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    Ole Dammegård - Laurel Canyon & The 1960s Music Scene

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    Tonight Ole Dammegard returns to the show.

    Ole is a prize winning author, investigator and former journalist. His extensive research has revealed incredible links to other big political 'events' like the killing of John F Kennedy, John Lennon, Robert Kennedy and many others as well as the cold-blooded sinking of the MS Estonia, which resulted in the loss of almost 1000 innocent lives.

    For tonight’s discussion Ole talks to us about the 1960’s music scene and how many of the influential bands during that era were created and manipulated by the CIA and other shadow organizations like the Tavistock Institute and their involvement with the Beatles. We then discuss the strange world of assassins and serial killers and finish-up with Ole’s perspective on what humanity needs to do in order to unshackle from the matrix.

    Ole's Website: http://www.lightonconspiracies.com/in...


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    How Real Estate Speculators Cheated Blacks Out Of Their Homes in 1960s Chicago

    in Culture

    Listen to The Michael Imhotep Show, Tues. Sept., 22nd, 10pm-12midnight EST with host Michael Imhotep of The African History Network. We’ll discuss “How Real Estate Speculators Cheated Blacks Out Of Their Homes in 1960s Chicago”!!! CALL IN WITH Questions/Comments at 1-888-669-2281.  POST YOUR COMMENTS.  WE MAY READ THEM ON AIR.  Listen online at http://tunein.com/radio/Empowerment-Radio-Network-s199313/ or by downloading the "TuneIn Radio" app to your smartphone and search for "Empowerment Radio Network" or at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.

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    the 1960s

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    GROOVY The Geeks head back to the 1960s

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    AgriFest, Scouting, Valentine's Day Jump Up, and Other Traditions in the USVI

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    Every February, St. Croix hosts the largest agricultural festival in the Territory. The St. Croix Agricultural Fair, or AgriFest, is a colorful display of locally produced agricultural products, livestock, arts & crafts, & native cuisine. Taking place over 3 days, festival goers can taste, touch, & see everything to do with St. Croix agriculture.

    The Boy Scouts of America in the USVI was served in the early 20th Century through National Council Direct Service. Then the troops later were added as the Virgin Island District in the Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands Council. During the late 1960s & early 1970s, Troop 152, sponsored by Saint Patrick's Church, Frederiksted, Saint Croix, formed a steel band of grammar-school-age Scouts that was managed by Vivian Bennerson. The band toured internationally.

    The Scout Association of the British Virgin Islands operates as a branch of the United Kingdom Scout Association, as the British Virgin Islands' affiliation as a British Overseas Territory. The BVI Scout Oath and Law, & other Scouting requirements, closely follow that of the United Kingdom.

    Jump Up, held 4 times yearly, is a "carnival like" cultural party held in the streets & along the boardwalk of Christiansted. Sponsored by the CRRA (Christiansted Restaurant & Retail Association), it has become one of the islands' favorite social events for both locals & visitors alike.

    Friends of Virgin Islands National Park and the National Park Service will partner to present the Annual Folk Life Festival in celebration of Black History Month in February on St. John. 

    Visit AgriFest at www.VIAgrifest.org/.

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    in Politics

    "The emergence ofthe Black Panther Party in Oakland, California, in 1966 was one of the great moments in the history ofthe struggle for Black free­dom and deep democracy in the United States of America. This courageous and visionary group ofyoung Black people decided to highlight the fundamen­tal pillar of white supremacy and antidemocratic practice against Black peo­ple-namely, the vicious and unaccountable repressive actions of white police power over Black folk. Like Ida B. Wells-Barnett's heroic stance against the red terror of lynching and Jim Crow over a century ago, the Black Panther Party tried to exert democratic control over the arbitrary public violence of the U.S . nation-state that maimed and murdered Black citizens. Such organized efforts are rare in American history because they always result in Black leaders and activists paying the ultimate price of death and destruction. The Black Panther Party led by Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, David Hilliard, and others-took up this gallant challenge in the midst ofthe great awakening in the 1960s. 
    The founding of the precious experiment of democracy in the United States was based, in large part, on the niggerization of African peoples. This centuries-long process of niggerization was not simply the enslavement and exploitation of Blackpeople. It also aimed to keep Black people scared, intimi­dated, disrespectful, and distrustful of each other and doomed to helplessness and hopelessness. The basic goals of niggerization were to promote white greed and hatred; its primary strategies to secure these goals were racist ideology that degrades and devalues Black people and racist violence that terrorizes Black people. 

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    NOI Series: Askia Muhammad, 1st Muslim Editor of Muhammad Speaks Newspaper

    in Culture

    The Allah Team Radio presents: The History of the NOI Series

    An Interview with ASKIA MUHAMMAD

    First Muslim Editor of the Muhammad Speaks Newspaper

    Bro. Askia Muhammad was born in Mississippi, grew up in Los Angeles, and attended college at St. Jose State during the revolutionary years of the late 1960s along with his peers future Olympians Tommy Smith and John Carlos famous for putting up “the Black Fist salute”.

    Askia published an underground newspaper to document the conscious activity of the campus and the Bay Area, including conducting landmark interviews with “The Soledad Brothers” and the trial of Angela Davis.

    In 1968 he joined the NOI as “Charles 67X” at Mosque No. 26 in San Francisco, and became a contributor for the Muhammad Speaks Newspaper. Prior, all Editors or professional staff of MS Newspaper were “Lost-Founds”. The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad took strong interest in Askia and summoned him to Chicago and tutored him to be the First Muslim Editor in 1973 of the Muhammad Speaks Newspaper.

