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    What is 3D Printing? Is It The “Holy Grail” of Manufacturing?

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    2/24/15 – “The Holy Grail” of manufacturing could be here within this century, says futurist Michio Kaku. The current trends involving mass customisation and 3D printing are expected to accelerate. Joining us to discuss 3D printing are Prof. Elizabeth Lennon PhD and Peter Lindner PhD of Manhattan College.

    Topics covered will be basic 3D printing processes (extrusion vs. stereo-lithography), industrial and personal 3D printing systems, and the perspective impact in different sectors (healthcare, advanced specially devices, mass produced items).


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    S3-E19 3D Printing, Is it the Key to Making Manufacturing in America Grow Again?

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    3/24/15 – 3D Printing has been around for more than 25 years, but how is it being used in manufacturing? How can it be used? Special Guest Terry Wohlers, President of Wohlers Associates Inc. joins us at MFG Talk Radio to discuss new developments and trends in rapid product development and additive manufacturing. In their 28 year history, the Colorado-based independent consulting firm has provided advice to 150 companies in the investment community, most being institutional investors that represent mutual funds, hedge funds, and private equity valued at billions of dollars. In addition to these companies, Wohlers Associates’ past work has involved over 240 client organizations in 24 countries around the world.

    Rick Lucas, Chief Technology Officer at ExOne will be on hand to talk about two areas where 3D Printing is currently useful: R&D rapid prototyping and replacement parts. Gain a sense of when/if 3D Printing will become a production line volume technology or will it be limited to R&D and replacement parts. 3D Printing will impact manufacturing in many ways – learn how it might evolve in your shop.

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    ?Jered Dean, Associate Professor at Colorado School of Mines and creator of the PITSCO 3D Printing curriculum . We're taking a lot at one of the most interesting things to come down the pike in years.

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    Design for Direct Manufacturing with 3D Printing

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    The growth of 3D printing (additive manufacturing) for production is freeing design engineers from past constraints and opening up new, great possibilities. With new materials and processes, entirely new product configurations are now possible. Or, products can be reduced from unwieldy assemblies to singular -- yet more functional -- parts, and this is now financially viable. This session will open your mind with insights and examples on designing for 3D printing from the start of the product development process.

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    3D Printing Materials for Direct Manufacturing

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    Manufacturing demands the right materials for product performance. Can 3D printing (additive manufacturing) deliver? Get a fast but comprehensive brief on what materials are now available in 3D printing – the list is growing fast! We’ll also make sure you know what to consider and touch on standards that are often used to qualify a material for an application. While this session addresses the criteria needed to make decisions today, there will also be discussion of an advanced approach that is available but rarely used.

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    3D printing & community broadband will change the world! Are you ready?

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    Feetz don't fail me now! Chattanooga this week unveiled several awe-inspiring 3D applications that development teams created this summer on the city's gig network. As broadband champions get their brains wrapped around 3D printing and the technology's potential benefits, it's immediately clear why your broadband plan should include 3D printing apps. Two companies from Demo Day give you an eye-opening peek at the future. 


    This is is a 3D printing manufacturer and retailer that creates custom-fit footwear for consumers of all shoe sizes. Using patented algorithms and snapshots from the customer’s phone, Feetz integrates custom sizing measurements with individual design preferences to bring comfort, fit and style into each pair of hyper-customized shoes.


    These folks have created a 3D printing manufacturer that provides contract medical devices for pre-surgical planning. Using patient-specific data,  the company creates anatomical 3D models that enable surgeons to plan procedures before operating on patients.

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    3D Printing Has Arrived! Now You Can Print Almost Anything!

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    Welcome to the Return of Your Community Science Class, bringing to you 30 Minutes of Science in the Afternoon!  Our upcoming program explores 3D printing and its implications for our lives.  What does it mean to be able to print almost anything?  What does it mean for medicine and healing that organs can now be printed from a scaffold with stem cells?  What about the 3D printed complete and fully operational gun called The Liberator that was released on May 3rd -- just a few weeks ago?  Join us as we explore the implications of this life altering technology.

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    Oh Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

    in Lifestyle


    T – There is nothing you can dream that you can’t achieve

    H – Have the courage to go after your dreams and believe

    A – Always remember you are beautiful and unique

    N – Never give up when going after what you seek

    K – Keep reminders around to remind you of your dreams

    G – Give more to others than you receive

    I – Inspire others with all that you achieve

    V – Value yourself you are perfect for you

    I – Individuality is important do let it shine through

    N – Notice the small miracles all around you

    G – Greatness starts from with and is in all that you do

    Hello Perfect



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    When to Use 3D Printing for Direct Manufacturing

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    3D printing is now a common tool for design and testing, but the next frontier is manufacturing. The first step is to understand when it’s right for manufacturing. We’ll review basic principles regarding when to opt for 3D printing (additive manufacturing) for production runs. We’ll look at examples of success that underscore the broad principles. And we’ll include an analysis of 3D printing versus plastic molding in terms or cost, speed and quality. This session is for making manufacturing decisions today.

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    Printing on Demand to Make More Profit

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    Aaron and Terry are back together again this week to discuss the power of adding Printing on Demand to your decorating business. They will share, tips, tricks and niche markets to target for printing on demand and doing on site printing services. They will discuss what printing on demand is and why you should look at printing on demand for your personalization business. They will also give you information about what equipment you need and why. Plus they will cover how to set-up at these events, upselling on the spot and what types of imprinted products work well.

    Aaron and Terry will also bring you details on things you want to discuss. Join the conversation at our Facebook or Google + Page or even hit us up on Twitter. Tell us about what you have going on in your business!

    Don't forget to join us live via the online chat below.

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    Birds Of A Feather

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    Study: BFFs May Have Similar DNA Belinda Luscombe @luscombeland July 15, 2014

    Really close friends might be as genetically similar as fourth cousins

    Next time someone says “You would really like my friend, she’s just like you,” try to refrain from giving her the side eye. It turns out she might have some science to back her up. According to a new study from Yale University and the University of California at San Diego, good friends are often genetically similar, and can share as much as 1% of the same gene variants. In genetic terms, that’s a lot. As close as, say, fourth cousins.

    “This gives us a deeper accounting of the origins of friendship,” says Nicholas Christakis, professor of sociology, evolutionary biology, and medicine at Yale, who co-authored the study with James Fowler, professor of medical genetics and political science at UC San Diego. “Not only do we form ties with people superficially like ourselves, we form ties with people who are like us on a deep genetic level. They’re like our kin, though they’re not.”

    The study found that, oddly, close friends are often genetically similar in their sense of smell. But it also concluded that friendship may play a role in evolution. The genes that were shared by friends saw the most “evolutionary activity”, or have evolved the fastest over the past 30,000 years. Whether the friendship or the genetic similarity came first is up for debate. Do we seek out genetically similar friends or do our friendships and mating affect what genes get passed on

    “Human beings are one of the few species who form long-term, non-reproductive relationships with other members of our species,” says Fowler.