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    The 404'd Show w/ Todd Morris (Debut Episode)

    in Culture

    Have you been 404'd from blog talk radio? Censored for telling the truth? Rejected for being different? Well shut the fuk up and join the most infamous club in all of btr late night! The 404'd Club!
    On tonights debut episode of the show a very Emotional Todd Morris continues to struggle with the heartbreak of his dear prankville usa's demise on btr late night. While other seem to be enjoying what todd considers "the end of his life"
    Todd wrestles with the idea of struggling to take care of his new wife and their 12 children. Todds electricity is even turned off live during the show
    Its an emotional break down you don't want to miss!

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    Late Night Love Jams w/ T. Morris & The 404'd Show w/ Flair

    in Entertainment

    In the first half of tonights show Todd Morris hosts his new program "Late Night Love Jams" featuring the love music of the 90's
    In the second half of tonights show The Nature Boy Ric Flair returns to host the 404'd show on btr

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    Episode 404: Christina Scoleri

    in Sports

    Christina Scoleri, of Mob Wives Chicago, returns to discuss life after the show, getting ready for the holidays, Italian cooking, and more

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    Speak On It with R.W.Coolins - Let Your Voice Be Heard

    in Entertainment

    No matter what the situation is...Let your voice be heard! The show will have open phone lines for the callers to Speak On It about situations where they want their voice to be heard. R.W.Coolins will have a few things to discuss to include the shooting in South Carolina, the N word at the Final Four press conference, restrictions on what food stamps can buy, and of course what the fans want to discuss. Call in numbers are 877-404-0816 or 347-857-4751. Go to the website @ www.speakonitshow.com and click the tab Listen LIVE through your computer.


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    Modern Surveillance [Setting The Tone Radio LIVE]

    in Current Events

    SPECIAL NOTE: We're condensing our shows into a shorter format to make them more podcast friendly! You'll need to call VERY early since we won't have a lot of time for as many callers.

    About This Live Podcast:

    Walter Scott. Michael Brown. Eric Garner. Tamir Rice. Trayvon Martin. These are the names of African American males, both young and old, who have been killed by gun and/or police violence in recent years. We have done at least two other shows on police brutality and thousands have read and discussed these subject matters on Setting The Tone on Facebook, but an open forum for discussion is NOT WORKING! In fact, the murders are becoming more famous and richer than the victims' families! What sort of country do we live in?

    Modern Surveillance introduces the idea of using technology to better monitor the authorities and perhaps each other. While there are advantages to the use of body cameras, street cameras and other recording devices, are these incidents really just a way to scare Americans into losing our right to privacy?  What are your thoughts?

    About Setting The Tone Radio

    Setting The Tone is a brand and platform designed to allow your voice to shape the minds of others. Our radio show covers topics you find most interesting and our reach spans well over 20,000 listeners. If you want to appear or advertise on-air, please contact us via phone or text at 404-590-4788 or email wstt@settingthetone.net. Our website is settingthetone.net and settingthetoneradio.com.

    Thank you for listening!

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    Spiritual Warfare

    in Spirituality

    Host: Alisha Cole

    Guest Speaker: Bishop Carl G. Kiel

    Topic: Spiritual Warefar


    Bishop Carl G. Kiel II is Senior Pastor & Founder of New Seasons Cathedral Worship Center founded in December 2011. New Seasons Cathedral is affectionately called: NSC "THE HOUSE OF REDEMPTION" is a trailblazer for many ministries. NSC has several dynamic programs including: COMMUNITY MISSIONS, this ministry reached thousands every year in South Dallas. Feeding the hungry and sharing the gospel twice a month.

    NSC also has an exciting YOUTH MINISTRY that is very progressive. This ministry is reaching many youth through its various programs and events. The WOMENS MINISTRY is led by Lady Kiel and has monthly motivational and inspirational meetings that are sure to empower women of all ages and from different backgrounds.

    The MENS MINISTRY OF NSC is in place to bring men of GOD together: to encourage and strengthen men to pursue after the heart of GOD. The music ministry of NSC is energetic and electrifying as corporate worship has become a trademark of NSC. Bishop Kiel is also the Organizer and Presiding Bishop of The Spirit Filled Pentecostal Churches Fellowship (which currently consists of 8 Churches throughout Texas and Georgia).


    New Seaons Cathedral


    Dallas TX 75216

    Telephone: 936-404-9828

    Website at: www.newseasonscathedral.webs.com


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    NEXTGEN Our Guest On Play Book Talk Radio

    in Sports

    NEXTGEN Our Guest On Play Book Talk Radio


    To be a future guest on our show contact our Host

    Joe Gladney

    The Play Book



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    Higher Consciousness: Phenomenal Women Healers

    in Self Help

    Higher Consciousness is a program that focuses on the physical as well as metaphysical, cultural, political and spiritual dimensions.  All shows are archived; the shows are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. www.blogtalkradio.com/blogtalkradiooyindeenterprises

    Tonight's Topic:

    Title: Phenomenal Women Healers

    Guests:  Mudiwa Mustafaa and Kimberly Tyler

    Time:7:00-9:00 p.m.

    Date:Monday, April 6, 2015

    Golden Era Creations owner, Mudiwa Mustafa, has a 30 year background in both the Natural Healing Arts and the Creative Design Arts. She has owned and operated Health and Wellness Centers here in the US and in West Africa, specializing in Wholisic Wellness and Nutrition Lifestyle Coaching for Women and Children.   

    Golden Era Creations


    Through private study, Kimberly Tyler learned how energies connected by reading cards, signs, working with natural stones, essential oils (she is a certified aromatherapist) and studied the ancient wisdom from past civilizations. InnerTrinsix is the manifestation of her personal journey. Teaching others to tap into existing universal energy and manifest their Intentions. 


    A Meditative Apothecary


    Join us as Professor Jamela Franklin talks with these two amazing women healers about their journeys as creative artists and healers.

    Host's Bio

    Professor Jamela Franklin

    www.oyindeenterprises.com;  770-882-7347

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    Talking Development With Rob Clark

    in Sports

    Ben Moore of PantherTalk.com is joined by Rob Clark, Senior Associate AD for Development of Georgia State Athletics to talk about the latest in Panther Athletic Club including the Spring Membership Drive, PAC Coaches Tour and the impact of the NCAA Tournament win on development.

    For more information about the Panther Athletic Club visit www.pantherathleticclub.com or call 404-413-4126.

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    Speak On It with R.W.Coolins - Soulful Saturday: Love & Relationships

    in Entertainment

    It's a Soulful Saturday on Speak On It with R.W.Coolins. We will be discussing Love and Relationships. The 1st time you fell in love and how it felt. The 1st time someone broke your heart and how you got over it. The lingering impact of trust and hurt in future relationships. Finding your soulmate. Question of the Day: When do men decide they want Quality over Quantity?

    Tune in and be a part of the discussion. Call in numbers are 877-404-0816 or 347-857-4751

    No matter what the situation is...Let your voice be heard!


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    Speak On It with R.W.Coolins - Tree Angels For Haiti Interview

    in Entertainment

    Live in the studio interview with Sandra Romulus and Robin Jackson from the foundation Tree Angels For Haiti. We will discuss what the foundation is all about and how it is not only helping the people of Haiti but also how their efforts are helping to save the environment.

    Call in numbers are 877-404-0816 or 347-857-4751 or you can go to the website and listen @ www.speakonitshow.com

    No matter what the situation is...Let your voice be heard



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