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    March 19, 2014


    William Johnson is a Los Angeles Attorney and Chairman of the American Freedom Party, formally the American Third Position A3P

    Mr. Johnson and Rodney will discuss:

    The evolution of the A3P and the AFP

    The “Demographic Crisis

    The Failed State of California

    The American Freedom Party’s Activism and participation in elections

    Smart Activism vs. not so smart

    Good Propaganda vs. Bad Propaganda

    And much, much more

    Visit the ANA & ANN at: www.ana-ann.com

    Vist the American Freedom Party: www.american3rdposition.com

    Visit World View Foundations at: www.wvfoundations.org


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    Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller

    in Elections

    Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller
    Joining us from the campaign trail will be Merlin Miller who is yet another Candidate for President that very view people know anything about.
    He is the American 3rd Position Party Nominee and Film maker with a list of accomplishments. He is a Graduate from the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY. He earned his MFA in Cinema and Television from the University of Southern California and worked at Paramount Pictures.
    To learn more about him and his dream for America you can visit:
    He will join us to discuss the Economy, Immigration and Foreign Policy. We hope to get him to open up on some of those pressing Debate Questions. 
    Join me in getting out the word and expanding the exporsue of ALL politically Motivated Americans who want to bring about Positive Change through a Solutions Driven America. Ending the Campaign Slander Mongers and Speech Fabricators. 
    Do you have a small business and need exposure? Contact us at: media@politution.com 15 Secs of air time free on The Balanced Approach!

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    Eccentric / Gadsen Rising

    in Current Events

    Join our live chat and listen A ground-breaking, unique internet radio station.  Anything and Everything against the New World order
    FreedomizerRadio.com Call in and join us - 347.324.3704
    Eccentric Perspective It's a red pill, blue pill, going down the rabbit hole kind of show featuring: outside the box politics, philosophy, and Gonzo journalism. Covering the current events with Blake "the Eccentric."
    Gadsen Rising  
    Merlin Miller is the founder of Americana-Pictures.com. In 2007/8, he was active in Ron Paul's Presidential campaign. In 2012, he was recruited by the American Third Position Party (A3P) to be their Presidential candidate. He appeared in radio, TV, & print interviews, wrote "Our Vision for America", & visited Iran, meeting President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. MerlinMiller2012.com.