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    Upcoming Shows

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    Great shows coming your way!! Just to name a few:

    Special education

    Better Detriot Movement (Baltimore Division)


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    Shows You Should Be Watching: Eye Candy & iZombie

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    Have you been watching Eye Candy and iZombie?  Why not?  June and Sherry give you the rundown on these two awesome shows.

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    East Coast Craft Shows: The Ups & Downs of the Business

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    Connie Mettler talks with Marcy Boroff, from Renaissance Craftables, one of the east coast’s premier craft show promotion companies partnering with downtown areas and non-profits. Marcy Boroff had worked with her mother, Barbara, on shows for years and took over the business in 2010.  

    As a craft show promoter, Marcy feels very strongly that it is a partnership between the artists, the downtown areas or non-profits she is partnering with, and the community of festival-goers.  

    How did this company get from mall shows to the streets of some of the best shopping areas in the East?

    We talk about:

    the role of the show promoter and why they do it
    choosing a location to host a show and starting a new show
    building and implementing a marketing plan
    the good part of being a show promoter
    the bad part and the worst part
    building relationships with the shopping areas where they host their events
    building relationships with artists
    the future of craft shows and their economic impact

    Learn more: Renaissance Craftables General Guidelines for Artists


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    Free for All Showtime 9pm eastern Call in number (646)-200-0190

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    Tonight is a free for all show.  But some of the ideas to talk about that were mentioned were noobs, boobs and dildos?  Show time is at 9pm eastern.  Call in number is (646)-200-0190.

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    Model Train Shows: Are They Good or Bad For The Hobby?

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    This time on the APRHF's Let's Talk Trains Show we will take a look at Model Train Shows. 

    We will ask you, the listeners, what makes a great train show? What makes a bad one? Does having a swap meet at the show, make the show feet cheap? Why are there not more manufacturers's coming to the shows Should model train shows be produced by for-profit companies instead of the local clubs or historical associations? Should there be more regional cooperation between organizations? Should we just have swap meets and then do a show with just model trains? Should we let attendees operate displays? 

    Call in at 646-716-7106 and give your views.

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    Free For All 646-200-0190

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    Free for all. Call in number is 646-200-0190

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    We will be discussing our most memorable shows with some of our favorite guest!

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    TD&KS Episode 200: 200 Large with musical guest Hicks!

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    It is our 200th show, can you believe it!? We can’t!
    We will be recapping some of our times starting this show and broadcasting.
    All the regular bits you love, Weird News and Hot Topics.
    Plus we have musical guest, county singer Hicks calling in.
    We might even spin the wheel on the bad tasting jelly beans.
    Plus much much more…

    Hicks (Miqael Persson) is an accomplished songwriter from the south of
    Sweden, with multiple Gold and Platinum records to his credit. His rock-
    edged songs have been recorded by artists like Jimi Jamison (Survivor),
    Giant (Dann Huff), Bobby Kimball (Toto), Little River Band, W.E.T. (Featuring
    Jeff Scott Soto), Grammy nominated Toby Hitchcock and Grammy winner,
    Barbados. He has also written with Nashville heavy-hitters like Anthony
    Smith, Dallas Rogers, Dennis Morgan and Sharon Vaughn. In June 2014,
    “Hayride” became his first official US radio single release on MTS Records. It
    reached the Music Row chart Top 80, making Hicks the first Swedish artist to
    chart on Music Row. In December, “Mama’s Kitchen” was released on MTS.


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    New Shows Coming Your Way

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    Please follow this radio show as we will continue to bring you GREAT content. Also, if you not already, please subscribe to our Youtube Channel that is steadily growing! These forums will continue to help people to PROMOTE what they do! 

    Here's our Youtube Channel link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGjLKmmqMmvLB-vwWt-NqHQ/feed?view_as=public

    Also visit our website to see what GREAT shows that we have planned http://www.melonisworks.com

    I'll be talking to you soon!

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    Friday Fever! Fall Shows Update! What I've STUCK to and LEFT behind!

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    As promised, I'm going to talk about the shows I've managed to stay on top of and shows that fell behind. My DVR has been going crazy with the amount of shows I record. Especially new seasons of shows that I may not have mentioned in my Part 1 and Part 2 last year! So if you haven't already checked out those segments, I suggest you do. Those are two recommended segments a lot of my listeners love. Also, catch up on all my other segments if you're new to this show.

    My blogs: www.cheesesteaklover.blogspot.com and www.coffeenofilterwithdenisha.blogspot.com

    Check out my other segments: www.blogtalkradio.com/coffeenofilter

    Follow me: Twitter: @ninibonitachica FB:coffeenofilterwithdenisha Google+:Coffeenofilter with Denisha

    Talk to you soon,

    Nisha <3

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    Gatewood's Legacy Radio 200 Episode

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    Call 646-668-8648 to be on the show Live with us or just listen in Live to the show.. If calling from a landline you must first dial 1 then the number. Join Coaldust your Host and Jolene the Co Host everyday from 4 till 5 pm eastern time.You can also find us on Facebook along with Twitter..Gatewood's Legacy Radio an Gatewood's Legacy has a like page on facebook a group page and our web site is www.gatewoodslegacy.com you can also join us there. Here are some quotes from Gatewood Galbraith "Newt (former House Speaker Gingrich) and Mitch (Senate Minority Leader McConnell) are aliens, not conservatives. They never met a bloated police state they didn't like." Quotes from Gatewood "For all you Petrochemical-Pharmaceutical-Military-Industrial-Transnational-Corporate-Fascist-Elite-Bastards, I've got your karma right here. "If I was going to lie to you, I'd already be elected. "Ronald Reagan and George Bush aren't conservatives. They are aliens." "My opponents are both honorable men, and I believe they're telling the truth on each other in those ads they're running. If they're lying, we can't use 'em in Congress. If they're telling the truth, we sure as hell can't use 'em." "We're going to take the government out of your bedroom, your bloodstream, your brain, your bladder, your business, your billfold, your back pockets, your bingo halls and your Internet bulletin boards." "Did my father's generation hit the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima so that I'd have to pee in a cup to hold a job in America?" Give us a call at 646-668-8648 to be on the show.


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