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  • ACA Compliance & 2015 FORUM West

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    On this week's episode, hosts Doug Field and Andrew Dietz welcome a special guest from Tango Health to the program to talk ACA compliance. Then the hosts embark on an in-depth discussion of the upcoming FORUM West conference in Las Vegas.

    Kami Haynes, director of marketing, Tango Health will join the program for the first segment. Complying with the Affordable Care Act is a challenge for organizations, requiring a solid understanding of the complex requirements for reporting employee data to the IRS. How can you coordinate multiple sources of employee data required for reporting? How can you be sure you’re correctly reporting health benefits offered to employees? How can you ensure accuracy when populating complex ACA reporting forms? And what are best practices for obtaining data not been tracked prior to the ACA? In this interview, Kami and the hosts will help listeners understand the reporting requirements and potential pitfalls in the reporting process and how your organization can tackle the ACA compliance challenge. 

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    ACA Explained Again; Vanilla Book Author; Six Types Of Office Troublemakers;

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    Catherine Merritt founded MUMZY and went about looking at crowd funding. She discusses her experiences.

    Terry R. Barber (CEO of Performance Inspired£) often relates 21st century corporate America to an ancient battlefield. He brilliantly uses historical warfare, tactics and characters to present lessons for today's leaders and followers who struggle in their job of trying to make their companies and lives relevant. He dissects the modern office into three groups of combatants all who can be directly related and recognized in the corporate world we know today, including the most toxic – the six kinds of office “troublemakers”.

    Janet Sawyer joins us from across the pond to discuss her book and more.

    Steve Friedman of Littler Mendelson discusses the ACA and what it means for small business after recent court decisions.

    Over50JobBoard.com CEO Blake Nations. ³Our site enables employers to sift through a cluttered applicant pool and hire based on wisdom and expertise.²

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    ACA and DSP will be promoting selected artists of all genres. Our artists music ranges from bands to individual musicians. Keep this important information for easy access for listening and live interviews:Listener dial-in number:(646) 649-1920 

    ACA is a one-stop shop for the entertainment business. Creatives can select any service a la carte and design the services that they need to succeed in their area of the business. Services include: Recording Studio, Artist Management, Booking, Publishing, Record Label Administration, Video Production, Web Design and Graphics, Social Media Optimization.

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    ACA Update by Health Economist Paul Keckley

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    Five years ago, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law. And today, we have Navigant’s Paul Keckley looking at the goals of the law and discussing what’s working and what’s ahead for the ACA.

    So Is It Working?

    Has it increased access to coverage? Yes, at least for some, and at least for now.

    Has it reduced costs? It’s too soon to know.

    Has it improved the public’s understanding of the U.S. health system? Regrettably no.

    What’s Ahead?

    The stakes in the states are higher

    The winners and losers are shaking out

    Innovators with value-driven solutions are disrupting the status quo

    The ACA will be a spotlight issue in Campaign 2016

    Tune in to listen to more of what Paul Keckley has to say with our host Patricia Salber (@docweighsin).

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    ACA fight dead? POTUS & military experience? and more...

    in Politics Conservative

    Showtime 8AM-10AM EST: It's Anything Goes Monday! Today is your day so bring your topics or questions to conversations. Can't think of anything to talk about or questions to asks, never fear...I have plenty to say. Just a few examples on the table: Has the GOP given up on stopping ACA/Obamacare? Should POTUS have military experience? Is the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approving drugs at the request of politicians and medical societies? Is inequality a ficticious and just an excuse?

    Join me "In the Pickle Barrel" as we take  a look at whatever comes up on Anything Goes Monday. ake part in the conversations in the online Chat Room or call and share your thoughts live on ar at 855-236-2486.

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    Libertarian Problems and also ACA subsidies

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    On the April 23, 2015 episode of Liberal Dan Radio: 

    Yesterday was Earth Day. To celebrate it I had shared a picture on my facebook wall saying "Happy Libertarian Earth Day" with a picture of a sunken ship and pollution everywhere. This caused a big debate. On many issues I do believe Libertarians have it right (mostly because they agree with liberals). However, in some areas their line of reasoning is flawed and even damaging. Can the invisible hand effectively stop pollution? Does the non aggression principal allow for government regulation?

    In the second half I will be discussing King V Burwell. Arguments were made in March to the Supreme Court. I will have on as a guest Todd Haley who was able to get affordable health coverage under the ACA and whose case was brought up by Harvard Law School Center for Health Law and Public Policy. Mr. Haley would lose affordable coverage and would be adversely effected by a ruling against subsidies on exchanges that are federally run. 

    Those topics, headlines, tweet of the week, and more on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's Right at 8pm Central on Blog Talk Radio. 

    Remember, you can always support the show by contributing to the Liberal Dan Radio Go Fund Me page. 

    Finally, if you are listening after the live broadcast you can always leave comments at LiberalDan.com. 

