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Scottscope Talk Radio 11/27/2012: True Romance!

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This week, Scottscope will tackle…romance and relationships?!  That’s right; Scottscope will be looking at male/female relations through the exaggerated lens of modern pop culture! 

First up, we’ll be taking a look at modern genre films.  Superhero movies in particular, are often nerd empowerment fantasies in which a social outcast is blessed with great power.  This enables him to land the girl of his dreams, who is often shown to be otherwise wildly out of his league.  In a film like True Romance, the girl in question is the proverbial “whore with a heart of gold.”  Do these of films foster unrealistic and unhealthy fantasies in the minds of "nerds" and "nice guys"? 

Next, we tackle Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop offers any number of rags-to-riches in which paupers become ballers.  To hear them tell it, they achieve this transformation by hustling and exhibiting a certain swagger.  This gives them access to women that so-called squares can only dream about.  Has the alpha male posturing in Hip-Hop created an entire generation of wannabe players who don’t believe in monogamy/marriage?  Does it make regular guys feel inadequate?  Does it give young women an unrealistic idea of what a man should be?

Frequent roundtable member Lahmi, aka “Mr. Straight Face,” will be offering his unique perspective throughout.  Lahmi has a huge problem with what he sees as a rapidly growing epidemic among young American males: Simping!  

We'll also be celebrating the 72nd birthday anniversary of  Bruce Lee!  A lot has changed since his passing, but his legacy is alive and well.  Would action cinema be any different today had he lived?  Why does he continue to hold such a fascination for the African American community?  What is the best Bruce Lee movie?