    In 1975 after the departure of Elijah Muhammad, Askia was dismissed from his post by new leader Imam W.D. Mohammed who authorized an article “Elijah Is Not a Divine Man” in which Askia wrote a rebuttal and was publicly challenged to a debate by the new Leader.

    Afterwards Askia took a position with the Chicago Defender and became its White House correspondent in Washington, DC. In 1979 Askia would later assist the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan and late Editor Wali Muhammad with the establishing of The Final Call Newspaper.

    Join us for this historic interview as journalist Bro. Askia Muhammad walks us through important events of his travels.

    with co-hosts Wakeel Allah and Understanding Allah


    THUR 1/28/16 at 8pm EST

    call in# 646-595-4289


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    Dream While You're Awake with David Rivinus

    in Self Help

    Shelly Wilson shares a conscious conversation with David Rivinus, who discusses how the dreaming process continues while we are awake. He shares tips on how we can interpret the events of our daily life to assist us with creating consciously.

    David Rivinus has been a dream analyst since the late 1960s. His discovery that one can analyze startling daytime events as dreams revolutionized his approach. He has documented his findings and methods in the book, Always Dreaming.

    Shelly Wilson is an author, intuitive medium and conscious creator who is passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. She supports others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness. 

    brough to you by VividLife.me

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    1/20/16 w/guest Frank Joyce, co-editor of "The People Make the Peace."

    in Books

    Today's guest is Frank Joyce, editor of "The People Make the Peace: Lessons from the Vietnam Antiwar Movement."

    Frank Joyce, a lifelong political activist, heads the board of a media production nonprofit supporting the anti-hate movement Not In Our Town (NIOT). He and his wife divide their time between Detroit and Paso Robles, Calif. He is a longtime board member for the Michigan Coalition for Human Rights (MCHR).

    About the book:

    As young adults in the 1960s and 1970s, the nine people featured in this book—including co-editor Frank Joyce, Rennie Davis, Judy Gumbo, Alex Hing, and others—worked to end the U.S. war in Vietnam. Independently of each other, while the United States was still at war, nearly all of them travelled to North Vietnam, risking physical harm and charges of treason back home.

    In 2013, they all revisited Vietnam in a trip organized by the editors of this book. The People Make the Peace presents their reflections on those experiences, providing thoughtful and well informed reflections on a war and an era that deeply affected the United States and the world.

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    The Wild West Showdown with J.C. Hulsey: Episode 32

    in Entertainment

    Saddle up your horse and ride out on the trails with the Old Cowboy himself, J.C Hulsey. Relive the legends of the west through his stories and catch interviews with up-and-coming western themed artists. This weeks interview is with the legendary John D. Fie. Jr

    About J.C Hulsey

    J.C. Hulsey has lived in Midlothian, Texas for thirty years. He's a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. He has been married for 55 years. He enjoys Western movies and TV Shows, (especially the older ones) and reading about Mail-Order Brides. He is also the owner of six cats (all stray cats, showed up on the back porch) and one dog (rescue dog) He worked for 33 years at Bell Helicopter. He served in the USAF for five years, and the Air National Guard for four years. 

    He started writing songs in his early twenties. He recorded a couple of songs in the late 1960s. He started writing poetry in the 1970s to share with others. He self-published them on Amazon in 2013. He still felt the need to write something different. He tried writing a book in the 1970s, but it was never finished. In 2014, he felt the urge to write a western novel. However, he needed something different than what was on the market. 

    What about a young Christian Gunfighter? 

    He now has 23 books

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    Military Monday with USNI Press Author Nick Sambaluk – THE OTHER SPACE RACE

    in History

    The 1960s race to the moon between the United States and Soviet Union was one of the most exciting and technologically stimulating events of the Cold War. But what very few people know, is that in the 1950s Pres. Dwight Eisenhower was running a similar race with the USSR, to gain control of the upper atmosphere and low Earth orbit in space as the new "high ground" for military and intelligence operations. Even before Ike became president in 1953, US military planners had been considering the potential uses of extremely high-altitude flight and Earth orbit, and had a surprisingly good set of ideas to work with. But Eisenhower, deeply concerned over the intelligence "black holes" behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains, needed certainty about the intentions of the Communist world to help the United States avoid a deeply costly strategic arms race during his tenure in the White House. What followed was one of the most impressive periods of technological development in the history of mankind, with Earth orbiting satellites and remote sensing technologies coming to the forefront.

    To learn more about Pres. Eisenhower's secret race to space in the 1950s, tune into this week's edition of Military Monday (#MilitaryMonday on the Writestream Radio Network (@Writestream)) at 1 PM EST. Author, historian, journalist, documentary filmmaker, and host John D. Gresham (@greshamj01) has invited U.S. Naval Institute Press (@USNIBooks) author Nick Sambaluk (@HistoryNContext) to discuss his new book, THE OTHER SPACEV RACE.

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    Noo Covers Inner -"Remembering Coretta"

    in Culture

    Coretta Scott King (/k??'r?t?/; April 27, 1927 – January 30, 2006) was an American author, activist, and civil rights leader, and the wife of Martin Luther King, Jr. from 1953 until his death in 1968. Coretta Scott King helped lead the African-American Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. King was an active advocate for African-American equality. King met her husband while in college, and their participation escalated until they became central to the movement. In her early life, Coretta was an