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    A chat with acting coach Brenna McDonough

    in Entertainment

    The King of DC Media welcomes back acting coach Brenna McDonough, who will discuss effective tips for actors to book roles consistently, and how to look great on camera!

    McDonough teaches on-camera workshops at Betsy Royall Casting in Baltimore and her studio in Kensington, MD.

    Brenna is an accomplished actress in her own right, having appeared in the following TV commercials and films:


     Bush Gardens/Col Williamsburg
     Giant Food 
     Close Call
     Med-Star Health 
     Red Cross
     Prudential Health
     Travel Lodge 

    Infomercial Host
    Tommy’s Mom
    Mother of the Bride
    Hotel Executive

    Fredrickson TV
    Raimondi Films
    Madison Media
    Gray, Kirk, Van Sant
    Red Cross
    Noble Steed
    Gray, Kirk, Van Sant


     HOMICIDE “Pit Bull Sessions”
     THE WIRE 

    Network Reporter
    Mary Tjarks
    Tess’s Doctor
    CNN Reporter
    Political analyst Kate

    HBO, Barbara Kopple, Dir.
    Columbia Pictures
    HBO “Slapstick”

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    Let's Talk Acting 15

    in Film

    Join Morgan Tyler and Jonathan Moody as they chat acting with actress Tina Grimm (Scarred, Joes's War) 

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    Acting coach John Pallotta, live from his class!

    in Entertainment

    The King of DC Media welcomes his old pal (and innagural guest), acting coach and playwright extraordinaire, John Pallotta to the Inside Acting Radio show, to talk about the exciting classes he's got coming in 2015 and the craft of acting. The show will be during one of his classes, with students dialing in!

    LISTEN to last year's show from this link.

    Subscribe to my column, DC Actors Examiner using this link.

    Follow me on Twitter at /Inside_Acting and Facebook at /william.t.powell

  • Playwright, Director and Cast of "Dry Bones"

    in Entertainment

    The King of DC Media, William Powell, welcomes Playwright Ivy Hawkins, Director ELI El, and cast of the stage show, Dry Bones. Dry Bones touches on the themes of father\son relationships and the effects of street life.

    Listen to my previous interview with Adyib by clicking here. Dial 347.884.8997 to speak with the guests or the hosts.


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    Let's Talk Acting 12

    in Film

    Morgan Tyler hosts and Jonathan Moody co hosts another Let's Talk Acting Episode 

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    Let's Talk Acting 11

    in Film

    Morgan Tyler hosts another Let's Talk Acting! Actors feel free to call in! 1-646-915-8693. 

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    Let's Talk Acting 19

    in Film

    Join host Jonathan Moody and special co host for the evening Tina Grimm as they chat with actor Chris O'Brocki 

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    Let's Talk Acting 18

    in Film

    Join host Morgan Tyler and co host Jonathan Moody as they chat with actor Christian Chase (Turned, Phantom Faye) 

  • Filmmaker and Awards MC "Master" June Daguiso stops by

    in Entertainment

    The King of DC Media, William Powell, welcomes filmmaker and World Music & Independent Film Festival founder June Daguiso.

    June Daguiso is a Writer, Producer, Director, Actor and Martial Artist, as well as Founder of "MJD Productions", LLC, "World Music and Independent Film Festival" and "Hollywood in Washington, DC" talk show. He is also known for the films Full Circle (2007), Diary of a Serial Killer (2013) and Drug Related 3 (2012).

    In 2006, Master June produced "Full Circle", his first feature film project. 

    "Full Circle" had four nominations for the original soundtrack at the Grammy Awards.

    June went on to produce  "Drug Related 1, 2 and 3”, “Jeepney", “Collide", "I Am An American-The Movie", and "A Split Personality”.  

    In 2010, his film "Collide" received 2 Grammy award nominations. 

    As the founder of the World Music & Independent Film Festival, and Hot Media International Film Festival in Washington, DC, it is June’s dream to bring filmmakers and musicians from all over the world to the D.C. area in celebration of the films that are made in the nation’s capital.

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    Toni Bull Bua: CEO and Master Teacher of Bua Acting for Life

    in Motivation

    Our Host: 

    Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), and Consultant.www.SvetlanaKim.com 


    Our Guest: Toni Bua is CEO and Master Teacher of BUA ACTING FOR LIFE, a powerful and healing playground for actors and others who wish to combine body mind and spirit in their art… and in their lives. Toni and her husband and twin flame, Gene Bua, met while starring on the CBS daytime drama "LOVE OF LIFE" and have been creating together ever since. They wrote composed directed and produced many famous award winning musicals including the longest running musical of its time, “Pepper Street,” plus “Across from Cindy’s Corner,” “Second Wind” and their newest “When I Dream”… as well as many songs for feature films.  Toni is also the President of Here’s To Life Foundation, sponsoring at-risk teen and others through art and entertainment. Toni lost her Gene to Parkinson’s last year, while surviving her own ‘breast cancer adventure’ as she calls it. She hopes her spirit, humor, and positive outlook on Mother Earth’s challenges reaches out to others and uplifts and shifts their own. The Bua’s and their creations have been honored by the White House, The United Nations, and six California mayors.

    Toni Bua 

    CEO  and MASTER TEACHER OF BUA ACTING FOR LIFE. (www.buaactingforlife.com)

    Co Create with Gene Bua: 1977-1979 New York City. 1980- present Los Angeles.

    President of Here’s To Life Foundation (www.herestolife.org) sponsoring at-risk teens, people in recovery and others, through art & entertainment.

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    Experience is the Greatest Teacher

    in Spirituality

    Why is experience our greatest teacher? Experience is something that noe of us can avoid. Experience is why we took on a body so that we may learn. We are as infinite as the universe yet we learn from the finite. When we experience something we can look at it from one of two ways, we see it as positive or negative. If we do this then we may not learn from it as it is best to stand from an objective point of view. From this position then we see the purpose of the experience and do not judge it. If we judge it then we do not learn from the experience. If we look at things negatively then we step into resistance. From the point of resistance it creates struggle. Struggle is not a necessary thing that we have to do because in resistance we are actually fighting our self. From this position there is nothing to win or to gain. Being objective is when we learn and realize the most. All experience serves a purpose, learn to see the purpose. All things are to lead us to the idea of love and unconditional nature. Find the true self not the illusion of you? Jon Liara and Steven for an indepth converstaion of the human experience. Call and join the conversation 718-664-9735.