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    Will and Thunder Welcome 16 Yr Old Metal Screamer, Gabbie Rae

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    We are honored to have the chance to interview Gabbie Rae, the sixteen year old vocal powerhouse is riding her current momentum by releasing the official music video for her first single "Scream" as well as the song for purchase on iTunes and all other major digital media outlets on Tuesday October 7th. She will be joining us for an interview and a few songs at the start of our second hour.
    Often referred to as “The Next Generation of Classic Rock” Gabbie Rae has been on the fast track over the past year making guest appearances and opening slots for Queensrÿche, Stryper, Great White, Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger), Mike Tramp (White Lion), John Corabi and Dizzy Reed (Guns N Roses).
    Gabbie Rae performed on the Monsters of Rock Cruise in March sharing the bill with the multiplatinum selling likes of Tesla, Cinderella, Winger and many others. She is confirmed to return to the Monsters of Rock Cruise which sails in April 2015.

    You probably won’t have to wait very long for Gabbie Rae’s next venture as this girl doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

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    Old School AVandSean Episode 8

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    Since our old archive isn't available, and our show only goes back to episode 13, this holiday season we are giving you everyday the original 12!

    Today is episode 8 of The AndroidVirus and Sean Show as it aired on 7/15/2013. We are talking Pacific Rim, The Miami Connection, and real true to life men! This episode has the added extra of being done when the Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman verdict came out, so obviously this is a piece of radio history!

    Happy Holidays from AndroidVirus and Sean, and after listening to this if you are still a fan, we THANK YOU!

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    Tamir Rice: 12 yr old Black child shot, this time in Cleveland by a cop as usual

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    I am getting really angry about these kinds of stories.  i don't know how the kid behaved but he was a kid.  Cops can't be gun happy.  It's really sad and tragic.  I have a 1/2 Black child who is six ft 2.  He does not play with guns or have fake guns., he is just a student who works at McDonalds at age 16.  I am pissed off in general that this shit happens in America.  The kid might as well have lived in Jerusalem or Beruit.  His life is worth nothing to law enforcement.    Whether somebody is to blame and the kid was reckless or not, its still a major disappointment.  I don't foresee the future of America getting any better.

    Jon shares 1 police pullover story in which he may have been falsely accused.  He also talks about overcoming temptation.

    The last short segment is about a writer named Ed Raymond for the Duluth Reader who keeps dissing religion.  He will do anything to make religion look bad.  He also came up with some loosely based homosexual theory and tries to plug his theoryt into historical groups such at the 12 disciples.  Jon, Jane and Bob blow this man's weak arguments straight out of the water.

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    Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Presents: Florida Researcher Pat Rance

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    Gearing down for the Christmas holidays, Nite Callers bring you the last show of the year. Continuing the series of the North American Sasquatch Researcher, we welcome good friend and veteren Bigfoot researcher Pat Rance.

    What started out as an elusive hobby for Pat Rance has virtually turned into an obsession to hunt the elusive Bigfoot that has been sighted in the Green Swamp of Florida at least 10 or more times in the last several years. Pat Rance actually came face to face with the creature in a dramatic night time encounter in Sumter County. In April 2006, along with three other researchers, Pat set up camp in the swamp southwest of Clermont. Having seen foot prints in the area as large as 18 inches long and 9 inches wide, they baited the campsite with a box of pancakes covered in syrup. When they later found more tracks and the pancakes were eaten, they knew they were in the right spot. " It was nighttime and I was returning to the main camp with a friend." Pat recalls. " We heard sudden movement in the trail immediately in front of us and I looked up to see a large creature jump off to the side of the trail.It was about 30 feet away and with my flashlight shining on it I could see this round head and massive shoulders above the tops of the palmettos. I went to raise my night vision glasses to my eyes and the creature jumped back onto the trail and quickly ran ahead of us and disappeared into the night. As we passed the spot where he'd been standing, I could smell maple syrup. I was totally awestruck. It happened soi fast I really didn't have time to be scared. I was surprised and elated at the same time. It was so satifying to finally see the creature I had been hearing about and hunting." To hear this story and  other experiences from Pat Rance, be sure to tune in tonight for a celebration of Christmas and some really amazing stories.


