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    HUD Homes-Escrow Holdback and 203K Options

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    Join Broker / Owner Julie Kaley of Merced Homes Realty for a live Blog Talk Radio espisode discussing HUD Homes, the HUD Process, Insurable with Escrow Hold Back and the FHA 203K option. Julie will discuss each of these in detail as well as go over the current HUD Homes inventory in the Central Valley! If you are in the market for a home, be sure to tune in! Equal Housing Opportunity. For all of our listings visit www.Mercedhomesrealty.com 

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    HUD Homes: Escrow Holdbacks and the 203K Loan Option

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    Please join Broker / Owner Julie Kaley of Merced Homes Realty as she discusses HUD Homes. This espisode it targeted to buyers. Julie will discuss HUD Homes and the escrow holdback process, as well as FHA 203K loans. If you are in the home buyers market--be sure to tune in!  Equal Housing Opportunity. License #01412616

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    Using 203k home renovation loans to build your real estate business

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    Listen and Learn what a 203K renovation loan is and how it differs from traditional financing as well as how it will help your Clients and put more transaction opportunities in your pocket on this LIVE Radio interview with the expert himself…. Aaron Simons

    The 203k loan can solve a myriad of problems and create a win-win for all involved. The 203k loan just isn’t for foreclosures. It can help create a vision for home buyers who want to use the loan for remodeling purposes on a property that needs updating and it’s comforting to know that you have a loan that can both buy a home and carry financing for upgrades all in one.

    But why aren’t Realtors more receptive to the 203k loan? Do any of these sound familiar?

    “It takes too long to get a 203k loan done”

    “I’ve heard horror stories about the 203k loan”

    “The asset manager (of the REO lender) doesn’t accept 203k financing”

    “Why would someone want to use the 203k loan to buy a fixer when they can just buy a move in ready property” 

    “I can’t get a preapproval letter with the 203k loan”

    “I’m not comfortable with the way this loan works and it puts my client (seller) in jeopardy”

    Join us as we answer the question of why you as a realtor need to know more about the 203K renovation loan and how to use it to build your real estate business.

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    Practical Tips for using the 203K Renovation Loan

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    Special Guest: Rob Menefee

    EST in 1979 in White Plains, MD, FLOORING AMERICA is a full service retail and commercial flooring company.  We have 3 locations in the DC market and service VA, MD and DC.  We provide and install all types of flooring, including, but not limited to carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile and luxury vinyl.  We are certified in asbestos removal, lead paint and mold remediation. 

    EST in 2006, FA DESIGN BUILD and HOME SOLUTIONS are full service, Class A General Contractors.  We are licensed and insured to handle any residential and small commercial type of projects.  We have 3 design centers in the DC market and service VA, MD and DC.  We have a design staff and architects readily available for the larger projects and in-house crews to handle the smaller work. 

    - We will perform the work (Home Inspection list) for the seller and collect payment at settlement
    - We handle every service inside and outside of the home
    - With a full staff, we respond quickly, do quality work and are competitive
    - We are licensed and insured in VA, MD and DC
    - We have been in business for 36 years
    - We provide free estimates for the buyers to help them decide on a home
    - We are a pre-approved 203K contractor


    Explain why someone would use a 203K loan?

    How long have you been handling 203K's and how did you qualify?

    Give a real life example of a successful 203K renovation that benefited the home owner and the RE agent involved?

    What type of work can and can’t be done under a 203K loan?

    What is the main objection to using a 203K loan and do you have a solution?

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    Real Estate Prophets- Is a 203k loan right for you?

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    Today mortgage finance and real estate experts Eric Butz (NMLS# 63879) and John Kennedy (NMLS# 34562) will help you understand an FHA 203k loan. It's perfect for people who want  to buy a house that needs work but don't have the money for repairs and improvements!  Learn what you need to know before you get started so you're prepared and understand exactly what the process is! Any questions contact Eric at 888-908-5591 ext. 102 or email eric@semperhomeloans.com

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    203k Government Financing

    in Real Estate

    My name is Ken Sheppard. I have invested in real estate successfully for over thirty years.
    This show will explain to you how to make money in real estate when you do not have any money. I started out this way and so can you.
    Learn about 203k Rehab here: http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/program_offices/housing/sfh/203k/203kabou
    You can network with 150,000+ active investors by going to KenRERadio.com and creating a free account.
    Please visit our website at www.CreativeFlips.webs.com and join our online community here, too.

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    Govt NPL & RE Trades Creates Huge Opportunity for 203k

    in Finance

    Skip Schenker, founder of Ready4Remodel, will discuss the intricacies, benefits and the ability to increase returns utilizing the well-known, but under-utilized, 203k renovation financing.
    Increased loan trades and real estate offerings from HUD, FNMA & Freddie create a huge opportunity for 203k financing as the focus and requirements is neighbor stabilization. 

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    Renovation Loan Financing with FHA's 203K

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    The House P. I. radio show, the show that's all about houses. Join me, Reggie Marston, the house p. i. and my guest Joe Daly, Director of Renovation Lending at Amerifirst Home Mortgage as we discuss renovation loans for that fixer upper, primarily FHA's 203K loan.

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    "BUY THE WORST HOUSE IN THE BEST AREA". Our premier show will have your host EUGENE "MONEYMAN" BROWN discussing this unique housing topic. His Professional Designation as a Nationally Certified Housing Educator & Counselor allows you to know the information is timely and accurate. He also maintains many other financial licenses and professional designations. One of his specialities is in the area of 203K Rehab Loans. This information will create "Instant Wealth & Equity" in any property. It is a fantastic program for anyone purchasing or refinancing. He will also explain how to navigate the current housing market. This includes purchasing foreclosed property with a one hundred dollar($100.00)downpayment,and utilizing the 203K Loan for repairs. Fix any property the way you want, not the way someone else desires. Learn all of the details from this renowned expert EUGENE "MONEYMAN" BROWN
    Listen to "THE MONEYDOME" every Thursday @ 6:00pm-7:00pm est. "THE MONEYDOME" where "It's All About Money"

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    Renovation Loan Programs- only 5% down- listen in to expert Ed Naworol

    in Real Estate

    Renovation Loan Programs- only 5% down- Expert Ed Naworol joins us in discussing Homepath,

    Renovation loans when purchasing. Do and don'ts, Nationwide financing where you use little of your

    own money, get money for repairs and they are not only FHA 203k loans, but loans without PMI.

    Also if you are an agent/broker tips on making 2015 your best year!!! Excellent for buyers all the way

    around. Ed has over 25 years in the industry.

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    The Power Is Now Buyers and Sellers Club -Buy Fixer Home with a Fixer Loan

    in Real Estate

    Learn about Intercap Lending FHA 203k  Program and Ready4Remoldel rehabilitation program
    Theme:  Buy Fixer Homes with Fixer Loans
    Show flyer Information:  TDB
    Real Estate for Sale:
    Kennedy Atelotsu - Nations Realty http://issuu.com/eric_frazier/docs/nations_realty_flyers/0Monica HIll  - MVP Real Estate & Investments LLC.http://issuu.com/eric_frazier/docs/monica_hills_flyers/0 

    Please follow the Power Point Presentation:  TBD
    Eric L. Frazier MBANational Sales Manager NMLS#461807Ph: 800-261-1634 ext. 703Intecap Lending efrazier@intercaplending.comLoan Application Website: www.intercaplending.com/thepowerisnow