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    Episode 200 - Our 200th SHOW! The HOT CORNER SHOW

    in Sports

    Episode 200 - Our 200th SHOW!  The HOT CORNER SHOW with Guests, Prizes & More!


    Games, Special Guests, Prizes & More!


    Listen in this Wednesday January 13th at 7pmET to Dr Ray & Manuel T. Ferrero III


    Take a trip down memory lane as we go back through the history and evolution of the show.


    From our humble beginnings, to our weekly updates and broadcast locations.


    Join us as we thank ALL of our supports, past guests, partners, callers, listeners and fans!



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    Military Monday with John D. Gresham and Daria DiGiovanni – A Dozen Shows

    in Military

    Happy New Year Military Monday listeners! As we begin our fourth year of broadcasting, it seems like good time to look back over our growing body of work, and pick out some of the best of it to share with listeners. So to start 2016, join us on Military Monday (#MilitaryMonday on the Writestream Radio Network(@Writestream)) with military historian, author and journalist John D. Gresham (@greshamj01) at 1 p.m. Eastern for a  special broadcast celebrating the shows and guests that we consider to have been our best. Writestream Radio Network founder, author and host Dariaanne DiGiovanni (@dariaanne) will join him on the air to provide commentary, and talk with John about the shows, and how he reaches out to invite guests and develop shows for Military Monday. In addition, listeners are encouraged to call in and talk to both John and Daria about the business of Internet radio, and how it is rapidly growing in both popularity and market penetration.

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    Bible Study in Proverbs 4 - ISIS Video Shows English Child Beheading Prisoner

    in Christianity

    Bible Study in Proverbs 4  - ISIS Video Shows English Child Beheading Prisoner

    Also, did you know that the Christian Post is reporting that the FBI busted a terrorist who wanted to shoot up a megachurch with 6000 members in Detroit.  Now think about this, Michigan is the place that is considered the Islamic hub in America and they were targeting a megachurch that was most likely a Christian or Protestant church.   The article doesn't say specifically which one, however, doing a search on megachurches in that area, there are no large churches that aren't Christian.


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    Job Search 200

    in Jobs

    Sequel to last week's show


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    Advertisements, Upcoming shows ideas

    in Christianity

    Broadcasting live @ Love chapel deliverance center in Georgetown Sc on the 3rd Sunday

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    ATH: Imam W. D. Mohammed (ra) Atlanta Public Address 1/22/200

    in Education

    Imam Shuaibe and his Co-Host Imam Nazim Pasha of Raleigh North Carolina,  explore the many varied aspects of "All Things Human" from the personal to the universal.  Business, Politics, Education, Religion and more.

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    Gathering Thunder Foundation and Walking the Red Road of Life Radio Shows - Feb

    in Spirituality

    February 8, 2016

    Gathering Thunder Foundation Radio Show @ 7:30 PM EST

    Please join Gathering Thunder Foundation president, Denise Iwaniw as she discusses the latest and upcoming GTF events and updates. It is going to be an important 30 minute conversation so be sure to join us. 


    Walking The Red Road of Life Radio Show @ 8 PM EST

    Connection to Grandmother Earth - Grandmother Earth, Unci Maka, Kokmiskikan….Denise and Neshi share why it is important to connect to Grandmother Earth and different to ways to connect, and how she communicate back to us. Join Neshi and Denise for a loving conversation about Our Grandmother Earth.

    Please view our Disclaimer for our radio programming.


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    There is real hard evidence that shows Hillary Clinton Hates everything

    in Politics

    Boohoo Hillary Clinton hates all freedom and Liberty.
    BooHoo Hillary Clinton does hate the U.S.Const.amend.I
    Former President Bill Clinton says we are not to critize what his wife Hillary Clinton says for we must be politicly corect like a very good communist are to be like she is or even like a communist like her very own family is

    Even Former President Bill Clinton states that Hillary Clinton just plan hates both freedom and liberty, for she does state and claims to hate U.S.Const.amend.I and U.S.Const.amend.II in her speeches. 

