cancer with Dr Maha Hussain and panelists. The panel of Mike Scott, Tony Crispino, Richard Davis and Jan Manarite, will also be touching upon the results of important clinical trials from the upcoming GU oncology meeting.

    Dr. Maha Hussain is a tenured Professor of Medicine and Urology at the University of Michigan. She is the Associate Director for Clinical Research at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMCC), the Co-Leader of its Prostate Cancer/GU Oncology Program and the Associate Chief for Clinical Research at the Division of Hematology/ Oncology. Dr. Hussain is an internationally renowned clinical researcher and an expert in genitourinary malignancies particularly prostate and bladder cancers.

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    Advanced Black Thinking & Doing

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    Advanced Black Thinking and Doing

    This is not a broadcast for beginner counter-racists of any age. However, it may be for YOU if you frequently say and/or agree with the statement, "We need to be focused on solutions." Kofi Lion is the founder of World Afropedia, an unequaled online repository of information about black personages and black peoples around the globe and throughout known history. He didn't just talk about the racism with which Wikipedia is saturated. He did something epic about it.

    Kofi might be described as a polymath (a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning.) So, we'll be discussing a range of fascinating topics including the digital dark age; bit coin economics; biological xenophilia (love of genes different than one's own), and; Mandombe script's promise for releasing the innovation of the black mind.

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    Tuesday Night Prayer Service - Theme: Be Hopeful, Patient And Persistent! (15)

    in Christianity

    Join us this coming Tuesday March 17 at 7:00 PM as we come together to praise and seek the face of our benevolent God and Father who encourages His children to be hopeful, patient and persistent in prayer (Romans 12:12).

    E-mail us your PRAYER REQUEST in advance at loveradiochurch@gmail.com if you want us to read your petitions/needs on the air to have others intercede on your behalf.

    Please tell other likeminded saints to join us in prayer and praise this Tuesday night.  Let us join our Savior Christ Jesus in prayer for at least one hour (Matthew 26:40).

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    Triple Threat Talk

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    Today we talk Iron Bowl, Egg Bowl, Governers Cup, The week in the NFL, next week in the NFL, as well as in depth look at key college basketball games from the past week most notably Ohio State's matchup with The Cardinals of Louisville. Jimmy has the night off but we are here for your sporting news and as always, we're taking your calls on tonight's edition of TRIPLE THREAT TALK!

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    Coffee Madness Radio. Persistent Kj Robert

    in Spirituality

    Thursday morning Topic Is Just About Health, am not a Doctor.... Thursday morning @ 9:00 Pm Est, Presenter Ken Robert, airing on Coffee Madness Radio, All are welcome great music as well. 
    Get A Free Short Reading with some great music . This show is Just 30 Min's long as, To Listen go too Go to
    www.blogtalkradio.com/kjrobert13 . Ken will be taking some callers at number 1714-242-6120 ,
    Skills..Psychic, Seer, Clairvoyant,
    Medium, Predictor , Remote Viewing, Paranormal
    Career, Work, Health, Deceased, Loved Ones, Destiny, Life Path, Lost People, Pets , Relationships , ect
    Please join me on Facebook here is my link .www.facebook.com/kenroberts.eyes and yes please become a Friend on that page Just LIKE it @ Follow as well
    Check out my website as well at www.kjroberts.net To book a personnel Phone Reading now. Call 201-822-5310


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    Welcome back to the Black Lotus Civilization B.G.N.N. B.L.C. Radio this is your host EmuNrakati ap'adumira stb (suwabmwa wawam) iui'i and my co host from the cameroon Omo Sango.

    The onslught continues, more and more of our brothers and sisters are under attack

    In our current chapter of world history, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) plays the role of destroyer by targeting the ancient and modern religious monuments of both Iraq and Syria. ISIS threatens and destroys these monuments in an attempt to eradicate not merely the cultural treasures of the people who live there, but also their identity.Similarly in Iraq, ISIS has bulldozed, blown up and destroyed churches, shrines, mosques, ancient statutes, artifacts, manuscripts, archives and archaeological sites – things it considers idolatrous or heretical based on their strict Salafi interpretation of Islam, which “deems the veneration of tombs and non-Islamic vestiges as idolatrous.Reports even speculate that ISIS plans to target Mecca, the pilgrimage site for Muslims, home to the Al-Masjid al-Haram mosque, held by Muslims as the most sacred mosque worldwide According to one ISIS member, Abu Turab Al Mugaddasi, “If Allah wills, we will kill those who worship stones in Mecca and destroy the Kaaba. People go to Mecca to touch the stones, not for Allah

    Today we discuss Boko Haram, ISIS and the threat to destroy the pyramids, sphinx and other monuments, .....

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