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    Hair on Fire News Talk Radio/President Obama on SCOTUS ACA Decision

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    Weekly Address: The Affordable Care Act is Here to Stay

    June 27, 2015 | 3:10 | Public Domain

    In this week's address, the President called the Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act a victory for hardworking Americans across the country, whose lives are more secure because of this law.Also available in iTunes

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    Over Half of ACA Co-Ops Have Failed, & Getting It Right on Prisoner Release

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    Nathan Nascimento-Over Half Of Obamacare CO-OPs Have Now Failed, & Over A Billion Taxpayer Dollars Wasted, More Than 750,000 Lose Plans says the senior policy advisor at Freedom Partners who also focuses on health care.

    Kevin Ring-The Director of Strategic Initiatives for Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) sets the record straight on the recent prisoner release.

    Steve Evans, The Movie Guy-Live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy reports the weekend's big winners at the box office and the best of the coming  attractions.    

    Peter Navarro-Navarro is a business professor at UC-Irvine and author of Crouching Tiger: What China’s Militarism Means for the World.  He says, "The #1 issue facing America’s next president is China." 

    Kim Kitchings-How Much Will We Spend This Holiday Season? Cotton Incorporated Releases Its Annual Lifestyle Monitor™ Survey.  Kitchings is the Vice President of the Corporate Strategy and Program Metrics division at Cotton Incorporated.       

    Craig Shirley-Showboat Hosts, Big Biz Shills-Why the WSJ shouldn't turn Round 4 into a hit on populist outsiders. Shirley, President of Shirley & Bannister PR , political commentator and author of best selling works concerning U.S. history.                                     

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    Hair on Fire NewsKing vs Burwell US Supreme Court Re ACA aka Obamacare Subsidies

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    Supreme Court Heard arguement on ACA aka Obamacare Subsidies

    King v. Burwell
    Docket Number: 14-114
    Date Argued: 03/04/15

    King vs Burwell US Supreme Court 

    Also available in iTunes

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    Lindsey Benage & National ACA/Medicaid Vigils; Pamela John & ACA Success Stories

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    With a hurricane of negativity & false ACA horror stories flying from the right, the truth is out there.  The truth is negative (at the hands of Red State legislatures & Red State Governors), with denial of Medicaid Expansion money (already paid for by Red State taxpayers) costing lives.  The truth is also positive, with hundreds of thousands of citizens getting more comprehensive coverage, as well as lower monthly premiums and lower deductibles.

    Our first guest is Lindsey Benage, of Kansas, who has seen the negativity of Red State pushback, as manifested by ultra-conservative Gov. Sam Brownback and the Kansas legislature.  People are most certainly dying, as evidenced by Mayor O'Neal walking to DC to raise awareness that citizens of his town Belhaven, NC are dying without the services at Pungo Hospital.  Lindsey is passionate about speaking up for the lives of those that will certainly die without Medicaid or insurance.  That is why she is organizing, with the help of others (including you), a nationally coordinated series of vigils to acknowledge the hurt that comes without the help of Medicaid Expansion or good health insurance coverage. Please tune in just after 7pm Eastern to hear Lindsey's story and to get more details about the effort to raise awareness through these vigils.  She will have most of the first hour.

    Our second guest is already a friend of the show.  Pamela John has appeared once before (back in May), sharing many stories submitted by real folks who shared their ACA success stories.  Please tune in after 8pm Eastern to hear more about her story and, more importantly, the ACA Success Stories!

    With so many lives on the line, this will be an important show.  Don't miss it!  Let's get the conversation going...

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          Welcome to THOR Radio Network, we are Community and Group consisting of Man and [WO]Man who has come together in Unity and a desire, need to Edify ourselves in Commerce, Civics, Economics and International Law. We focus on the arena of so called Debt Collectors and Debt Buyers which terms are often used synonymously.  With excess of 8 Million alleged Foreclosures, displacing nearly 20 plus Million families from their property as well as millions of lawsuits filed based upon defaulted worthless Debt. Our Society, Communities and Economy has become oppressed by defective, manipulated, fabricated paperwork used by debt collectors who sometimes purchase (alleged) evidence of debt for pennies on the dollar, only to then abuse Consumers with the assistance of the Legal Society and many times the Court.


    THOR is a Consumer Advocate that serves the People/Consumers in educating them on the oppressive nature of the Debt Collection arena, and how to defend themselves, as well mount an Offense against these debt collection entities and those who are enablers of their abuses. THOR focus is not the alleged debt itself, but the Behavior and Conduct of these debt collectors and those attorneys who assist them, who by this very act becomes "debt collectors" as well. It is a known fact that these "debt collectors" have multiple support groups and organizations such as ACA and IACA, these are associations consisting of attorneys, national banks and debt collectors.


    Now the People/Consumers have their own support group and that is THOR! JOIN US each and every Tuesday at 11:00 am EST!