  • News for the Soul Radio OPEN LINES & NEW SHOWS (646) 595 4274

    in Self Help


    2PM PST / 5PM EST - CALL IN FOR A FREE INTUITIVE READING/COACHING ON THE AIR (646) 595 4274:. Enlightenment In The City with Elle Tara – BASED IN CANADA – AN NFTS CONSCIOUSNESS WARRIOR SINCE DECEMBER 2011  –  Elle Tara is a public speaker and a spiritual teacher with many intense formal and “off the beaten path” trainings under her belt. 


    3PM PST / 6PM EST - CALL IN FOR A FREE INTUITIVE HEALING / COACHING WITH THE SPIRIT DOCTOR ON NFTS (646) 595 4274: The Spirit Doctor Dr Daniel Houtman – – BASED IN AUSTRALIA – AN NFTS CONSCIOUSNESS WARRIOR SINCE FEBRUARY 2015  – Known national and internationally as ‘the Spirit Doctor’, Daniel is a Healer with unusual and beautiful gifts. Dr Houtman has worked and studied with Native American healers, traditional healers in Africa, Taoist and Buddhist Qi Gong Masters in China, Baliyans in Indonesia, Buddhist priests and Tenrikyo priests in Japan and Indigenous Australian healers (Nungkaris).


    4PM PST / 7PM EST - NEW SHOW ON NFTS: HEALTHY MINDS WITH DALENE ON NFTS  – Dalene Knowles is a Intuitive Counsellor, Meditation Teacher, Healing Facilitator since 2000 and the Founder of Healthy Minds Holistic Services.  Based in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Dalene helps clients worldwide meditate, heal and overcome stressful childhood events, and unsettling and difficult times.



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    in Comedy

    Please OPEN UP YOUR NIGGA MINDS! Bring yo NIGGA BIBLE Its "THE NIGGA CHURCH" w/ The Conscious Nigga of Comedy--The Honorable RITE REVEREND DAT NIGGA presiding aka SOOPA NIGGA: The Conscious Nigga of Comedy. Rite Reverend DAT NIGGA is Founder of The Nigga Church (a Church OF Niggas, Started BY a Nigga. FOR Niggas Everywhere)! Afta putting on his CAPE he emerges from the CHURCH BASEMENT as SOOPA NIGGA and takes to the PULPIT to SPIT that Insiteful SHIT that is dedicated to FIGHTING against the Social, Sexual, Politikal, Medical and Religious Hypocritical Bullshit of the day that the Powers That Be are tryna Force The Peeple to Swallow!!!! So stay tuned for a Funny, No-Holds Barred, Profanity, Cuss-Filled, Offensive-On-So-Many-Levels night of decoding of world and national news, politics along w/all kinds of Shit Talking & Truth Telling! One thang fa sho you aint never heard a REVEREND like this befo!!

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    News for the Soul Radio OPEN LINES & NEW SHOWS (646) 595 4274

    in Self Help

    TODAY ON THE NEWS FOR THE SOUL RADIO NETWORK: Thursday January 14, 2016:

    11AM PST / 2PM EST - NEW SHOW ON NFTS: “Just a Regular Chick Who Channels” with Maureen Becker– Maureen Becker channels angels and spirit guides who offer you the tools you need to create an empowered life. She uses a unique “integrated” channeling style. The Guides meld with Maureen to the degree where she does not have to channel them ‘full channel’ but instead can channel their energies with her personality in place.

    NOON PST / 3PM EST - NEW SHOW ON NFTS: Soul Biz Start Up With Janis Underwood-  Janis Underwood has always had a passion for systems, business, and helping people succeed. Her background in engineering has blended nicely with various modalities including NLP, Reiki, Past Life Regression Therapy and Hypnosis.

    1PM PST /4PM EST - CALL IN FOR A FREE AKASHIC RECORD READING ON THE AIR (646) 595 4274:. 2ND Thursday of the Month at 1PM PST  / 4PM EST – Akashic Records Healing with Debbie Kirstein –BASED IN USA – AN NFTS MESSENGER OF LIGHT SINCE JANUARY 2015 – Debbie is an Akashic Records reader, Certified Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner, Soul Contracts Consultant, Psychic Medium and Certified Usui Reiki Master.  Debbie is committed to helping you find answers to your life’s questions by accessing your Akashic Records. 

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