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    12 yr Old Shot - Murdered

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    NEW LIFE ORDER - is now the new order of life. We are the common voice of humanity! TRUTH in the midst of confusion. A place on the planet where ALL walks of life are welcome! ONE GOD, ONE PEOPLE, ONE WAY OF LIFE...RIGHTEOUSNESS!!! All we need is love, because God IS Love!

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    5 Yr-Old Forced To Sign Suicide/ Safety Contract-Out Of Control Ed System

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    How can an educational system even consider asking a 5 yr old to sign a suicide/safety contract.  Excerpt from Al.com:

    The school counselor used the system-wide safety protocol that school system officials were instructed to use in any situation in which "a student indicates they may be considering any actions such as hurting themselves or hurting someone else," she said. "Unfortunately, with this incident, the one size fits all." 

    This is the problem with schools all over the country today.  There is a "one size fits all mentality" and it is causing havoc because Common Sense has left with the new age of the Common Core Standards Initiative.  Come and hear more about what is behind this story and it's time to study what's being planned in the field of Counseling.


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    Rhana Bazzini - 81-Year-Old Activist Walks To Get Money Out of Politics

    in Politics

    A lot of people are fed up with all the money being shoveled hand over fist into politicians pockets. But one 81-year-old woman took her frustration all the way from Sarasota to Tallahassee, Florida -- on foot.

    Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Rhana Bazzini to the show on Thursday at 11 a.m. ET. Rhana will talk about her two-month walk across western Florida to raise awareness for the need for a Constitutional Amendement and Move To Amend's efforts.

    Inspired by Doris "Granny D" Haddock who walked across the U.S. in 1999, Rhana talked to people she met along her way, got their signatures on petitions and met with elected officials to "get them to take a tough stand on the issue."

    For more information on Rhana go to her web site http://ingrannydfootsteps.org or Facebook . Please follow Talkupy on Twitter @Talkupy_Radio .

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    Old Men Stories 12-15-2014

    in Fun

    Episode 155: Monday, December 15th at 5:00PM ET.

    Today's Topic: Cooking

    Your Hosts: Roland Willits and Jeff Young

    On this show you'll hear some FUN stories from a couple of master storytellers who will teach you how to bring out that master storyteller within you that waits to be unleashed. All of us have a story to tell, and we all are Master Storytellers at heart.

    In the second hour you'll hear from old-time country music artists with new songs and wonderful music to share on Old Men Stories "Opry!"

    Listen live and join the chat at:  http://oldmenstories.wq4dradio.com

    Visit "Old Men Stories online at:  http://oldmenstories.org and http://oldmenstories.com

    ** Is it time for an audio "facelift"? Create custom audio for your podcast or radio show now:  http://CreateCustomAudio.com **

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    Poppa L's Old School Flava Sunday's

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    Join Poppa L's and His Co-Host CM Dubb as the pay homage to all some of the most classics records delivered for a movie soundtrack....Tune in for all that #OldSchoolFlava as they put the needle to some of the most powerful records in Old School History! This Sunday on Poetic Designs Radio at 4pm... Call in or listen 657-383-0107... Whats your Flava?

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    Mark Fagan With The Florida Dept of Agriculture: Giant African Snail Invasion

    in Spirituality

    Mark Fagan


    I am a native Floridian raised in Miami. 

    I attended (then) Miami-Dade Junior College and then Florida State University majoring in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management.  I worked in the restaurant business for eight years.

    By 1981 I began my career in radio and television broadcasting as a news reporter and anchor.  For the next   18 years I worked in the media in Nevada and California before returning to Florida in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

    In 1999 I began my career with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services as the primary spokesman for the Citrus Canker Eradication Program.  I am currently a Public Information Officer for the department and based in South Florida.

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    I am happy to be speaking to a FABULOUS guest this week no other than Desiree Fleming the owner of Voluptuous You.  Desiree is also my dress designer and friend; its always good time to have her on the show.  The end of the year is here and we must be ready for 2015.  So Desiree will be sharing with us on how she is revamping her business and what are the positives and negitives in doing so.  So if you have a business no matter what kind of business you might need to revamp at some point.  Why not do it for the new year?  

    Here are some websites that have some information about revamping; make sure you check them out; you may come across some ideas for your small business.  



    Make sure you stop by Voluptuous You facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Voluptuous-You/112445165443257 to check out what Desiree is doing.  Not only will we be talking revamping we will also discuss up coming events that Desiree has on her calender.



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